Manufacturers and wholesalers of Fire and Smoke Protection products, such as cementitious and intumescent fireproofing or firestopping.

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3M Architecture & Construction
Passive and active fire protection systems. Product data sheets, company information.
A/D Fire Protection Systems
ISO9001 registered manufacturer of passive fire protection products including thin-film intumescent, cementitious and fibre fireproofing products. All products UL, ULC, FM and ITS certified.
Albi Manufacturing
Manufacturer of fireproofing systems for exposed structural steel, including intumescent mastics and mineral board products.
Astroflame (Fire Seals) Ltd.
UK manufacturer and exporter of intumescent passive fire protection and fireproofing products. Includes product description and installation guides.
Clariant Flame Retardants
Manufactures phosphorus compound additives for the production of fire protective coatings.
Complete Fire Protection Ltd.
Manufacturer of fire retardant and intumescent materials. Diagrams and test evidence.
Contego International
Manufactures intumescent latex fire resistant paint for residential and commercial buildings. Includes material data safety sheets and detailed specifications.
Delta Pacific Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer, supplier, consultant and applicator of non-toxic, environmentally safe fire retardants.
Applicator of commercial and industrial fireproofing, thermal barriers, and insulation throughout Canada.
Firefree Coatings, Inc.
Manufactures a fire resistant coating for building materials. Technical and testing information as well as customer references available. Based in the US.
FireTect, Inc.
Certified applicators and manufacturers of flame retardant saturants and coatings.
Firetherm Limited
Manufacturer of intumescent coatings for structural steel, fire stopping and passive fire protection products. Descriptions of products and services, guidance for the on-site measurement of intumescent coatings. United Kingdom.
Flame Control Coatings
Supplies fire retardant and heat resistant coatings throughout Canada. Product list, UL testing information, and detailed specifications available.
Flame Stop, Inc
Manufacturer of fire retardant products. A full line of intumescents, barriers, coatings and penetrants for commercial and residential use. Sold through distributors.
GPG Fire Systems AB
Manufactures passive fire resistant systems for the sealing of cable and pipe penetrations in buildings. Distributor network throughout Europe and Asia.
Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, LLC.
Manufacturer of insulating ceramic house paint and insulating house paint additives to create a heat reflecting barrier.
Interex International Limited
Manufactures acrylic co-polymer emulsions for waterproofing, fire retardants for fabrics, and steel protective intumescent coatings. Located in Lancashire, UK.
Intumescent Seals of Cambridge, UK
Manufacturer of intumescent fire and smoke seals for fire doors, fire-safety glazing, ventilation grilles and other apertures which require protection from the passage of smoke, fire and fumes.
UK distributor of passive intumescent fire stopping products. Product and safety data.
Isolatek International, Inc.
Manufacturer of passive fire resistive materials for structural steel construction.
LAF Group
Provides mineral based fire protection systems using vermiculite, perlite, and their derivatives. Also has contracting division. Located in Greenacre, NSW, Australia.
Lydall, Inc.
Manufactures non-asbestos, fire-resistant thermal and flame barrier materials for industrial applications. Product data and material specifications.
Magma International BV
Manufacturer of fire retardant products to protect wood, textiles, and thatched roofs. Located in the Netherlands.
National Fireproofing, Inc
Suppliers of fireproofing materials, caulks and fire retardant chemicals. Product data, specifications, glossary.
No-Burn, Inc.
Manufacturer of the No-Burn line of environmentally friendly, non-toxic fire retardant and fire reactant products.
NoFire Technologies
Fire retardant products and system solutions for protection against high temperature, fire, and heat. Product catalogue, test and technical data, and distributor listing.
PAG Industries
Distributor of fire protection products including firestopping, fireproofing, fire blocking, draftstopping, smoke blocking, smoke seal and sound blocking. Company contacts.
ProVent Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of piping systems and solutions which prevent the spread of fire and smoke and reduce water damage for all building types.
Pyrologistix, Inc
Canadian manufacturer and distributor of non-toxic, environmentally proven, liquid flame retardants.
Distributor and supplier of insulation products, including dry lining, fire insulation and protection, thermal insulation, roof and loft insulation, and industrial lining. Offices throughout the UK.
STI - Specified Technologies Inc.
Intumescent firestopping products. Technical library includes product information, system drawings, certificates of conformance and builder submittals. Firestop FAQs.
Turning Star, Inc.
Fire retardant products and application services for fabrics, papers, and wood.
Ulva Ltd
Manufacturers of thermal insulation and passive fire protection systems for the oil and petrochemical industries.
Unique Fire Stop Products
Manufacturer of split sleeve and penetrator systems for penetrating fire barriers. Uses intumescent sealants.
Unishield, LLC
Manufacturer of environmental, non-toxic fire proofing agents, fire retardant coatings and penetrants. Product specifications available.
Zero International
Manufactures integrated sealing systems for fire, smoke, acoustical, air filtration and EMI/RFI shielding technologies. Located in Bronx, NY, USA.
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