Some log home manufacturers have dealers and brokers who sell the homes. The sites listed in this category are for those brokers and dealers.
Adirondack Country Log Homes
Authorized Dealer for Country Log Homes located in New York.
Bear's Den Log Homes
Dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes located in North Carolina.
Big Twig Homes
Authorized dealer for Katahdin Cedar Log Homes in Maine.
C.M. Allaire and Sons, Inc.
Authorized dealer of Real Log Homes servicing New England area.
Casual Country Log Homes
Authorized log home dealer for Southland Log Homes located in Sanford, Florida.
Country Creek Log Homes
Country Creek Log Homes is a dealer for Timberhaven in Indiana and Illinois.
Creative Cedar Homes
Specializes in Western Red Cedar Homes. Pan Abode Cedar Homes dealer.
Crockett Homes of Central New England
Supplies home packages for log homes, SIP homes, and timber frame homes.
Down Home Log Homes
Authorized log home dealer for Jim Barna Log Homes located in Pine Mountain, GA
Hearthstone Log Homes of Mississippi
Log home dealer for Hearthstone Log Homes located in Mississippi.
Hidden Valley Log Homes
Authorized dealer for Lok-n-Logs in Northeast Ohio.
Jim Barna Log Homes of Midwest & NorthEast
Provides log home plans, pricing and materials. Dealer for Jim Barna Log Homes
Log Chips
Largest log home dealer in the Greater Hudson Valley Region. A representative of Kuhns brothers.
New Century Log Homes
Non-shrinking Log Home construction, Log Home Kits and construction. Dealer for Deep Creek Log Homes.
Norwegian Log
UK based log cabin suppliers, offering a range of log cabins for clientele from charities to local authorities and private clients.
Overland Trails
Authorized Dealer for Log Home Outfitters.
Rocky Top Enterprises
Keller Williams agent, and sales representative for Rocky Top Log Homes. Includes property listings and log home designs.
Saratoga Log Homes
Authorized deler for Timberhaven serving Upstate NY.
Strongwood Log Homes UK
Log home dealer for Strongwood Log Homes located in the UK.
Timber Creek Log Homes
Log home dealer for Timberhaven providing custom log homes in NJ.
Timberland Log Homes and Cabins
Authorized log home dealer for Southland Log Homes located in Clarklake, MI.
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