Site furnishings include products such as benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, planters and other furniture that is designed specifically for use in commercial and municipal applications. Site furnishings generally serve multiple purposes. They primarily add functionality to public spaces, such as places to sit or eat. They may also enhance the beauty of the areas where they are installed, or have secondary benefits. For example, large planters filled with blooming flowers may not only be attractive, but may also act as traffic barriers in the front of a building. Site furnishings are manufactured using a wide range of materials. Concrete, metal, wood, plastic, plastisol or a combination of these materials make up the majority of these products.

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Allen Ventures
Recycled plastic benches, picnic tables and lumber for parks and parking lots.
Allied Fiberglass Industries Inc.
Manufacture fiberglass trash receptacles, benches, and ash urns. Also offer custom fabrication.
Alto Bollards
UK based bollard manufacturers, offering a range of stainless steel and timber bollards for safety, aesthetic purposes and enclosure.
Barriers & Bollards Limited
Manufacture, supply and install a range of automatic, manual and static barriers and bollards . Product photographs and specifications.
Beacon Products, Inc.
A manufacturer of decorative outdoor lighting fixtures, lamp posts, and site furnishings including contemporary and antique style lamp posts, street signs, mailboxes, wall sconces, and benches .
Belson Outdoors, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of park and recreation equipment, with product catalog, photographs, and FAQ.
Best Litter Receptacles, Inc.
Manufacturer of trash receptacles made of concrete, metal, and plastic.
Blue Valley Industries, Inc.
Manufactures a variety of park equipment including playground equipment, benches, grills, and picnic tables.
Bohlmann Inc.
A complete line of concrete products including benches, planters, tables, trash receptacles, ash urns, drinking fountains, signs, and mailboxes.
Broxap & Corby Limited
Manufacturer of street furniture including bollards, post and railings, fencing, seating, cycle shelters, tree grills, signage, litter bins, planters and barriers.
Columbia Cascade
Designer and manufacturer of TimberForm furniture. Produces coordinating benches, tables, planters, and waste receptacles in a variety of colors and styles.
Custom Design Precast
Manufacturer of precast concrete site furnishings. Products include benches, waste containers, planters, bollards, ash urns, tables, and signs. Custom design available.
Dawn Enterprises
Produces natural stone aggregate waste receptacles, trash cans and cigarette urns for clients throughout the United States.
Doty & Sons Concrete Products Inc.
Manufacturer of waste receptacles, planters, benches, bollards, tables, recycling containers, and ash urns made primarily of precast concrete. Also offers bronze memorial plaques.
DuMor, Inc.
Manufacturer of wood, metal, and recycled benches, receptacles, ash urns, planters, picnic tables, bike racks, grills, tree guards, and paver-grates. Includes a listing of distributors and representatives.
Dura Art Stone
Manufacturers of architectural precast products in cast stone, GFRC and glascrete bowls, planters, bollards, trash receptacles, ash urns, treegrates, benches, tables, garden furniture and fountains.
Equiparc Inc.
Manufacturer of park benches and trash receptacles for outdoor uses.
Factory Furniture
Wood and metal outdoor benches in postmodern designs.
FairWeather Site Furnishings
Manufactures a variety of benches, bollards, trash receptacles, ash urns, planters, picnic tables, bike racks, grates.
Filtrine Manufacturing Company
Architecturally designed drinking fountains and water coolers. Includes a listing of dealers.
Forms and Surfaces
Manufacturers of site furniture, doors, ceilings, column covers, wall coverings, elevator doors and interiors, door pulls and cabinet pulls. Includes online catalog in Adobe format.
Frances Andrew Site Furnishings Ltd.
Manufactures benches, waste receptacles, picnic tables, food court furniture, bike racks, planters, bollards, leaning bars, and custom furnishings for indoor and outdoor use.
Furnitubes International Ltd.
Manufacture a range of street furniture including bollards, guardrails, cycle stands, litter bins, tree grilles, and lighting. Features product specifications, photographs, and company history.
Halsey Taylor
Manufacturers of outdoor drinking fountains and ada compliant water coolers. Includes representative listings, photographs and downloadable specification sheets.
Haws Corporation
International manufacturer of commercial indoor and outdoor drinking fountains, electric water coolers and emergency equipment which includes eye-face washes, drench showers, and decontamination units.
Highland Products Group
Distributors of a wide range of park equipment including picnic tables, benches, bleachers, trash receptacles, bike racks, and barricades. Includes online buying facility.
Huntco Supply, LLC
Manufacturer of bike racks, trash receptacles, planters, and benches made of wood, concrete, and metal.
Supplier of tree grates, tree guards, bollards and trench grates for the construction and design industry.
Johnsons Environmental Products
Distributor of outdoor furniture and other environmentally friendly products for use in parks, industrial buildings, trailer parks, office buildings, golf courses, and schools.
Kay Park Recreation Corp.
Manufacturers of site furnishings such as picnic tables, grills, park benches, planters, trash containers and a full line of concrete site amenities and bleachers, player's benches and bicycle racks.
Keystone Ridge Designs
Manufacture metal site furniture such as courtyard seating, benches, exterior tables, planters, ash urns, trash receptacles, tree guards, and bike racks suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.
Landscape Forms Inc.
Designer and manufacturer. Products include canopy systems, benches, seating systems, litter receptacles, ash urns, bike rack and planters. Includes product specifications and photographs.
Litchfield Industries
Manufacturers of picnic shelters, gazebos, park benches and picnic tables and complete line of park equipment products including bike racks, grills, bollards and litter receptacles.
Maestro International
Suppliers of water coolers, drinking fountains, safety equipment and bottled water delivery.
Maglin Furniture Systems Ltd.
Design and manufacture a wide range of products including seating, trash containers, ash urns, bollards, recycling stations, and food court seating.
More Than A Mailbox
Manufacturer and installer of residential and commercial custom made novelty mailboxes such as wood, aluminum and iron.
Mr. Spindle Inc.
Manufacture of decking components including hand rails, newels, pallings, porch posts, post caps, spindles, and tops.
Niland Company
Manufacturers of antique street lights and traffic signal poles, and site furniture including urns, antique mailboxes, fountains and benches.
The No Butts Bin Company
Manufacturer of stainless steel floor standing, wall mounted and industrial ashtrays, and internal baffle system for virtually smoke free use.
Oasis Drinking Fountains
Distributor of drinking water fountains for indoor or outdoor use.
Palmetto Planters Limited
Manufactures custom decorative fiberglass planters, urns, receptacles, and fountains. Includes a product catalog.
Petersen Manufacturing Co.
Manufactures precast concrete site amenities including planters, waste receptacles, tables, and bollards. Contains product specifications. Located in Denison, Iowa.
Planet Products Inc
Produce store front steel trash receptacles. Custom colors and advertising panels available for product promotions, special events and specialty advertisers.
Design and manufacture buildings for parks, including shelters, gazebos, pavilions, trellis and pergolas. A division of W. H. Porter, Inc.
R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.
Manufactures Pilot Rock brand commercial site equipment for parks, campgrounds, recreational areas, playgrounds and landscapes. Includes online catalog of products. Based in Cherokee, Iowa.
RCP Shelters, Inc.
Manufacture pre-engineered pavilions, shelters and gazebos. Photo gallery, catalog, glossary and product specifications.
Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.
Manufactures decorative bollards and covers. Includes products, photographs, prices, installation information and company details.
Security Manufacturing Corp
Manufacturer of commercial, USPS approved metal mail boxes. Located in Grapevine, Texas.
Site Essentials
Distributor of signs, lighting and mailboxes for residential and commercial developments.
Sitescapes Inc.
Manufacture steel furnishings and commercial site amenities including benches, receptacles, bike racks, ash urns, and tree grates.
Steel Dreams,
Design and manufacture constructions in stainless and carbon steel including sculptures, water and architectural features and furniture. Applications include company foyers, and hotel reception areas.
Manufacture a range of composite stone products. Products include planters, fountains and column covers. Includes a technical data section together with product photographs.
Upbeat Inc.
Supply a range of site furnishings for lobbies, reception areas, office, park and patio. Includes product specifications, photographs, and online buying facilities.
Urban Accessories Inc.
Design and manufacture decorative architectural castings and site furniture including drainage and tree grates, trash receptacles, bollards, benches and bike racks.
Veazey Lighting Group Inc
Manufacturers representative and supplier of non-organic site furnishings, such as ornamental lighting, benches, trash receptacles, mailboxes, signage, and planters.
Victor Stanley Inc.
Manufacture site furnishings, including park benches, litter receptacles , tree guards, picnic tables, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, ash urns and architectural products.
Visco Inc.
Produce cast iron and steel ornamental streetlights, decorative traffic signal poles and bollards. Includes product portfolio and representative locator.
Vixen Hill
Factory direct manufacturer of prefabricated modular western red cedar gazebos, park pavilions, bandstands, shelters, kiosks, porches and custom cedar shutters.
Wabash Valley Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturers of plastisol coated site amenity and furniture including benches, tables and chairs, sandboxes, swings, tree grates and basket trucks.
Webcoat Products
Manufacturer of plastisol coated steel outdoor site furnishings. Products include picnic tables, park benches, and trash receptacles.
Provide trash receptacles, ash urns, benches, planters, tables, and seating in a range of materials including wood, metal, or fibreglass.
Wilber Manufacturing Co
Manufacturer aluminum and vinyl products including site amenities, awnings, and other made-to-order specialty products like marquees, fencing, and replacement windows.
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