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Acousti Engineering Company
Distributor and manufacturers representative for commercial and industrial acoustical ceilings, products, and flooring, computer access floor systems, sport flooring, walls and partitions.
Is an architecturally-designed, site-applied, fabric and acoustic wall panel system, manufactured and distributed by Fabric/cations Ltd.
Acoustical Solutions Inc.
Offers a line of soundproofing and noise control products for use in many applications.
Acoustical Thermal Insulators Inc.
Application of commercial spray-on thermal and acoustical materials for reverberation reduction and insulation.
Acoustics First Corporation
Offers acoustical foam, ceiling treatments, diffusers, bass traps, sound barriers, and similar products.
B6 Akustik A/S
Denmark. Design and manufacture of foam based sound absorbing materials and panels for machines, vehicle cabs, engine rooms, ventilation systems, electronics, data processing equipment, and building applications. Part of the B6 Group. English and Danish.
Manufacturer of a mineral based acoustic ceiling system with smooth, seamless surface.
Eckel Industries
A manufacturer of acoustic panels for high abuse environments as well as hearing testing booths.
Fabricmate Systems
An acoustical and tackable wallcovering system providing durable noise reduction surfaces for schools, offices, and audio-video rooms.
Industrial Noise Control Inc.
Supply modular acoustical panel systems, flexible noise control enclosures, wall and ceiling mounted noise absorbers, and do it yourself noise control products.
Lamvin Inc
Manufactures acoustical, diffusers and absorbers and sonic acoustical panels for corporate boardrooms, sports arenas, sound studios and concert halls.
MPC Inc.
Manufacturer of silent wall acoustical wall panels, quietile ceiling panels insert tiles, tackboards, ceiling baffles, bulletin boards, sliding panels, presentation walls, privacy screens for business and the home office.
Netwell Noise Control
Supply foams, baffles, wedges, fabrics and other products for noise and sound control .
Novawall Systems, Inc.
Manufacturers of a custom site-fabricated fabric wall and ceiling system. Includes fabric selection guidelines, distributor details and technical specifications.
Pelzer Acoustic Products, LLC
Germany. Design, development and manufacture of a range of needlepunch and airlaid nonwoven, foam and perforated metal foil based acoustic insulation products for industrial and construction applications. Technical information and applications guide. Glossary of terms. English and German.
Silent Source
Supplier of acoustic foams, barriers, diffusors, fabrics, fabric-wrapped panels, and bass traps.
Steven Klein
Suppliers of acoustic foam for studios, home theatre and business., Inc
Manufacturer of soundrooms and acoustic products including modular sound proof enclosures for recording and sound studio music, voice over, rehearsal room, practice and noise reduction. A division of Calvin Mann.
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