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ABS Concrete Systems: Fusion-Crete
Manufacturer concrete repair and resurfacing products. Includes a detailed photo series and video of completed projects and technical data sheets.
Anchor Tech
Represent an epoxy grout manufacturer.
Anson Industries
Provides materials for foam concrete used for geotech applications, backfills and road replacement.
Ashford Formula
A sealer and hardener for commercial and industrial concrete floors.
Berolan GmbH
The manufacturer of dry mortar additives, especially air-entraining additives, provides information on products and their usage. Based in Austria.
Beton-Chemie USA Corp.
Supplies admixtures for concrete products.
Bonsal American
Products include packaged concrete, sand and mortar mixes.
Midwestern US producer of expanded shale lightweight aggregate.
CGM Incorporated
Manufacturer and custom blender of materials for concrete construction.
Manufactures and distributes products for concrete and masonry.
Manufactures liquid waterproofing and construction chemicals.
A manufacturer of products for the concrete and masonry construction industry.
ChemTec International
Manufactures and supplies a reactive silicate concrete sealer.
Choksey Chemicals
Product range includes sealants and waterproof coatings.
Concrete Repair Association
Manufacturer and distributor of concrete waterproofing products throughout the Far East.
Cornerstone Coatings International Inc.
Supplies concrete and wood sealers, acrylic coatings, steel coatings, curing agents, and paints.
Creart International
Manufacturer of construction products, building chemicals, tiling and placing systems. Specializing in waterproofing.
Provides materials and technical service for a concrete sealer.
CTS Cement Manufacturing
Produces a variety of construction grade cements, mortars and grouts.
Davis Colors
Information on concrete colors, paving and structures.
European distributor of a penetrating sealer for concrete and a waterproofer for stones, concrete, bricks and pools.
Sells cement, chemical admixtures for concrete.
Evercrete Corporation
Manufacturers concrete sealers and hardeners. Includes product details and list of distributors.
Protective and decorative coating for concrete.
Fly Ash
India based distributor and exporter of fly ash. Includes details of products used in concrete.
Forta Corporation
Supplies fiber reinforcements for concrete and shotcrete.
FuClear Engineering Evolution (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.
Manufactures polycarboxylate based superplasticizers. Based in China.
General Resource Technology Inc.
Manufacturer of chemical admixtures, accelerators, plasticizers and fiber reinforcement systems for the concrete industry.
Grace Construction Products
Manufacturer of concrete admixtures and cement additives.
Ha-Be Baustoffprüftechnik & Co. KG
Producer of concrete admixtures and colours. Details on products and services, including colouring according to individual needs. From Germany.
Hydraulic Press Brick Co.
Manufacturers of Haydite expanded shale lightweight aggregates for structural concrete and masonry applications, soil amendments, and ground covers.
International Construction Materials
Concrete admixture distributor.
Ipa Systems Inc.
Produces concrete and mortar admixtures and coatings, and waterproofing materials.
ISG Resources
Promotes the use of fly ash as an additive in concrete and cement products.
J P Specialties
Manufacture of waterstops and accessories for use in concrete construction.
Kalmatron Corporation
A manufacturer of chemical admixtures for concrete and cement, that are used in new structures and for repairs.
Kaylan Industries
Produces compounds for hardening, waterproofing and repairing concrete floors. Based in India.
KnowHow Concrete Technologies
Provides an integral waterproofing and corrosion resistant system for concrete construction.
Kryton International Inc.
Manufactures and distributes crystalline concrete waterproofing, wall and floor coatings, cleaners, colored stain sealers, and water repellents for concrete.
Lambert Corp.
Manufactures adhesives, hardeners, grouts, colors, and sealers for the concrete construction industry.
Lehigh Hanson
Cement producer.
Lytag Ltd.
Supplies a versatile, lightweight aggregate produced from fly ash that is used in the production of low density concrete.
Master Builders Inc.
Manufactures chemical admixtures for concrete in the ready-mix, paving, precast masonry block and underground construction industries.
Mitchell Construction Chemical
Manufactures floor hardeners, bonding agents, admixtures and waterproofing compounds for concrete. Based in Pakistan.
Moxie International
Manufactures environmentally safe products.
Manufacturer of silica fume, a mineral admixture.
Concrete construction chemical solutions to concrete problems.
Provides sealers, adhesives and coatings for concrete.
Polytechnisch Bedrijf
Manufactures speciality cements, mortars, adhesives and admixtures designed for the construction industry. Based in Belgium.
Produces construction chemical and specializes in the specific field of cement grinding aids and admixtures. Based in Spain.
Protective Products Inc.
Produces concrete sealers and repair products.
Pudlo Ltd.
Manufacturer of admixtures and coatings used for waterproofing, curing, and improved flow characteristics.
R and J Construction Supply
Distributor of concrete coating and construction products.
Rockbond Special Concrete Products
Produces materials for construction and civil engineering including admixtures, concrete coating, repair and waterproofing.
Slydo Cement Tools Inc.
Manufacturer of concrete finishing tools.
Solomon Colors
Provides inorganic iron oxide pigments for masonry and concrete industry.
Supplies a silicate alumina pozzolan which adds strength to concrete and other specialist cementitious systems.
Specco Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of admixtures, sealers and coatings.
Aggregate for structural concrete, masonry and asphalt products.
Super-Tek Products
Custom formulations and manufacture adhesives, coatings, portland cement mortars and grouts.
Tanveer Enterprises
Supplies and exports fly ash for use as an additive in cement.
Trademark CRI LLC
Supplier of decorative coatings, repair and renovation of exterior and interior decorative flooring, and safety rubber surfaces.
Manufacturer and distributor of concrete sealers, cleaners, and specialty coatings, for residential and commercial use.
Supplies materials to protect concrete and mortar. Based in Greece.

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