Radiant heating materials and supplies covers a range of aspects including (but not limited to) wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing of underfloor heating systems including water and electric. Suppliers and installers of radiant heating systems can also be found here specializing in either water or electric systems.

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Azel Technologies Inc
Canada. Manufacturer of digital temperature gauges, switching relays, zoning controls for radiant floor hydronic heating, set point controls, and thermostats. Includes company information, products and online shopping.
Comyn Ching & Co. (Solray) Ltd.
UK. Design and manufacture discrete radiant heating panels, electric radiant panels, and chilled ceiling panels for the office environment. Includes technical information, products, projects, news and contact information.
Detroit Radiant Products Company
USA. Manufacturer of Re-Verber-Ray brand gas fired infra-red heating equipment for a wide variety of commercial applications. Includes C.A.D library, products, technical support and company contact information.
Devi A/S
Denmark. Manufacturers of electric underfloor heating systems suitable for a wide range of applications from agriculture to the domestic home market. Includes solutions, news, products, and downloads.
USA. Manufacture of electrical heating cables and systems for pipe tracing and snow melting. Includes a selection guide, products list, technical downloads and company contact.
Ebeco AB
Sweden. Manufacturer of electric underfloor heating, mirror demisters and frost protection cables for pipes and gutters. Includes company history, news, products and contact information. Also in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian.
Enerfoil Magnum Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of electric underfloor heating, also supply mirror demisters, heating thermostats and home saunas. Includes special offers, news, distributors and company information.
Excel Packaging and Insulation Co Ltd
Specialist manufacturers of custom made Packaging, underfloor heating insulation panels and thermally insulating transit containers. Includes home, environmental policy, and contacts.
Floor Heatech Inc.
USA. Manufacturer of electric radiant floor heating systems. Includes on-line ordering, product information, and installation demo.
Heat Mat Ltd
UK. Manufacturer of under floor heating cables, also suppliers of insulation boards, thermostats and accessories.
Heatizon Systems.
USA. Manufacturer of low voltage floor warming systems, snow and ice melting, roof deicing products.Includes installation video, product information, news and company history.
Canada. Manufacturer of hydronic radiant floor heating, snow, ice melting and portable water systems. Includes general and technical information, news and company history. Content also in Spanish and Chinese.
Canada. Manufacturer of gas fired, infra-red radiant heaters for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, home and cottage applications. Includes company history, technical information and company contact.
Invisible Heat
UK. Design, manufacture and install underfloor heating, geothermal heat pumps, road energy, solar, and wind powered heating systems. Includes technical information, products and contact information.
Sweden. Manufactures and sells air-heated concrete slab-on-grade foundations, which are an alternative to hydronic heating systems. Includes technical downloads, previous installations and contact information. Content also in German, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Japanese.
Nuheat Industries Limited
USA. Manufacturers and installers of electric radiant floor heating systems. Includes a questions and answers section, find an installer tool.
Osma Underfloor Heating (Wavin)
United Kingdom. Manufacturers of water-based underfloor products. Also offer a full design and supply service. Includes technical data and contact information.
Speedheat (Pty) Ltd.
Republic of South Africa. Manufactures and distributes electrical under tile and carpet heaters, installed by an international network of franchises. Content also in Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian and French.
USA. Manufacturer of fast acting, low and high-density electric radiant heat modules. Includes technical and product data.
Thermopads Pvt. Ltd.
India. Manufacturers of electric underfloor heating and frost protection products. Includes product information, company history, FAQs and contact us.
Thermosoft International Corporation
USA. Manufacturers of electric radiant floor heating mats and systems.
Viega GmbH & Co.
Manufacturer of plumbing, heating, gas, and drinking water products, as well as metal pressing systems. Multinational company, headquartered in Germany.
UK. Manufactures underfloor heating and cooling systems, also offer product details, technical descriptions and case studies.
Warmboard, Inc
USA. Manufacture a structural subfloor that provides all of the thermodynamic functions of an efficient radiant system. Includes technical information, floor coverings, testimonials and company contact.
Warmup Plc
UK. Manufacturers, distributors and international suppliers of electric underfloor heating products to suite most types of flooring. Includes insulation boards to reflect the heat upwards, online video, stone radiators and weblog. Content also in Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.
Watts Radiant
USA. Manufacture a wide variety of hydronic and electric radiant floor heating, and snow melting equipment. Includes Information for home owners and trade, company history and catalog search.
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