This category is for veneers and fine hardwoods (and some softwoods, such as specialty, White Pine etc.). It is primarily for those companies and websites whose MAIN product is fine and/or exotic woods for millwork, cabinetry, furniture, and specialty products. It is NOT for general hardwood products such as pallets, flooring, truck beds etc.

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A & M Wood Specialty
Retail and wholesale supplier located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada stocking fine hardwoods and veneers, as well as a broad selection of furniture grade and specialty plywoods.
Adams Face Veneer, Inc.
Manufacturer of face veneer. Specialties are maple, oak, walnut, and cherry.
Advantage Trim And Lumber
Suppliers of a broad range of domestic and exotic hardwoods, trim, molding, and millwork including fireplace mantels and staircases.
AJW Specialty Lumber
Provides a selection of kiln-dried lumber. Supplying both retail and commercial customers. Also specializes in custom millwork, reproducing custom trim, and stair components.
All Righteous Woods
Offers imported and domestic hardwoods, burls, spalted woods, turning blanks, pink ivory, ebonys, and rosewoods.
American Lumber Company
Supplies a variety of North American hardwoods.
Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.
Promotes the advantages of hardwoods produced in the Appalachian region of the United States, and develops programs and services to help insure an adequate supply of wood resource for the purpose of helping members meet the needs of the public.
Arkansas Face
Supplier of hardwood veneer and edgebanding in domestic and exotic wood species. Based in Benton, Arkansas, United States.
Producer and supplier of wood veneer edgebanding. Based in Heath, Ohio, United States.
Badger Hardwoods of Wisconsin
Mail order and walk-in retail provider of a wide variety of hard and softwood species as well as veneered plywood.
Baillie Lumber
Manufacturers, distributes and exports American hardwood lumber including eastern and western hardwoods.
Baker Milling and Hardwoods
Specializing in California Claro walnut and elm. Offers custom sawmill processing of logs, lumber, and entire trees.
Berkshire Products, Inc.
Specializing in extra wide, sequence matched, kiln-dried lumber including book matched sets, burls, wide quartersawn lumber, highly figured woods and musical instrument wood.
The Blackforest Wood Company
A supplier to wood carvers and professionals with many species from around the world, S2S lumber, burls, classes and seminars, carving and hand tools, machinery, custom designed doors and furniture.
Blue Moon Exotic Wood
Suppliers of Cuban Mahogany and other exotic hardwoods. Through a sustainably-harvested plantation in the South Pacific, they provide tropical timber cut to exact specifications.
Bradford Forest Products, Inc.
Manufactures domestic hardwoods from northwestern Pennsylvania and distributes kiln dried lumber world wide.
Manufacturer of veneers and edgebanding products. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Certainly Wood
A wide variety of exotic hardwood items, including burls and hand cut veneers.
Chiltern Timber Ltd.
Distributor and manufacturer of hardwoods and softwoods. Based in Stoke-On-Trent, UK.
Cigana & C. SRL
Italian producer of veneer and edge banding veneer.
Cocobolo Supply Company
Suppliers of exhibition grade Cocobolo exotic tropical wood from Central America.
Collector's Specialty Woods
Provider of lumber, burls, building and furniture stock. Includes client photographs, newsletters and brochure.
Colonial Hardwoods Inc.
Offers a variety of wood species plus plywood, veneer, custom molding and millwork as well as specialty tools and books.
Craftwood/SR Wood, Inc.
Manufacturer of flexible backed veneer products used in the cabinet, furniture, flooring and architectural wallcovering industries.
DB Hardwoods NV
Manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of European hardwoods. Located in Rollegem-Kapelle, Belgium.
Dieterle Veneers
Supplier of a large variety of veneers from all over the world. Includes pictures of various wood and burl species and their origin.
Dimension Plywood, Inc.
Supplier of exotic and domestic wood veneers and substrates with information on products.
Dooge Veneers
Produces and distributes wood veneers. Includes information on designs and uses.
Dunham Hardwoods
Quality hardwood lumber, timbers, and veneers. With prices.
East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Inc
Supplies teak and other exotic hardwoods for the residential, commercial, hospitality, architectural and marine industries.
Eisenbran Exotic Hardwoods
Sells domestic and exotic lumber, slabs, burls, and turning blanks.
Exotic Hardwoods and Veneers
Manufactured hardwoods and veneers to your specifications. Based in Oakland, California, United States.
Exotic Woods Inc.
Supplier of fine quality hardwoods, softwoods, veneers and plywoods.
Fezer S.A.
Veneer making equipment.
Fitzpatrick and Weller, Inc.
A multi-national supplier in the hardwood lumber and wood components industries. Information includes company profile, operations and capabilities, products, environmental policy, and current stock list.
Flexible Materials
Manufacturer of hardwood veneers, plywoods, and edgebanding products. Based in Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States.
Fratelli Dainese
Produces lumber and unfinished furniture parts. Site gives business profile, characteristics of the products and contacts.
The Freeman Corporation
A large, multi-faceted veneer manufacturer and importer.
Friendly Forest Products
Importers, wholesalers and retailers specializing in plantation grown teak.
Gutchess Lumber
Manufacturer of North American kiln-dried hardwood lumber. Also provide timber harvesting and forest management services.
Hans Reich GmbH
Produces veneered panels and tabletops for the furniture industry. Based in Wurzburg, Germany.
Hardwood Outlet
Supplies hardwood and milling services.
Hearne Hardwoods Inc.
Offers domestic and imported hardwoods, burls, and turning stock.
Herzog Veneers, Inc.
Producers and suppliers of imported, aniline dyed, and recomposed veneers, with over 150 species in stock. Includes inventory online. North Carolina, USA.
Hibdon Hardwood, Inc.
Importers and wholesalers of Mahogany and exotic hardwoods
Hollister Sawmill Inc.
Supplier of Pennsylvania cherry, walnut, red and white oak, and poplar. Wide lumber available. Located in Lancaster County, PA.
Horizon Products International
Supplier of specialty hardwood veneers, MDF, and plywoods. Based in Miramar, Florida, United States.
Industrial Timber & Land Company
Consistent supplies of the finest oak, maple, cherry, poplar, walnut, and ash.
J & S International Ltd.
Supplier of rotary cut veneers, lumber, and wood components. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
J. Gibson McIlvain Company
Wholesalers of domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods plus kiln drying and millwork facilities.
Lafor International Wood Products Ltd.
Romanian wholesaler and distributor of European hardwood products. Specializes in European beech lumber. Maintains an inventory in Vancouver, British Columbia for supplying North America.
Legnomarket S.r.l.
Italian importer and exporter of veneers including burls and crotches from all over the world.
MacBeath Hardwood Company
Exotic and domestic hardwoods with online store and customer service.
Maple Leaf Hardwoods
Specializing in the sale of figured hardwood lumber, including curly maple, flamed birch, curly oak, curly ash, curly cherry, and wood sets.
Mariba International
Manufacture and exporter of hardwood lumber components and products. Based in Irwindale, California, United States.
Masons Mill and Lumber Co
Specializes in custom milling, radius moulding and running trim.
Memphis Hardwood Lumber
Stocks domestic and imported hardwoods and has facilities for manufacturing 100's of profiles of mouldings, custom cabinetry, specialty doors, and cabinet doors.
Metz-Furniere Handels GmbH.
Produces and exports wood veneers.
Miller Lumber Company
Wholesale fine hardwood and Cahaba flooring products.
MovNHeartland Heartwoods
Specializing in unique and native Midwest hardwoods.
Nelson International
Importer and producer of products such as veneers, building components, truck trailer flooring, and millwork. Based in Vancouver BC, Canada.
North American Wood Products
A global distributor of exotic wood products including hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, veneer and FSC certified wood.
Northern Contours
Produces veneer, hardwood and thermofoil components for the cabinet, furniture and store fixture industry.
Northwest Lumber Company
Carrying more than 50 domestic and exotic kiln-dried hardwoods; plywood, veneer, turning squares. Will ship anywhere. Indianapolis, Ind.
O'Shea Lumber Co.
A wholesale lumber supplier of domestic and imported hardwoods and softwoods, complete with dry kilns, milling facilities, and export services.
Oak Hill Veneer
Manufactures sliced hardwood veneer in a variety of species. Based in Troy, Pennsylvania, United States.
Oaks Unlimited
Worldwide sales and distribution of kiln dried Appalachian hardwood lumber.
Ocooch Hardwoods
Specializing in scroll saw ready hardwoods, unsurfaced hardwoods, and carving stock, located in Richland Center, Wisconsin.
Oregon Canadian Forest Products
Specializes in high grade West Coast softwoods and South American hardwood decking and flooring.
PJ White Hardwoods Ltd.
Offers domestic and exotic hardwood, softwood lumber, veneers, edge banding, hardwood and softwood plywood, melamine, and hardware.
Public Lumber Company
Online store featuring hardwood and exotic lumber, plywoods, veneers, doors and cabinets.
Rajala Companies
Lumber, veneer, and dimensional products from a fourth generation company who's deeply rooted in the northern Minnesota forests.
Rare Earth Hardwoods
Providing fine domestic hardwoods, flooring, feature strips, paneling and dimensional lumber.
Reel Lumber
Offers domestic and exotic lumber, mouldings, and plywood.
Reimer Hardwoods
British Columbia supplier of hardwood lumber and fine interior finishing products.
Renaissance Floor In-lays
Manufacturer of hand cut inlays for hardwood floors. Based in San Francisco, United States.
Ron Jones Hardwood Sales, Inc.
Family-owned company specializing in the sale of kiln-dried and green hardwoods from Pennsylvania.
Russell Plywood
Wholesale distributor of hardwood veneer plywood and related panel products.
Seafarer Marine of Fort Lauderdale,Inc.
Provides boat builders, repair yards, and independent marine contractors in the USA and the Caribbean with marine grade hardwoods, plywoods, veneers, advice, and service.
Spectrum Hardwoods
Figured hardwoods is their specialty: veneer, birdseye maple, curly fiddleback, tigerstripe Maple.
Swords Enterprises
Sells American Black Walnut lumber rough, surfaced, figured, burl, and crotch figured. From Northeastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois.
T.L.B. Forests Products
Offers white birch and aspen lumber, pallet wood, and custom milled products for manufacturers. Based in Lachenaie, Quebec, Canada.
Talarico Hardwoods
Specializing in exotic hardwoods, old growth, quartersawn lumber including white and red oak, American and English sycamore, cherry, and ash.
Suppliers of veneer, edgebanding, curved plywood, kitchen cabinet doors and refacing supplies.
Thompson Mahogany Company
Direct importers of fine quality tropical hardwoods -since 1843. Lumber, decking and flooring. Many exotic species, such as Satinwood.
Townsend Lumber Inc.
Produces kiln dried and air dried hardwood lumber, timbers, specialty wood products, woodchips, sawdust, shavings, and bark mulch.
Veneer Systems Inc.
Veneer Systems distributes veneer supplies and equipment to wood veneer producers.
Vintage Log & Lumber
Specialized in antique hand-hewn log cabins, chestnut lumber, split rails, cut stone, and barn siding, boards and beams salvaged from old timber frame barns and houses.
Western Panel Manufacturing
Supplier of specialty hardwood veneers, door skins, MDF, and plywoods. Based in Eugene, Oregon, United States.
Willard Brothers Lumber
Offering rare exotic woods from around the world and a variety of domestic hardwood lumber.
Woodnuts Supply
Woodworking supplier of walnut slabs, planks, and flitches, harvested from the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States.
Woodworkers Source
Offers over 100 quality hardwoods from around the world. Lumber, plywood, veneer and turning stock are available.
World Timber Corporation
A wholesale company dealing with high quality fine exotic woods from all around the world.
Yukon Lumber
Source for hardwood and exotic lumber, cabinet and marine grade plywood, custom millwork and accessories related to woodworking.
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