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This category is for manufacturers and providers of both environmentally safe and sustainable construction products. Environmentally safe products are products whose use or manufacturer do not harm the environment, and sustainable products are those products providing environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare, and environment over their full commercial cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to final

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Manufacturers of ecoresin, a co-polyester recycled content product, used to make panels containing textiles, natural objects, and textures.
ABP Building Products
Manufacturer of expanded polystyrene construction (EPS) products located in South Africa.
Agriboard Industries
Manufacturer of structural insulated panels (SIPs) made from straw. Variety of panels available, including fire-rated and tornado-rated.
All Surface Design
Supplier of countertop, flooring, and wall coating products for residential and commercial customers.
American Formulating and Manufacturing
Offers Safecoat and SafeChoice products, which are designed to prevent bad indoor air quality, provide healthy homes and offices, and protect the environment. Includes a list of products, dealers, tips for using the products, and photos of projects where the products were used.
Amvic-Pacific Building Materials
Western region distributor of Amvic Insulating Concrete Forms. Includes reference information for builders, architects and home owners/buyers.
Barrisol Stretch Ceilings
Manufacturer of stretch fabric for ceilings and walls. Material is recyclable and contains recycled content.
Build a House with Hemp
Site selling e-book on how to build a house out hemp-reinforced masonry.
Building for Health Materials Center
Provider of environmentally friendly building products, appliances, and home comforts.
Hawaii firm specializing in alternative building materials and technologies with a focus on high-performance, recycled content materials. Also dealers for concrete forms, plywood substitute, and recycled rubber lumber products.
Dorlen Products
Manufacturer of water and leak detection equipment, zoned water leak detection systems, and perimeter leak monitoring equipment.
E-Crete LLC
A manufacturer of autoclaved, aerated concrete block (AAC) located in Tempe, Arizona, United States. AAC is an energy efficient, fire and mold resistant, sustainable, green building material.
EarthSource Forest Products
Offers certified wood products that originate from forests that are FSC certified for their sustainable harvest practices.
ECO Building Resource
Green building supply store serving contractors and homeowners in Toronto and eastern Canada. Products include insulation, sealants, adhesives, and flooring.
An environmentally-friendly erosion control product that replaces sand bags and made from recycled tires.
Eco-Bond Adhesives and Sealants
Manufacturer and distributor of non-toxic and zero VOC adhesives and sealants.
Eco-Wares, Inc.
Specialize in providing environmentally safe residential, commercial and industrial building and maintenance supplies. Products include coatings, sealers and cleaners for surfaces, such as, concrete, stucco, brick, masonry, asphalt, metal and wood. Application pictures and an environmental consulting section.
ELT Easy Green
Specializing in custom designed or pre-grown living walls and vertical gardens.
Environmental Coatings
Safe paints for friendly people
Ethical Coatings
Environmentally friendly surface protective coatings, including graffiti-resistant and stone and concrete sealers.
Manufacturer of recycled glass countertops based in Chicago Illinois.
Green Building Products
On-line shopping for floor coverings, floor and wall finishes, adhesives and caulks, toilets, renewable energy systems, foundation and wall systems, daylighting systems, and cleaning products. Also provide design services and on-site assessment. Contractor discounts available. Located in Michigan
Green Building Solutions
Information on plastics-based construction materials are sustainable through efficient use of resources and energy.
Green Mountain International, Inc.
Manufacturing environmentally friendly products which permanently stop water leaks, fill voids, stabilize soils and glue rock strata together.
Green Plants for Green Buildings
Information site for trade professionals and consumers about the benefits of plants in buildings. Includes LEED information and a list of local plant suppliers.
Green World Now
Marketing and product placement firm that represents manufacturers of sustainable products through their Eco-Choice catalog.
They provide biobased solvents and protectants for masonry, roofs, and metal.
Provides links to sellers of sustainable products and references, sustainable practitioners, and on-line references. Publisher of e-mail newsletter about green materials.
GreenSpec Product Directory
Subscription service for specifications and other information for sustainable products. Part of the Building Green suite of tools.
French distributor of natural building materials.
National Partitions
Industrial pre-fabricated construction, inplant offices and build outs, manufacturing, environmental, and clean rooms and industrial wall systems.
Natural Building Technologies
Sustainable building materials and systems supply company serving the UK. Site includes case studies and research papers on construction techniques.
We distribute home safety chemicals and products for commercial application providing class 'A' fire retardant protection.
Information on energy efficiency and sustainable building construction. The site offers architects, designers, building contractors, consultants and consumers detailed information on products and techniques.
Oldcastle Stormwater
Manufacturer of stormwater management and treatment control products designed to mitigate pollutants of concern from stormwater runoff.
Positive Energy Conservation Products
Service to contractors, homeowners, weatherization agencies, and utilities throughout the country.
Quarrix Building Products
Manufacturer of composite roofing tiles and other roofing products located in MS.
Rubber Trails & Surfaces Canada Ltd.
Manufacturer and installer of recycled rubber surfaces and safety products for use in sports fields, playgrounds, parks and highway safety.
Sansin Enviro Stain
Finishes for interior and exterior wood like decks, fences, siding, roofs, log and timber frame buildings or other above ground wood surfaces.
Grey water heat recovery equipment for showers.
Sustainable Flooring Expert
Blog covering green flooring and other sustainability issues in the commercial real estate industry.
Sustainable Supply
Wholesale distributor of green plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories, green cleaning products, tools and supplies.
VIROtech Friendly Technology
Source for solar power systems, composting toilets, mud bricks, and water-driven pumps.
Yankin's Reclaimed Materials
Family-run full-service supplier of reclaimed, recycled, and salvaged lumber.

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