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Caravan Park Electrical Services Ltd
Manufacturer of electrical services controls for the caravan park industry. From the UK.
Dealer of many name brand fans. Provides photographs and product specifications, and contact details.
Manufacturer's official site, with detailed product information, and listing of retailers where the fans can be bought.
Guangzhou The Third Electrical Equipment Factory
Manufacturer of exhaust fan, air curtain, industrial exhauster, lighting box, electric power distribution box and lighting power distribution box. From China.
Lind Equipment Ltd.
Manufactures static bonding and grounding equipment, portable lighting including explosionproof, light carts, and stringlights, and ground fault circuit interrupters.
Lorien Instruments
Manufacturer of a safety device for power drills (PROTEK II) which shuts off the drill when it contacts a metal pipes or conduit while drilling concrete walls and slabs.
Merlin Engineering
Manufacturer of earth bonding points for use with transportable electrical equipment in kitchens and other areas requiring earth continuity. Kent, UK.
Manufacturer of products for construction, electrical and power market, railway systems, utilities and communications. Brand names are Caddy, Erico, Eriflex and Lenton.
Precision Multiple Controls
Manufacturing products for the utility and electrical contractor markets; photocontrols, time switches, defrost controls, and Lumastrobe products.
Manufacture of time switches for the control of lighting, heating, ventilation and water heating in the domestic and industrial commercial industry. From uk.
Sunlec International
Manufactures portable power distribution boards that solves the problem of providing safe temporary power to the workplace.
Cable seal is a safety product that replaces the need of duct sealers, silicone sealers and rubber gland fittings that are not listed as watertight.
Tom King Harmony Products
Manufacturer of the Blazing Saddle, Snaploc Wire Connector, Harmony drain, Siphon drain and Quick grip, pipe pulling grips.

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