3M Manufacturing & Industrial
A manufacturer of ceramic fiber insulation materials, fabrics, liners and barriers.
Advanced Thermal Products Inc.
A manufacturer of high temperature thermal and acoustic insulation for the diesel engine and power industries. Includes a product photo gallery, and a catalog in pdf format.
Alfiso Refactory Fiber Company
Producers of vacuum formed refractory ceramic fiber products. Applications include casting, board, ceramic fiber heaters and modules for furnaces.
Anco Products Inc.
Manufacturers of blanket insulation, a special high tensile-strength, continuous filament fiberglass insulation material used in cryrogenic tank construction .
Arnold Insulation
Flexible insulation systems for gas and steam turbines. Specially designed for maintenance intensive areas.
Attwater Group
Designers and manufacturers of high performance engineering plastic and carbon fiber laminates and composites for electrical and thermal insulation, and mechanical applications.
Carter Insulation and Services
A provider and installer of insulation materials for hot and cold piping, vessels and tanks, pumps and exchangers.
The Claremont Sales Corp
USA. Custom manufacturers, fabricators, suppliers and installers of a range of coated fabrics, fiberglass mats and cloths, and lightweight polyimide foams for thermal or acoustical protection and insulation applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information.
Corning Glass
Manufacturers of Foamglas, which is a lightweight, rigid insulating material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells.
Cuming Corporation Insulation
Manufacturer of composite syntactic foam insulation and buoyancy products, for marine applications and offshore oil and gas production.
Darchem Engineering Ltd.
Manufacturers of thermal insulation, precision fabrications, welded metal honeycomb products, passive fire protection systems and reflective insulation for the aerospace, petrochemical, offshore, marine and nuclear industries.
Davlyn Manufacturing Co., Inc
Custom manufacturer and supplier of high temperature, textile based products. Products include woven fiberglass gaskets, sleeves, fiberglass ropes and tapes.
Distribution International
Provide industrial insulation, safety supplies and fire protection equipment worldwide.
Flextech Engineering, Inc
High temperature seals.
Heartland Insulation Supplies
Manufacturer of reflective insulation for residential and commercial applications.
Industrial Energy Resources Inc.
Insulation covers made for barrels, dies and plastic equipment.
Industrial Firebrick
A manufacturer of ceramic fiber insulation. Refractory bricks used for boilers and metal melting furnaces.
Insulation and Buoyancy Services
Fabricators and suppliers of insulation materials for industrial applications. Offering silica, mineral wool, and foam-based products.
Manufacturer of industrial, sound-deadening insulation mats used for race cars and recreational vehicles.
Lewco Specialty
High temperature fiberglass insulation for the welding industry.
Lih Feng Jiing Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of sound and heat insulation products for autos and motorcycles, building, steel industry, glass and aluminium processing.
Rimpex Ltd.
A manufacturer of refractory materials and shapes for construction and repair of refractory linings in industrial applications.
SoundTech, Inc
Manufacturer of thermal, acoustical and specialty insulation products for the OEM, automotive, HVAC and office furniture markets.
An Italian manufacturer of thermal insulating and sealing textile products made of: ceramic, silicawool, sil-tex, thermotex, glass, carbopan and aramidic.
Therm-All, Inc.
A laminator of pre-engineered building insulation offering a full line of solutions for metal and concrete buildings. Based in North Olmsted, Ohio, with offices throughout the United States.
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