A.E.Yates Microtunnelling Ltd
A. E. Yates is a UK contracting firm which owns and operates a range of remote controlled closed face slurry microtunnelling equipment, available for Main Contract or Subcontract work.
ABC Liovin Drilling, Inc.
Drilling in Southern California. Specializing in Hollow Stem Auger, Air Rotary, Mud Rotary, Casing Hammer, Bucket Auger, Limited Access, Direct Push Probing, Soil Sampling, Water Sampling, and Well Installations since 1982.
Advance Boring Specialists
Washington and California based contracting firm specializing in the trenchless installation of Phone, Fiber Optics, Gas, Electrical, and Water lines through horizontal directional boring. ABS also provides sewer rehabilitation services.
Contractor operating in the Middle East; tunnelling as a specialist contractor.
ARB, Inc.
Based in California with offices in Texas and Central and South America. They work with major corporations and institutions throughout the United States as well as in South America and the Pacific Rim. ARB has an operating division which specializes in Horizontal Directional Drilling.
Atlas Dewatering
Atlas Dewatering specializes in horizontal environmental wells.
Badger Daylighting Excavation Services
Utility locating and vacuum excavating contractor specializing in utility damage prevention (Calgary, Ontario)
Bay State Piping Company, Inc.
Massachusetts based contracting firm with experience in directional drilling, downhole rock drilling, pipe ramming, horizontal auger boring, steerable rod pushing, and percussion moling.
Houston, Texas based construction firm specializing in boring and tunneling
Bradshaw Construction Corporation
Contact information for Ellicott City, Maryland based construction firm.
BTB Australia
Australian underground utility contractor specializing in directional drilling.
Com-Net Services, Inc.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based company offering Data and Telecommunications installation nationwide.
Connetics Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand based contracting firm servicing the Power industry which offers trenchless installations of underground cables and lines.
D.H. Blattner
A heavy civil and mining contractor providing services throughout North America. Services include: Concrete Structures, Earthmoving, Environmental, Drilling and Blasting, Demolition and Salvage, Crushing and Material Handling, and Mining.
Directional Technologies, Inc.
Provides horizontal directional drilling, horizontal well installations, and well installations related services such as well placement, design, and development. Services include, not limited to: Planning and Well Design: Proposed bore path; Recommended well materials; Remediation Equipment ; Well Installation; Well Development; Determination of rates of removal.
Engineers Construction, Inc.
Offers general construction and contracting services. South Burlington, Vermont.
Environmental Crossings Inc.
Directional drilling for water, sewers, petroleum, communication bundles and power lines. Locations in Michigan, Texas, and Puerto Rico.
Frank Coluccio Construction Company
Frank Colucio Construction Company is a Seattle, Washington based contractor with 40 years' experience in all aspects of the construction industry, including sewers, utilities, watermains, and tunnels. Among other services Colucio offers microtunneling.
General Excavating
Lincoln, Nebraska based contracting firm which provides construction services for utility, environmental, communications and dredging projects.
Ground Source, Inc.
Located in De Pere, Wisconsin and offers a complete line of drilling services. They are experienced in the following areas of drilling: auger, mud rotary, air rotary, rock coring and directional drilling.
Infrastructure Systems, Inc.
Specializing in all phases of water and sewer installation and repairs, including directional boring. Also all phases of building construction and demolition.
Infratech Corporation
Utility contractor specializing in trenchless placement of electric, telephone, gas, catv, water, sewer, and wells for environmental remediation. Infratech offers directional drilling, environmental remediation, and underground construction services.
Knight Enterprises
provide construction and cabling services throughout the state of Florida. Specializing in directional boring.
Laney Directional Drilling Co.
Humble, Texas based construction firm specializing in directional drilling.
Lighting Maintenance Incorporated
Specialize in complete outdoor lighting, sign service, and electrical service installations and repairs. Services include directional drilling. Serving the Washington DC area and the surrounding counties of Virginia and Maryland.
LMR Drilling UK Ltd
Horizontal directional drilling firm operating in the UK with offices in Germany and the Netherlands as well.
End-to-end telecommunications and energy infrastructure service provider. Services include directional drilling.
McAllister Brothers
Inspection, maintenance and installation of pipelines and sewers. Includes company profile and information on the trenchless techniques used.
Mears Group Inc.
Mears provides engineering and construction services in the areas of pipeline engineering, corrosion engineering, pipeline rehabilitation, horizontal drilling, and fiber network construction.
Midwest Mole
Works in trenchless technology. Offers tunneling, jacking and boring.
A Kent, Washington based service company specializing in underground utility renovation and installation. Provides services, products and technology used to install, replace and renovate underground utilities and related construction. Its services and technology are environmentally friendly and less disruptive than conventional replacement methods.
Obatashi, a major general contractor in Japan, offers a full range of construction services on a global scale. Obayashi offers tunneling among other services.
Ozzie's Directional Drilling
Directional drilling contractor based in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Pacific Boring, Inc.
A Caruthers, California based contractor specializing in horizontal boring and pipe jacking.
R.H. White Construction Co., Inc.
The company is a New England based (Massachusetts and New Hampshire) General Contractor specializing in full construction services for utilities and industry. Services include trenchless plowing.
Robinson Construction
Provides EPC, design-build and general services to mining, industrial, renewable energy and heavy industrial markets.
S. McNally & Sons
Contracting firm based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada offering large diameter tunneling, microtunneling, pipe jacking, and utility tunneling.
SA Directional Boring
Australian (Payneham South, SA) Company that provides trenchless, underground boring services.
Skanska is a contracting firm specializing in construction, real estate, and construction related services.
Sunland Construction, Inc.
Pipeline construction company serving the needs of major oil and gas companies. Services include directional drilling.
TCH Directional Drilling
Offers directional drilling and conventional boring. Additionally, designs, engineers, and fabricates a variety of products.
Teknik Segala
Teknik Segala is a control and automation solutions provider for all industries in Malaysia. Teknik Segala offers Horizontal Directional Drilling among their many services.
Tenbusch Contracting Inc.
Install rigid pipe with the tenbusch insertion method (TIM)while eliminating excavation. Applications: sewer, water, industrial drain/supply.
Wiring Technologies, Inc.
Installs both interior and exterior conduits and raceways, using in trenchless technology for building to building and campus environment.
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