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Acou-Insul-Vision, Inc
Taiwan. Manufacturers of fireproof nonwoven thermal and acoustic insulation mats for automotive, industrial, building and household appliance applications, from glass and silica fiber. Also, virgin and regenerated chopped strands.
ACS Products
Distributors of insulation and insulation machinery and accessories, including foam, cellulose, fiberglass, radiant barriers and roof coatings.
Advance Thermal Corp.
A manufacturer of removable insulation blankets and covers for thermal and acoustical barriers.
AFS Foil
Supplier of wood roof insulation, radiant barriers and insulation facings.
Closed cell polyurethane insulation for poultry houses and other agricultural buildings.
Air Krete Inc.
Manufacturer of cementitious foam insulation for open or closed cavities in walls, roofs and ceilings. Includes applications, benefits, specifications and test results.
AirTight Insulation
A supplier of insulation products and services for residential, commercial, and industrial construction from polyurethane foam to cellulose to fiberglass batts.
All Tech Insulation
A provider of advanced sealants, coatings, insulations and containments to benefit those in the residential, commercial and industrial markets.
Applegate Insulation
Manufacturers of cellulose insulation.
Auburn Manufacturing Inc.
Manufacturer of high temperature textiles, fiberglass, silica, kevlar and nomex fabrics.
B6 Akustik As
Manufacturers of sound insulation and absorption and vibration dampening materials for industrial applications.
Berima A/S
Manufacturers of injection-moulded articles for ready-made district-heating piping.
Bonded Logic Inc
Manufacturer of environmentally friendly insulation and padding products.
Offers a cellulose insulation treated with adhesive and fire resistant chemicals. Offers product and environmental information.
Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association
Source of information about cellulose thermal insulation.
Laminated insulation for metal buildings, reflective insulation materials, and lift accessories including work platforms and spreader beams.
CMI Insulation Inc.
A diversified mechanical and industrial insulation distribution organization for commercial, mechanical and industrial insulation products, accessories, and fire stopping materials.
CMI Specialty
An supplier of batt, fire-rated vinyl and rigid insulation for pre-engineered steel buildings.
DC-System Insulation A/S
Manufacturer of prefabricated polyurethane sandwich panels .
Demilec USA LLC
A producer of high performance spray-applied polyurethane foam insulation products.
DIY Spray Foam Insulation
Kits for insulating lofts, roofs, barns, boats, motorhomes, pipes, agricultural buildings, and cellars.
Elliott Company
Manufacturer and fabricator of Elfoam, a rigid, closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam used in commercial and OEM applications because of its high insulation value and/or light weight. Located in Indianapolis.
Energy Efficient Solutions
Online supplier of radiant barrier reflective insulation and other energy saving items.
Essex Insulation Ltd
Suppliers and installers of all types of insulation materials and associated products to all involved in the construction and development industry. Based in Essex, deliveries are made to Essex, Kent, Greater London, Surrey, Sussex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.
Flumroc Ltd.
Stonewool insulation products and applications. Switzerland.
Foam InSEALators of Maryland & Virginia
Advice and photos showing how to use spray-in-place foam insulations.
Foam Laminates of Vermont
Manufactures structural insulated panels. Supporting the timberframe, post and beam, and panel home builders with high quality stress skin panels.
Rigid polyurethane spraying specialists providing foam sealing for commercial and domestic insulation.
Rigid foam board designed for insulating construction.
A supplier of two-part, closed cell, R-7 per inch, disposable, polyurethane foam insulation kits.
G.I.S., Inc
Distributor and fabricator of thermal and acoustical insulation systems. A provider of insulating products for pipes, equipment, vessels, ducts, boilers and ovens, indoor and outdoor, above and below ground applications.
H.C. Fennell, Inc.
Manufacturer of polyurethane foams for residential and commercial applications. Includes a reference resource for foam insulation.
Heraklith AG
Supplier of insulating materials such as wood, wool and rock wool. Also supplies acoustic ceiling panels, sound insulation solutions and thermal protection systems.
Icynene Spray Foam Insulation & Air Barrier System
An environmentally-friendly spray-in-place soft foam insulation and air barrier system for home and commercial use. Icynene completely seals the building envelope for increased energy efficiency.
Industrial Insulations
Specializes in designing and manufacturing thermal and acoustical insulation solutions using waterjet cutting technology to precisely fit cavities minimizing the gaps which cause heat loss or gain.
Innovative Energy
Manufactures radiant barrier and other reflective insulation products including Astro-Foil, insulated shipping boxes and bags, and residential insulation products.
Innovative Insulation, Inc.
Manufacturer of radiant barrier reflective insulation that reduces energy costs.
Insulation Corporation of America - ICA
Manufactures and distributes insulation products such as geofoam, roofing, EIFS, cellulose, cold storage, polystyrene, sill seal, fan fold, and foamfill.
Insulation Distributors Limited
Part of the international SIG plc group, a distributor of branded insulation products from European manufacturers.
International Cellulose Corporation
Developer and manufacturer of spray-on acoustical and thermal insulation treatment systems.
Manufacturer of environmentally friendly insulation materials based on natural fibres as an alternative to mineral wool insulation products.
Isolparma Rigid Foam
Manufacturer of rigid polyurethane foam for traditional construction or commercial buildings.
Kdb Isolation
Manufactures and distributes a 10mm thick multilayer reflecting insulating material.
Lowe Industrial
Manufacturer and supplier of insulating products, high temperature gaskets, textiles, heating elements and thermocouples.
Manufacturas Aislantes Barbera SL
Spain. Manufacturers of tapes, sleevings, braids, webbings and needlepunch nonwoven blankets for thermal insulation applications, from glass, ceramic and calcium silicate fibers. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English, Spanish and French.
A manufacturer of thermal, acoustic and firestopping insulation products for construction and mechanical industries.
ME Schupp Industrial Ceramics GmbH
Germany. Development and manufacture of high temperature components and products for industrial and laboratory furnaces and kilns. High temperature fibrous insulating boards and cylinders, from polycrystalline alumina fiber and inorganic fibers and binders. Technical information and product specifications on PDF files. English and German.
Monoglass Incorporated
A spray-on white fiberglass insulation for thermal and acoustic applications.
NH Sprayfoam
A supplier of open and closed cell bio-based spray polyurethane foam for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association
A trade association of North American manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation products.
North Star Fibre, Inc., Cellulose Manufacturing
A Canadian cellulose manufacturer.
Nutec Fibratec
Mexico. Manufacturers of alumina silica ceramic fiber refractory insulation products. Technical information. MSDS on PDF files. English and Spanish.
Oak Ridge Plastics & Coatings
A provider of trucks, trailers, and proportioning systems to apply insulation and other fast-set materials for contractors.
OJ Insulation, Inc
A provider and installer of fiberglass batts for commercial and residential buildings.
Pacor, Inc.
Manufacturers of custom insulation products, including thermal, ceramic, acoustical, fiberglass, HVAC, removable blankets and covers, die cut, laminated, firestop, and heat and cold insulation.
Payless Insulation
Provider of attic, wall and floor insulation, acoustical, and air distribution for existing residential and commercial properties.
Pink Batts
Provides home insulation products for energy efficient houses plus home improvement ideas, sound proofing material and home building insulation recommendations.
Plasti-Fab EPS
Manufacturer of expanded polystyrene ( EPS ) insulation products for structural insulated panels, insulated concrete forms, and other applications.
Promat Fire Protection
Manufacturer of structural, padding, cement tube, tubing and piping insulation.
Pyro Shield, Inc.
New high-temperature and flame resistant products for a variety of industries and applications.
Radiant Guard
Manufacturer and supplier of radiant barrier, foil insulation, and reflective insulation products.
Rath Performance Fibers, Inc.
Ceramic fiber insulation and specialty products, for temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius.
Insulation products for the control of acoustic, thermal and fire in marine and specialty applications. IMO, US Navy and USCG approved products.
RHH Foam Systems Inc.
Manufactures foam insulation application systems, portable and in-plant polyurethane.
A producer of thermal and acoustical products including Rondopan XPS boards, Rondorest PE sheets and Rondofom Pipe insulation.
Shannon Enterprises Inc
Manufacturer of blanket and acoustic insulation.
Sheep Wool Insulation Ltd.
An acoustic and thermal building insulation made from sheep's wool. Used in home, commercial and industrial applications.
SIG Insulation
Stockists and distributors of insulation materials and building products to the construction industry in the Midlands, Wales and the South West of the UK.
Smock and Schonthaler Industrial Insulation Products Inc.
Manufacturer of Insulation fabrications for OEM industries, and distributor of insulation products.
Southeastern Wire Fabricators, Inc.
Manufacturer of insulation supports and landscaping staples.
Specialty Products, Inc.
Manufactures Polyurea compounds and distributes dispensing equipment, seals and primers.
Stiferite s.r.l
Producer of thermal insulation. Features product data and technical specifications, applications, and price lists. Italy.
A manufacturer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation for roofing, sheathing, below-grade and EIFS applications; geofoam lightweight fill for soil stabilization; and fabricated packaging and OEM products.
An insulation suspension system for pre-engineered metal buildings having z-purlins or bar-joist roof systems.
Thermacoustic Industries Int'l Ltd
Manufacturer and distributor of fiberglass based spray applied thermal-acoustic insulation products.
Thermal Concepts Inc
A provider and installer of insulation, shower doors, laminate and wire shelving, fireplaces and bath accessories in the greater St. Louis area.
Thermal Design, Inc.
Creator and manufacturer of the Simple Saver System insulation and finishing system with OSHA accepted "through" fall protection.
Tritex, LLC
USA. Design, development and manufacture of nonwoven needlepunched high-temperature and acoustic insulation mats, from recycled bio-soluble, vitreous silicate fibers and metallic fibers. Technical information, material specifications and safety data sheets. Product brochures on PDF files.
TVM Building Products
Manufactures and distributes reflective, building sealing, and fire stop products. Includes product specifications and application information, sources and installation instructions.
Valle Escudero SA
Spain. Wholesale suppliers of heat-resistant fibers, fabrics and finished products. Cords, braids and tapes, boards, woven fabrics and blankets for heat sealing and insulation applications, from ceramic and glass fiber. Technical information. English, Spanish and French.
VersiTech Industrial
A manufacturer of industrial/commercial insulation in PA, OH, WV. Removable insulation covers (RIC), scaffolding.

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