Precast concrete is manufactured from stone, sand and cement to form a variety of construction materials. Sites may include those related to CSI Division 3 area for 03 40 00 Precast Concrete including:
  • 03410 Plant-Precast Structural Concrete
  • 03420 Plant-Precast Structural Post-Tensioned Concrete
  • 03430 Site-Precast Structural Concrete
    • Lift - Slab Cocrete
    • Precast Post - Tensioned Concrete
    • Strucural Precast Pretensioned Concrete
  • 03450 Plant-Precast Architectural Concrete
    • Faced Architectural Precast Concrete
  • 03460 Site-Precast Architectural Concrete
  • 03470 Tilt-Up Precast Concrete
  • 03480 Precast Concrete Specialties
  • 03490 Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Precast Concrete
Acheson & Glover
Manufacturers of precast concrete in Northern Ireland. Also manufactures bricks and paving.
ACO Polymer Products, Inc.
Producer of polymer concrete products.
Aeon's Construction Products Limited
Engineered concrete masonry, segmental pavers, reflective products, retaining wall elements, reflective and directional kerbs.
Aercon AAC
Manufactures autoclaved aerated concrete.
AES Precast Company, Inc.
Precast concrete buildings and cement buildings for storage, restrooms, shelters, hazardous materials and electronic equipment.
AFTEC Concrete Walls
Supplies forms to produce precast concrete fence walls that licensees can purchase.
AJ Foss
Specializes in residential and commercial concrete counter tops, decorative concrete steps, septic systems, landscape blocks, submersible pumps and leach field construction.
American Concrete Industries
Manufactures and installs precast concrete.
American Step Company
Manufacturers of manhole steps and lifting systems for precast concrete.
Arban and Carosi, Inc.
Manufactures architectural precast concrete for use in commercial and institutional structures.
Architectural Precast Association
Non profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of architectural precast concrete.
Architectural Precast Concrete Products
Manufactures to specifications and plans. Provides services from shop drawings to installation.
Arco Concrete
Manufacturer of architectural precast concrete products, serving both homeowners and contractor.
Armcon Limited
Manufacture molds for precast concrete industry.
Artisan Precast
Manufacturer and distributor of precast concrete walls and fences.
At Group-Arch, Inc,
Precast concrete finishing services include patching, color matching, sandblasting, saw cutting, sealing, caulking, painting and epoxying.
Atlantic Concrete Products, Inc.
Precast concrete products.
Attard Brothers Group Limited
Produces construction materials, supplying a large percentage of the construction industry with concrete and steel.
Attlebridge Concrete Products
Manufacturers of precast concrete paving slabs, path edgings, wall copings, and coal bunkers.
Austin Concrete Fence
Manufacturer of precast concrete fence and composite fence and installation of wooden fence and chain link fence in the Austin, TX area.
Austral Precast
An Australian precast concrete company.
Banagher Concrete Ltd
Bridge beams, culvert, stadia, cattle, slats, readymix, concrete blocks, road barriers, employment, jobs
Base Concrete
Providers of ready mix concrete, screed, and other concrete products.
Belgard Hardscapes
Manufacturers pre-formed concrete pavers and retaining wall blocks for outdoor living design and landscaping. Features full product collection as well as tips, inspiration and resources for the do it yourself installer.
Benson Enterprises Inc.
Produces septic, sewer and drain precast concrete structures.
Bertelson Precast Corp.
Manufactures concrete stairs, tables and parking bumper blocks for multi-family and commercial buildings.
Bethlehem Mgf.
Manufactures concrete molds, septic tank forms and delivery rigs for catch basins and pump tank forms.
Bethlehem Precast
Manufactures stair systems, landings, bleachers, balconies, cable concrete, light pole bases, retaining walls, basement egresses and steps for both commercial and residential uses.
BPDL - Béton préfabriqué du Lac
Offers advisory service for precast concrete. A sustainable solution for architectural and structural building with precast concrete.
Burco Surface & Decor
Atlanta concrete countertop company and fabricator specializing in custom concrete countertops, sinks, baths and concrete furnishings. Located just outside Atlanta GA.
Burford Concrete Tanks
Manufacturers of strong, stable concrete water tanks, septic tanks, waste water treatment plants, water storage tanks, killing sheds for Otago & Southland.
Bush Concrete Products, Inc.
Manufactures trash receptacles, picnic tables, planters, and benches. Located in Muskegon, Michigan.
C. J. Pink
Precast stairs for arenas and stadiums, parking garages, and multi-floor steel or concrete buildings.
Manufacturers of precast manholes and Redi-Rock retaining walls as well as suppliers of Truss pipe, corrugated pipe, and Fossil filters for precast catch basins.
Cape Concrete Works (Pty) Ltd
Supplier of precast concrete products to the construction and civil-engineering industries. South Africa.
Carey Precast Concrete Co.
Specializing in manufacturing and delivery of concrete products since 1985 Residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.
Carter Concrete
Manufacturer supplying and fixing pre-stressed flooring and precast products.
Castia Stone
Manufactures simulated stone from concrete. Incorporates a rainscreen system to prevent moisture-related problems.
CellSite Solutions, LLC
Sells and buys precast concrete telecommunication shelters.
Celmar Manufacturer's
Concrete products including concrete panels, paving blocks, logs and sleepers, septic tanks, garden accessories, municipal edgings and borders and erects pre-cast fences.
Central Precast Inc.
Precast concrete products for landscaping, architectural components and shelters. Company and product information. Located in Ontario, Canada.
Century Group
Precast concrete for architectural, transportation, railroad, industrial, utility, pipelines, steps and stairtreads.
Coast to Coast Precast LLC
Manufactures quality precast concrete stair treads for apartment step replacements, new construction and commercial complexes. Offers custom orders and free quotes nationwide.
Colonial Construction
Produces Hollowcore, solid slabs, precast stairs, inverted beams, precast seawall panels, bin block, and septic tanks.
Coltman Precast Concrete
Design, manufacture and install hollowcore floor slabs, solid planks, beam and block flooring, precast stairs, landings, balconies, terracing, ground beams and column and beam enclosures.
Commercial Concrete Products, Inc.
Supplier of architectural precasts, stairtreads, wheelstops, posts and splash pads.
Composite Building Systems, Inc.
Concrete and steel stud composite structural building system; engineered for load bearing shear wall and cladding panels, sitecast or precast construction.
Concrete In Disguise, LLC
Specializes in creating decorative countertops, kitchen counters, bathroom vanity tops, countertops with integral sinks, and various sized artistic tables.
Concrete Materials Company
Produces ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete items such as septic tanks, farm water and feed troughs, bluegrass gates (cattle-guard), catch basins and other specialty items.
Concrete Modular Systems
Manufacturer of precast concrete equipment shelters and modular buildings.
The Concrete Pipe Association
Concrete drainage products ever produced.
Concrete Solutions Inc.
Produce a cement based sound absorption barrier/wall panel . Includes product technical information and typical uses.
Concrete Technology Corporation
Produces prestressed concrete for buildings, vaults, piers, and civil engineering projects.
Concreteworks East
Custom architectural precast concrete products.
Concreteworks Studio
Custom design and fabrication of countertops and tabletops for residential and commercial use.
Conroc Systems
Precast concrete using GFRC for fabricating boulders, counter tops and architectural panels.
Coral Cast
Manufacturer of precast products in the Northeast.
Coreslab Structures Inc.
Precast/prestress concrete and hollowcore plank construction solutions.
Construction of precast concrete structures based in South Africa. Manufactures precast concrete structures, reservoirs, hollow core slabs, and prestressed units.
Cornerstone Castings
Innovative manufacturer that produces durable, attractive, quality, reliable, vandal proof outdoor furnishings and fixtures.
Craig's Construction Specialties, Inc
International supplier of plastic injection molded products for the precast and prestressed concrete industry.
Creative Concrete Products LLC
Manufacture concrete skirting for manufactured homes.
Crest Precast Concrete
Precast concrete.
CROM Corporation
Designer and builder of prestressed concrete tanks, wastewater tanks, and concrete elevated tanks
Custom Design Precast
Offers site furnishings - waste containers, benches, bollards, planters and ash urns.
Custom Pool Coping, Inc.
Manufacturer of precast concrete safety grip pool coping.
Maker of concrete countertops and sinks.
David Cherry and Co.
Manufacturers and distributors of concrete and corrugated plastic land drainage pipes.
DDS Consulting
Provides fence walls for security, perimeter, safety, privacy and other applications.
The Design Center
Offers custom concrete and stone building products and supplies.
Design Concrete Systems Ltd.
Precast noise barriers, retaining walls and agricultural products. Serving Canada and USA for over 30 years.
Precast eco concrete products containing up to 90% recycled material. Designfinger makes bespoke eco concrete worktops, counter tops, tiles, sinks, baths, bathrooms and wet rooms
Desos Precast
Mantels, mouldings, garden statuary and furniture made in cement reinforced with glass fibers.
Discount Crowd Control
New and used concrete highway barriers, water-filled traffic barriers and full height and waist high turnstiles.
DRSTI Precast Private Ltd
SFRC manhole covers, precast slabs, hollow blocks, solid concrete blocks, masonry blocks, paver blocks, kerb stones, and aesthetic concrete structures.
Prestressed and architectural precast building and bridge components.
Manufacturers precast concrete pipe, pipes, box culverts, open drains which based in Perak, Malaysia.
E.C. Babbert, Inc.
Custom concrete precasters. Products include storm and sanitary, interceptors, water, waste water, and utility. Offers high strength concrete and custom design support.
Easi-Set Industries
Offers the manufacture, licensing and sale of its precast concrete proprietary product lines.
EF Shea New England Concrete Products Inc.
Precast products include stairs, bulkheads, and septic tanks.
Elematic SA
Manufactures precast concrete hollow core slabs for the South African market. Available for short lead times.
Elite Precast Concrete
Precast concrete manufacturer in the UK. Shropshire.
Empire Stone, Inc.
Precast architectural columns, mantles, and balustrade.
EverLog Systems
Supplies precast concrete log cabins.
Manufacturer of structural fabricated concrete wall panels, sound barriers, spandrel and floor plank.
Providing concrete noise barriers.
Floorspan Contracts Ltd
Floorspan, beam & blocks, supplier of 150mm & 225mm beams & wideslab units as well as pre-cast stairs and landings.
Fort Collins Pre-Cast
Producers of architectural precast based in Northern Colorado, serving Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota.
FP McCann Limited
Manufacturers of precast concrete for various commercial applications.
Fraser Way Pre Kast Ltd.
Langley, B.C., Canada based manufacturer of precast concrete products and bulk concrete, BC Government certified septic tanks, oil separators, distribution boxes and concrete stairs.
The Fritz Group
Manufactures and installs a broad range of precast concrete products.
Front Range Precast Concrete
Based out of Boulder, Colorado, manufactures and delivers FLXX watertight concrete tanks for septic systems, sand/grease and oil interceptors, and cisterns for potable water storage and fire protection.
Gaineys Concrete Products
Manufacturers of precast concrete sewer systems and a variety of concrete products.
Garden State Precast
Offers a complete range of concrete products built to specifications.
Gate Precast Company
Producer of architectural precast concrete in the United States with multiple architectural precast and structural prestressed manufacturing facilities.
General Precast Mfg.Co.Inc
A manufacturer of sound barrier walls and other cement structures such as bridges, signs, and planters.
Bulgarian manufacturer of precast concrete products including bricks, pavers, paving stones and ornamental concrete.
GFRC Construction, Inc.
Manufactures GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) products, Including professional computer aided design.
Hanham Concrete
Providing concrete products and services in New Zealand for more than 50 years.
Harrington Precast
Precast concrete frames, floors, stairs, wall panels, roofing, cladding. Ireland.
Hascall & Hall
Specializes in flooring, masonry restoration, concrete repair and concrete polishing.
Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc.
A precast and prestress concrete manufacturer.
High Concrete Group LLC
Producers of precast/prestressed concrete products. Specialties include parking garages, architectural, industrial/commercial wall panels, stackwalls, stadium/arenas, and prisons.
Hollowcore Concrete Pty. Ltd.
Australian manufacturers of hollowcore concrete and other precast components.
Hurricane Precast Wall & Fence Systems, Inc
Manufactures precast wall and fence units. Specializes in decorative hurricane resistive privacy walls.
INCA Concrete Products
Manufacturer of concrete pavers, retaining walls, and wetcast steps in the Cape, South Africa.
Industrial Cladding Systems
Manufacturers of steel zed purlins ,eaves beams and cee section purlins for all kinds of steel buildings.
International Precast, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom precast concrete products including security rooms, fire rooms, storage buildings, architectural products, barrier panel systems and columbariums.
Jensen Precast
Manufactures a line of precast products for underground construction. The company also fabricate steel covers used in conjunction with these products.
JP Concrete Products Ltd
Suppliers of precast concrete products including concrete panels, retaining walls, concrete barriers, concrete barrier hire, silage clamps, slurry channels, slurry stores and grain stores.
Kerkstra / Spancrete Great Lakes
Produces precast/prestressed concrete products, including insulated sandwich wall panels, hollowcore floor planks, beams, columns, highway sound walls, median barriers, manholes, septic tanks and custom specialty precast.
Reinforced concrete structures specialist with experience in small and large projects within the North West of England.
KK Group of Industries
Manufacturers of precast concrete products.
Kon Kast Products
Manufactures precast concrete products in Kelowna BC, serving Canada and USA. Septic tanks, catch basins, telephone vaults, retaining walls, oil water interceptors, concrete barriers, CDS oil grit separators.
Kontek Industries
Manufactures precast concrete buildings and telecommunication shelters.
L M Concrete Garages
Manufactures, supplies and erects concrete garages, sheds and offices.
Laguna Precast
Manufactures, stocks, and ships products for architectural facades anywhere in US and containers internationally.
Lakelands Concrete Products, Inc.
PCI certified manufacturer of precast concrete products located in upstate New York.
Landscape Forms
Manufacturer of handmade and finished extreme concrete products, including counters, bar tops, furnishings, tiles, and sinks. Kalamazoo, MI.
Lar-Ken Concrete Products
Manufactures precast concrete products for residential and commercial septic and storm water applications.
Leesburg Concrete
Manufacturer of ADA compliant precast concrete handicap ramps and access systems, including concrete wheelchair ramps, relocatable concrete steps, concrete decks, concrete walkways and universal fit handrails.
Leofric Building Systems Ltd.
Concrete garages, concrete sheds, concrete buildings and prefabricated concrete workshops - UK Manufactured.
Manufactures AAC aerated autoclaved concrete, lightweight panels, blocks, floor screed and roofing.
Longley Group
Precast manufacturers specialising in retaining structures for water, waste material, bulk storage and cladding. West Yorkshire, UK.
LSC Pre-Cast Systems Ltd.
Pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete, for the agricultural and industrial markets, bulk storage, bridges, drying kilns, walling, liquid storage.
Mackay Precast
A Scotland based precast concrete manufacturer of concrete products.
MacKay Precast Products Inc.
Manufacturers of picnic tables, outhouses, benches, litter containers, ashtrays, and planters. Located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.
Manning Building Supplies
Supplies precast concrete Quick Wall system and facility.
McCann Concrete Products
Precaster of IDOT and MODOT highway barriers, box culverts, sound walls, cable concrete and many one of a kind or special precast concrete jobs.
McCreary Concrete Products
Providing utility, architectural, storm and wastewater precast concrete to the Indiana, Western Ohio, and Northern Kentucky markets.
Mega Prefab s.a.l
Precast concrete supplier, producing a large range of concrete products, including slabs, beams, prestressed components and precast concrete products.
Mesa Precast Inc.
Specializes in architectural and decorative precast concrete products.
Metrocast Corporation
Manufactures precast polymer concrete panels which offer the architect a choice of size,shape,thickness,color and texture.
MGA Cast Stone, Inc.
Offers architectural precast and cast stone concrete products.
Michelle Griffoul Studios
Custom handmade ceramic and porcelain handcut and painted high fired ceramic tile for home and business.
Mid South Prestress, LLC
A single source manufacturer and erector of precast and prestressed structural concrete. Located in Nashville, TN - serving a 500 mile radius.
Mid-States Concrete Industries
A project management and engineering company specializing in the design, manufacture and construction of precast concrete structures.
MidCon Products, Inc.
Nationally recognized producer of lightweight precast concrete floor and roof deck systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional use.
Modern Precast, Inc.
Manufacturer of precast concrete wall caps, quoins, keystones, pillar caps, fireplaces, parking bumpers, sills, and custom precast products.
Nesbit's Landscape Supply
Pavers, retaining walls, flagstones and rough cut wall stones supplied in Western PA, Pittsburgh Area and Eastern Ohio.
Manufacturer of concrete, plastic, polymer and steel structures. lists locations in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.
Nico Velo Spa
Produces precast concrete, bridges, pilasters, beams, prefabricated panels, wine tanks, roofing types. Based in Italy.
Ningbo LSW
Solar parts company in China supplying precast & concrete accessories such as foot anchors, lifting sockets, solar mounting parts, fixing inserts and lifting anchors.
Nitterhouse Products
Architectural precast and prestessed products.
O'Reilly Concrete
Manufactures structural precast concrete solutions for residential, infrastructure, industrial and agriculture developments. Products include precast walls, bridge beams, portal frames, stairs, floors and tanks.
German manufacturer of concrete fences.
Oldcastle Precast
American manufacturer of a variety of precast concrete products for utilities, telecommunication, transportation, and construction markets. Several locations.
Pacific Stone Design
Manufacturers ornamental pre-cast concrete products.
Permacast, LLC
Manufactures and installs concrete privacy walls.
Pineapple Grove Designs
Crafted precast concrete.
Planet Garages
Suppliers of concrete garages throughout Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire Sheffield showroom with up to six concrete garages on display. Other services include asbestos garage removal, base, driveways and concrete garage revamps.
Port-O-Wall Systems
A DOT pre-approved precast steel-reinforced concrete system for sound walls,retaining walls, and combination walls with integral traffic collision barriers.
Pre-Con Ltd.
Produces precast concrete tanks and other products by both wetcast and drycast methods. Based in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Precast Concrete Structures Ltd
Providing precast concrete structures for use in building projects for hotels, apartments and schools. Firm also offers complete design, build and erect service.
Precast Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.
Producer of precast concrete box culvert, electric and telecommunication manholes and vaults, storm water drainage inlets and manholes, waste water treatment structures, lift stations and wet wells, potable water structures, precast concrete beams, valve and meter pits, and specialty concrete castings.
Precast Specialties Corp.
APA and NPCA Certified manufacturer of precast concrete products.
Installation services for precast GFRC and GFRG concrete columns, concrete balusters, fireplaces, window trims, and concrete pool copings.
Procast Products, Inc.
Manufactures precast products for roadway, commercial and underground construction.
PT Beton Elemenindo Perkasa
Precast concrete company located in Bandung, Indonesia. The produce hollow core slab, facade, mini pile, and eco panel.
Pyramid Precast Co.
Manufactures a diverse line of precast concrete products as well as offering full service custom work.
Qatar Beton
Concrete ready-mix operations in two strategically located branches in West Bay and Mesaieed Industrial City of Quatar.
Quality Controlled Precast, Inc.
Manufactures precast concrete products for FDOT projects throughout Florida, including concrete light pole foundations.
Ravacast LLC.
Manufactures precast concrete, GFRC and GFRG products such as balusters, columns, fireplace surrounds, and steps. Commercial and residential.
Redondo Manufacturing
San Antonio, Texas-based architectural pre-cast concrete manufacturer.
Wholesale manufacturer of cast rock FRC waterfall products.
Rockford Cement Products
Manufacturer and distributor of standard or customized masonry, landscape, precast concrete products.
Rockingham Precast
Specializes in custom pre-cast products for agricultural, commercial heavy construction, highway, architectural and residential uses.
Rogos Finishing Touch
Tucson company specializes in the installation and renovation of concrete flooring as well stone floors, brick floorings and patios and ceramic tile floors
Ruthin Precast Concrete
Concrete manufacturers and steel workshops.
SA Precast
Australian precast concrete manufacturer of architectural and structural products.
Salberg Concrete Products
Pretoria, South Africa manufacturer of precast concrete products.
Sanderson Concrete Inc.
Manufacturer of precast concrete planters and picnic tables.
Shay Murtagh
Designs, manufactures and installs precast and prestressed concrete products.
Slope Block
Precast segmental concrete blocks.
Smith-Carolina Corporation
Located in the Carolinas to produce quality precast concrete products including: farm and highway products, concrete buildings, architectural precast panels, steam tunnels, beach prisms and other miscellaneous precast products.
Smith-Midland Corporation
Offers modular buildings, sound/retaining walls, barriers, farm products, and architectural panels. Formed in1960.
SS Industries
Manufactures precast concrete manhole covers and accessories for underground utilities.
Custom pre-cast concrete wall fences for your yard. No maintenance, full privacy and security. Beautiful designs. Service Southern California
Stahlton Prestressed Concrete
Manufactures prestressed flooring systems, prestressed bridge beams, shell beams and precast concrete. The concrete floor systems include: rib and infill, hollowcore, corslab, tees, and flat slab.
Standard Concrete Products
Designs and manufactures a wide variety of prestress and precast products for government and commercial use.
Stastny Stone Pots and Fountains
Handcrafted stone pots, fountains and landscape art.
Stepstone Inc.
Manufacturer of precast concrete products including wall caps, pavers and steptreads.
StoneBilt Concepts
Manufactures precast concrete paving slabs and hardscape products for commercial and residential use.
Stoneyford Building Supplies
Northern Ireland based builders' suppliers and precast concrete fencing manufacturers and distributors.
Features brochures, product descriptions, information on project planning and design services. Based in New Zealand.
Stresscrete Group
Manufacturer of spun concrete poles. Includes product list with pictures of applications.
Structural Concrete Industries
Australian designer, manufacturer of precast prestressed concrete for building, marine and civil construction industries.
Super Precast
Manufactures prestressed lintels, and other precast products.
Superior Concrete Products
Specializes in precast concrete fencing, that has all the beauty of wood, brick or stone with the strength and durability of concrete.
Superior Walls
Offers precast concrete walls and energy efficient construction building material for dry basements and residential homes.
Tedder Stone LLC
Supplier of precast pool copoping for skateboarding, bullnose radius and flatwall pool coping for skatepark and bowl construction.
TeraCrete, Inc.
Stronger and lighter weight commercial, residential, fencing, landscaping and sound barrier precast concrete panel products.
Texas Concrete Creations
Specializes in precast concrete balusters at wholesale prices.
Thermonex Ltd
UK based company specialising in precast concrete panels and basements, using the Swedish X-Concrete building system. Applications include car parks, self-build projects and retail developments.
Tile Tech Pavers
Manufacturer of architectural concrete pavers, interlocking pavers, terrazzo pavers, detectable warning pavers, ADA pavers, stair treads and pool coping.
Tindall Corporation
Specializes in precast concrete and prestressed concrete products.
Tuck Pre-Cast
Precast concrete steps architectural accents, parking blocks patio tiles etc.
Tulsa Dynaspan
Precast and prestressed concrete.
Turtl Enterprises L.L.C.
Crawl space entry system. Appropriate for new or existing crawl space entries. Protects a home’s crawl space from deterioration.
UBC Precast
Supplies various models of precast concrete restroom buildings, utility buildings, and hazmat buildings.
United Concrete Products, Inc
Manufactures standard and custom precast concrete products in Connecticut serving New England including concrete buildings, shelters, pump stations.
Utility Structures, Inc.
Precast prestressed concrete street light poles. Ornamental decorative concrete street light poles. Concrete pole made from high strength concrete. Concrete poles available in many colours and finishes.
Versatile Tanks
Manufactures rectangular concrete underground water tanks, domestic rainwater tanks, under driveway water tanks, and business storage tanks.
Wausau Tile
Manufacturer of precast concrete furnishings, pavers, and floor tile. Includes product descriptions, literature and company news.
Welslot Fencing
Services both trade and public customers with aggregates, sandstone, garden fencing, gates, precast and ready mix concrete.
supplier of sound absorbing highway, railway and airport noise barriers
Whitestone Designs, Inc.
Architectural moulding, balusters, architectural precast and coping installed and manufactured.
Wiegman Concrete
Concrete contractor in Idaho specializing in flat work and decorative concrete design
World Concrete Precast
Establish with 15 years of experience in the trade. Manufactures the product in Mexico.
Xella Aircrete North America, Inc.
Manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC).

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