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3P Services GmbH and Co. KG
Supplies magnetic flux leakage MFL pigging and scanning services and equipment for the in-line-inspection of small diameter pipelines.
Akkerman Inc.
Manufactures, sells, and rents pipejacking, microtunneling, tunnel boring and sliplining equipment to the trenchless industry.
American Augers, Inc.
Designs and manufactures horizontal earth boring machines, horizontal directional drills, and drilling fluid mixing, pumping, and cleaning systems.
Manufacture horizontal earth boring and directional drilling equipment .
Bor-It Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Sell, lease, or rent horizontal earth boring machines , augers and cutting heads .
Carlton International Manufacturing Company
Manufacture portable underground boring machines used to put pipe, cable or conduit under paved surfaces.
Case Corporation
Manufacture directional drill rigs and HDD accessories.
Charles Machine Works
Makers of ditch witch underground construction equipment, including directional boring equipment.
Consolidated Carbide, Ltd
Manufacture the 'shark chain' for trench digging machinery. Provides FAQs and a listing of dealers.
DCD Design and Manufacturing Ltd.
Design and manufacture of downhole tools for the horizontal directional drilling market. Products include pullback swivels and duct pullers .
Electric Eel Manufacturing
Manufacture pipeline, drain line, and sewer line inspection and maintenance equipment. Includes operational manuals and brochures in pdf format.
ExcaVac Corporation
Manufacturer of vacuum excavation equipment.
Footage Tools
Manufacture HDD accessories, piercing tools, rod pushers, pipe fusion, and specialty tooling.
Herrenknecht AG
Develop, manufacture and sell a wide range of mechanical tunnelling machines.
McElroy Manufacturing Inc.
Creates machines to join or fuse polyethylene plastic pipe. Also produce fintube machines and distribute hydraulic valves.
Melfred Borzall, Inc.
Manufacture and distribute drilling tools, such as reamers, swivels, directional heads, duck bills, duct pullers, and sondes .
No Dig Equipment
Manufacturers of microtunnelling, horizontal drilling and moling equipment for the trenchless installation of telephone, electricity, cable TV, gas, water and sewerage .
Pipeline Roller Systems Inc.
Designs and manufactures pipe rollers and pipe travel equipment for the directional drilling and pipeline construction industries.
Robbins Company
Builds horizontal directional drilling equipment.
Slabach Enterprieses
Supply a range of cable reel trailers and vacuum excavation units.
Steve Vick International
Supply directional drilling systems, electrical safety systems, and pipe, duct and cable handling equipment .
StraightLine Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of horizontal directional drilling systems, accessories, and tooling.
T & T Carbide
Supplier of rotary tricone-TCI and steel tooth drill bits (all sizes and types), and manufacturer of custom built Hole-Openers.
TerraMacs Limited
A manufacturer of a range of Directional Drilling Machinery, Micro Tunneling Machinery and a full range of down hole tooling, including cutters, reamers, forged drill rods and swivels.
Th. Wortelboer B.V.
Manufacture machines and equipment for pipe working and pipe line building including tube end preparation machines and roller benches .
Timberland Equipment
Manufactures a complete line of winches used for slip lining and pipe cleaning applications.
Manufacturer of pipe bursting, pipe ramming, and other trenchless technology equipment. Includes products video and exhibition details .
TRIC Trenchless
Supply trenchless trenchless pipe replacement systems including pulling and fusion equipment.
TT Asia Pacific Pty Ltd.
Manufacture pipe installation equipment, including soil displacement hammers, pipe ramming machines, pipe bursting machines, and steerable boring systems.
TT Technologies Inc.
Supply pneumatic boring tools which include pipe pulling, pipe ramming, pipe bursting, sliplining and directional boring equipment.
Tulsa Rig Iron, Inc
Offers engineering solutions for horizontal directional drilling contractors. Equipment and services include mini and maxi hdd rigs and associated equipment, hdd designed triplex bentonite pumps, and drilling fluid products.
UMole Ltd.
Providers of trenchless installation equipment to the utility and utility contracting market within the UK. Products include small 45mm service moles, directional drilling and pipe bursting equipment.
Supply vacuum excavation equipment for underground utility locating, mud vacuums and trench compaction wheels.
VacStar Equipment
Manufacture vacuum excavation equipment for directional boring and underground utility locating.
Designs and manufactures horizontal directional drills, pneumatic piercing tools and vacuum systems.

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