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A-LOK Products
Provides watertight technology in the precast concrete construction for the wastewater industry, including storm collection systems, PVC liners, butyl sealants, grout repair systems.
Adeka Ultra Seal USA
Hydrophilic waterstops used in manhole rehabilitation and pipe sealing.
Angus Flexible Pipelines (UK)
Thermopipe: the reinforced thin wall liner for water mains rehabilitation
Avanti International Chemical Grouts
Supplier of chemical grout used to control the flow of water into or out of any structure where water migration is an issue.
Corrosion protection for gas and oil, heating and water pipelines.
CIPP Corp.
A team of regional contractors with their own cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation products.
Citadel Technologies, Inc
Developer and manufacturer of a proprietary line of ultra build epoxy coating and lining systems designed to offer both structural lining and chemical barrier protection, up to a thickness of 250 mils.
Clock Spring Company, L.P.
Manufacture a composite sleeve reinforcement system used to repair corrosion defects in pipelines. Includes brochures and technical data in pdf format. [external repair]
Cretex Specialty Products
Offers manhole chimney seals and accessories.
Danby of North America
A no dig process for spirally winding a PVC liner into large diameter pipes.
Deneef Construction Chemicals
Offers a broad line of chemical grouts, epoxies and waterstops.
Evanco Environmental Technologies, Inc.
This patented method for relining sewers consists of a uniform ring of high-strength grout surrounded on its inside and outside diameters with two thin sheets of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This HDPE and grout sandwich forms a continuous rigid liner that conforms to the inside of the host sewer pipe. The result is a structural repair with very little loss of hydraulic diameter.
Operating in the development of No-Dig Technologies for underground piping and process piping for all types of underground conduits.
General Polymers
Provides products for the protection and restoration of concrete including polyesters, vinyl esters, epoxies, novolacs and vinyl ester novolacs incorporated into system designs to meet the traffic and abrasion exposure.
Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc.
Products for the infrastructure repair industry (including point repair and manhole repair systems).
Pipe rehabilitation and renovation, with a cured-in-place lining system based on in-situ UV light curing.
Insituform Technologies
Pipe rehabilitation provider.
Joseph Painting Company, Inc.
A woman-owned contracting firm in Arizona with exclusive rights to the SewerShield 100 product line. JPCI provides products and services for the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment systems. Site describes Sewer Shield Coating product line as well as other products and services.
KRE Engineering
Pipeline rehabilitation systems designed specifically for the contracting rehabilitation industry.
Link-Pipe, Inc.
Manufactures a patented factory made metal sleeve.
LMK Enterprises, Inc.
Manufacturer of the Performance Liner CIPP systems and provides methods for renewing sewers without digging.
Madewell Products Corporation
Manufactures the Mainstay Composite Liner rehabilitation system for single day restoration and corrosion protection of sewer collection system structures, along with other 100% solids corrosion barrier coatings.
Mainlining Service, Inc.
Provides a trenchless method of in-place cleaning and cement mortar lining that permanently restores full hydraulic capacity.
Cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe rehabilitation products.
Miller Pipeline Corp.
Contracting firm with territorial rights to the EX-pipe and AmEx pipe rehabilitation technologies.
National Liner
A team of regional contractors with their own cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation products.
Perma-Liner Industries, Inc.
Provides non-disruptive, trenchless sewer rehabilitation products for repairing manholes, sewer mains, and laterals.
Prime Resins, Inc
Offering a complete line of chemical grout, epoxy resin, pumps and accessory products providing infrastructure repair solutions around the globe. Specializing in products and technical "know-how" in structural concrete repairs, water infiltration, sewer and manhole rehabilitation, and soil stabilization applications.
PrimeLine Products Inc
Offers a complete line of trenchless rehabilitation products for the sewer and pipeline rehabilitation industry. Products include resins, robotic cutters and safety manhole covers .
Offers no-dig pipe rehabilitation technologies.
Offers corrosion-resistant materials and specialty cements.
Starline TT
Products include sewer, water, and gas applications.
Strata Tech
Grouting supplies and equipment company.
Trolining Inc. Ltd. (Germany)
Large diameter pipe rehabilitation technology with world-wide contracting partners. The process sandwiches grout between polyethylene sheets.
Vandex International
Inventor of capillary active waterproofing - offers cementitious and polymer-modified products for: Concrete waterproofing, Concrete protection, Concrete repair, Grouting and joint materials, and Refurbishment of old buildings.
Xypex Chemical Corporation
Crystalline, concrete waterproofing products used for manhole rehabilitation and pipe and tunnel coating.
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