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  • 13010 Air-Supported Structures
  • 13020 Building Modules
  • 13030 Special Purpose Rooms
  • 13080 Sound, Vibration, and Seismic Control
  • 13090 Radiation Protection
  • 13100 Lightning Protection
  • 13110 Cathodic Protection
  • 13120 Pre-Engineered Structures
  • 13150 Swimming Pools
  • 13160 Aquariums
  • 13165 Aquatic Park Facilities
  • 13170 Tubs and Pools
  • 13175 Ice Rinks
  • 13185 Kennels and Animal Shelters
  • 13190 Site-Constructed Incinerators
  • 13200 Storage Tanks
  • 13220 Filter Underdrains and Media
  • 13230 Digester Covers and Appurtenances
  • 13240 Oxygenation Systems
  • 13260 Sludge Conditioning Systems
  • 13280 Hazardous Material Remediation
  • 13400 Measurement and Control Instrumentation
  • 13500 Recording Instrumentation
  • 13550 Transportation Control Instrumentation
  • 13600 Solar and Wind Energy Equipment
  • 13700 Security Access and Surveillance
  • 13800 Building Automation and Control
  • 13850 Detection and Alarm
  • 13900 Fire Suppression

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Americana Building Products
Manufacturers of pavilions, gazebos, shelters, ramadas and walkway canopies. Includes a downloadable catalog in Adobe format and a listing of dealers and installers.
Bresciani Cover All S.r.l
Manufacturer of modular structures, hangars, structures for concert and expositions. The company also rent the structures.
Engineer and manufacture custom built glass stairs, walkways and bridges. Features product portfolio and computer animation.
Manufactures interlocking paving grids. Product gallery, distributors, information brochure, installation guide and price comparison.
Playcon Recreation Inc.
Engineer, supply and install squash courts, sports flooring, Woodline lockers and year round tennis buildings .
Sismo Building Technology
Manufactures and distributes a three-dimensional lattice galvanized steel wire and concrete building system.
Steeltec, LLC
Manufacturer and installer of canopies and fascia systems, exterior wall panels and signs.
Trachte Building Systems, Inc.
Design, manufacture and install self storage systems, mini warehouses. Includes a product portfolio and resource listings.
Whitley Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Manufacturer of custom commercial modular buildings for permanent and portable applications.

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