This category lists manufacturers of gloves, in as far as they are made from textile materials and leather only. Manufacturers of gloves from plastic materials should submit at Industrial_Supply category.

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Asian China Products Company
Hong Kong. Manufacturer of leather and knit sports, recreational, and fashion handwear. Includes company profile and an inquiry form.
Brookville Glove Mfg. Co., Inc
USA. Woven and knitted gloves for recreation and protection, from blends of natural and man-made fibers, and high-performance fibers. Also, leather gloves. Coating and specialty finishes. Custom manufacturing and printing services. Detailed product descriptions.
Chinese Glove
China. String knit gloves, leather work gloves, dress gloves, fashion gloves, socks, scarves, ski gloves, and golf gloves.
DeL Leather gloves
Pakistan.Leather gloves.
Dunsion Industrial, Ltd
Hong Kong. Gloves for sports and outdoor uses, from leather and knit fabrics. Also, hats and sports caps.
Everlast Gloves
Hong Kong. Design and manufacture of dress, evening and wedding gloves. Also, collections of hats, scarves and handbags.
Everlite Industries
China. Manufacturer and exporter of fashion, sports and work gloves. Includes a profile and photos of the factory and products.
Excelsior Guanti S.r.l.
Italy. Collection of gloves for men and women, from leather and textile materials.
Hand Care
Disposable work gloves in latex or vinyl. USA.
Huaxing Leather Co., Ltd.
China. Manufacturers of leather gloves for men, women and children.
Kaili Group, Ltd
Hong Kong. Sports, work and protective gloves, from cotton, PVC and nitrile. Also, rain coats from PVC and polyester.
Pakistan. Leather working gloves: welding gloves, driver gloves, working shirt. Sports gloves of all types:cycling gloves, dress gloves, and police gloves.
Kunz Glove
USA. Specializes in leather gloves.
Kwan Tat Gloves Factory, Ltd
China. Manufacturers of gloves for professional, sports and leisure uses.
Nazran Enterprises
Pakistan. Design and manufacture of gloves, garments and accessories for the sports goods, trucking and safety products industries, from genuine leather, and polyamide and high-performance fibers.
Palace Industry Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Ski, biking and outdoor gloves, from leather. Also, headbands, hats, scarfs, purses and bags.
Pui Fung Gloves Factory, Ltd
Hong Kong. Gloves for fashion, industrial, sports and protective wear uses, from leather and cotton. Also, raincoats.
Sfaat Mamoon Enterprises
Design and manufacture of collections of gloves for sports, fashion and industrial uses, from goat, sheep, cow and buffalo leathers. Also, sports shirts and goods, and leather jackets.
Sialko Pak Sports
Pakistan. Standard and custom design and manufacture of gloves for protection, sports and fashion purposes, from cow, sheep, buffalo and goat skin leather, prepared at in-house tannery.
Solehre Brothers
Pakistan. Sports and industrial gloves.
Swany America
USA. Manufacturer of fabric and leather dress and casual gloves, as well as ski, cycling, and equestrian gloves.
Tung Sing Gloves Factory, Ltd
Hong Kong. Design and manufacture of gloves for leisure, sports and protective uses, from leather, latex and textile materials.
Wells Lamont
Manufacturers of gloves for industrial, protective and leisure purposes.

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