For manufacturers or suppliers of hook and loop products similar to Velcro. Hook and eye items, such as trouser and brassiere closures, should be submitted to the most appropriate category, eg. Buttons or Metal Goods.
Alfatex NV
Belgium. Manufacturers of woven and knitted hook and loop fastening systems for apparel, technical and industrial applications. Custom manufacturing and specialty finishing services. [English, French, Dutch, German]
Artur Moench GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of elastic hook and look tapes for apparel, covering, transport and safety products applications. Also, anti-static tapes. Custom development services. [English, German]
DYNAT Verschlu├čtechnik GmbH
Germany. Design, development and manufacture of specialty slide fasteners for hermetically sealing of chemical and off-shore protective clothing, diving and surface watersports suits, survival gear, and for technical applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and German.
Fastech of Jacksonville, Inc.
USA. Distributors of hook and loop fasteners, in sew on, self adhesive, straps, and specialty applications such as electrically conductive, elastic, and Military Specification. Also offers display panel loop fabrics in a variety of colors.
USA. Manufactures Velcro fasteners, straps, 3M Dual Lock and cable ties. Includes a product brochure, FAQs and minimum order requirements.
Feiner Supply
Offers Velcro brand hook and loop industrial fasteners, cable ties, adhesive backed circles, and sew-on and pressure sensitive tape. Also offers rivets and webbing. Accepts online orders.
Gottlieb Binder GmbH
Germany. Diversified company, active in hook and loop fastening systems and plastic profiles. Also, rapid prototyping services. Woven and extruded hook and loop fasteners for applications in textiles and clothing, transport, orthopedic appliances and sports equipment. English and German.
Guangzhou Panyu Lihu Textile Company, Ltd.
China. Provides a variety of sew-on and self adhesive fastening, non-skid, and cleaning products. [English, Chinese]
Industrial Webbing Corporation
USA. Distributor of Velcro brand products, such as sew-on and self adhesive tapes, coins, squares, straps, and display panel fabrics. Also, spray adhesive, tubular nylon apron ties and knot buttons.
Jahn GmbH
Austria. Import and manufacture of hook and look fastener tapes for the garment, footwear, bags, medical products, automotive, furnishing and carpet installation industries, from polyamide. [English, German]
Kwang Myung Fastener Co., Ltd
Korea. Manufacturers of sew-on and pressure sensitive hook and loop tapes, from polyester. Also, hair accessories. Custom manufacturing services. [English, Korean]
Paiho Group
Taiwan. Group of companies, specialised in the manufacture of molded and woven hook and loop tapes for the apparel, furnishings, luggage and bags and footwear.
Samboo Industrial Company, Ltd
Korea. Design and manufacture of hook and loop fastener tape, from polyamide, polyester and polypropylene. Also, hair accessories. [English, Korean]
Speedtech International Inc.
USA. Manufacturer of custom and prefabricated hook and loop fasteners for the commercial and consumer marketplace, offers imprinting service for business promotion. Includes company and product information, FAQs, and a contact form.
Textol Systems, Inc
USA. Wholesale distributors of Velcro brand self-adhesive and sew-on hook and loop products, including ties, tapes, straps, coins and chevrons. Accepts online orders.
TouchTape, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of standard sew-on and adhesive backed hook and loop tapes and dots.
Velcro Industries BV
UK. Manufacturers of hook and loop fasteners for industrial, automotive and consumer applications. Includes a list of locations, news, and career opportunities.
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