Fasteners for wood and structural plastics include nails, screws, framing connectors, and other fastening materials used in construction.

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Duraclamp - Burlingham International
Supplier of plastic fasteners to the anodizing, plating and metal finishing industries. Design and manufacture custom plastic fasteners and components.
GRK Fasteners
Manufacturer of Climatek coated screws and fasteners for use with treated wood products.
Jev Cap Manufacturing
Manufacturer of plastic cap and steel round cap nails in galvanized, galvalume and stainless.
Lumber Loc Deck Fasteners
Hidden deck fasteners for use with plastic lumber and exotic hardwoods. Allows lumber to expand and contract with changes in temperature.
Manasquan Premium Fasteners, LLC
Provides a variety of stainless steel wood fasteners for high corrosion resistance.
Maze Nail
Maze Group manufactures stainless, hot-dipped, galvanized specialty nails, collated nails and screws for siding, decking.
McFeely's Square Drive Screws
Woodworking supplier specializing in square drive wood screws.
Midwest Fasteners Inc.
Distributor of packaged fasteners serving the hardware store, home center and industrial markets.
MiTek Steel Connector Products
Manufacturer of steel connector plates used to fasten wood construction components.
Manufacturers the porta-nailer hardwood flooring installation system. Online demo of the nailer in action.
Rotaloc Bonding Fasteners
Large-flanged bonding fasteners providing strong pull strength on torque strength.
Simpson Strong-Tie
Manufacturer of structural connecting systems for wood, steel, masonry, concrete, and composite wood building construction. Catalogs available to download.
Provider of fasteners, tools and expanding foam for structural insulated panels and log construction.
Tremont Nail
A wide variety of specialty square-cut nails for restoration projects, as well as stainless, hot-dipped, galvanized specialty nails, collated nails and screws for siding, decking. Catalog available.
USP Connectors
Manufacturer of joist hangers and other framing connectors for wood-to-wood and wood-to-concrete applications. Catalog, cad library and comparison guides.
Zone Four, LLC
Manufacturer of structural connections that strengthen wood-framed construction for high wind and seismic forces.
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