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Features this producer of radiographic film stock, chemicals and equipment for gamma and X radiography.
BPC International Inc.
Providing predictive services and products such as infrared inspection, vibration analysis, laser alignment and ultra sound detection of leaks.
Building Testing Ltd
Provide laboratory and site inspection services to the construction industry. UK.
Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories
Professional association of independent consulting, inspection and testing firms.
Cert-Aire Technical Services
Presents this accredited and UL accepted laboratory that tests airflow and sound for fans, blowers and dampers as well as provides certified ratings.
Chiltern International Fire
Offers fire testing, consultancy, research, and safety engineering. UK and Hong Kong based.
Concorr Inc.
Offers corrosion control technology for reinforced concrete structures.
Corrosion Control Consultants and Laboratories, Inc.
Features corrosion protection of steel structures, concrete and other substrates as well as education and research in the removal of lead based paints and related technology.
Curtainwall Analysis
Offers consulting and testing services for exterior building envelopes.
Infrared Services, Inc.
Features a broad range of inspection capabilities centered on infrared technology.
Infrared Solutions
Features services to companies throughout the Australasian region to survey equipment for potentially costly hot spots and faults.
Infrared Thermographic Surveys
Specialises in infrared thermographic surveys. Applications include: airtightness, coldbridging, leak detection and insulation analysis
James Instruments, Inc.
Manufacturers of non-destructive test equipment to measure and analyze strength, structure, corrosion and moisture in concrete and coarse grained materials.
KV Inspection Services
Full service non-destructive testing and inspection company based in Ontario.
National Association of Testing Authorities
Features Australia's government endorsed provider of accreditation for laboratories and similar testing facilities.
Newco, Inc.
Full service NDT company providing equipment, technical service, supplies, accessories, training, testing services, and custom systems . Southeastern United States.
Northwest Laboratories, Inc of Seattle
A full-service testing and research laboratory with skilled professionals solving problems through applied science in forensics, metallurgy, chemical analysis, physical testing and product testing.
Precision Air Balance Company, Inc.
An independent, certified, professional testing and balancing agency that specializes in air and hydronic testing and balancing of environmental systems.
PRI Asphalt Technologies, Inc.
Provides research and development assistance and technical services to public-sector agencies and to companies that produce, evaluate, or supply the asphalt and coal tar industries.
Reliability Management, Inc.
Supplies maintenance and equipment reliability improvement programs. These programs ranges from prestart-up services to various predictive maintenance testing applications.
Ruane T P O'Neill
Offers non-destructive testing and engineering.
SEM Lab, Inc.
Provides scanning electron microscopy, failure analysis, and materials characterization services.
Shenzhen Fairness Engineering services Ltd.
Third party inspection, non-destructive examination and consultants services.
Southwest Research Institute
Performs a wide range of standard and custom tests to evaluate the fire performance of construction materials, products and systems.
Systems Effectiveness Associates, Inc.
Consulting and software for testing, predictive analysis, warranty cost, product reliability improvement.
Tekland, Inc.
Offering predictive maintenance services in the areas of vibration, oil, thermography, and ultrasonic inspection, as well as training on controls and drives.
Testing Engineers, Inc.
Independent testing and consulting engineering firm, serving the construction and manufacturing industries. Based in California.
Advanced proprietary gamma-ray computed tomography methods are used to precisely locate and evaluate rebars, conduits, and voids in reinforced concrete structures.
Thermal Diagnostics Ltd.
An infrared thermography and non-destructive testing company, which supplies the entire Caribbean and South America with inspection services, consulting, and in-house training.
Western Inspection Ltd.
Focused on developing, implementing, and administering the most up-to-date technology and equipment for use in the inspection industry. Providing a wide range of non-destructive testing services for Alberta and surrounding areas.
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