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Ace Avant Concrete Construction Company Inc
Offer a range of concrete construction solutions including turn-key footings, slabs and tilt-wall construction.
Afcons Infrastructure Ltd.
Infrastructure development including jetties, docks, harbours, roads, bridges and foundations. Project portfolio and career opportunities. Based in India.
Amberg Group
Tunnel and other underground constructions. Services include planning and design, consulting, construction supervision and project management. Also develops specialized measuring systems for the industry. Switzerland.
American Civil Constructors
Offers a range of services including bridge and highway construction, water and waste water facilities, heavy landscape construction and infrastructure rehabilitation.
American Drainage Systems Inc.
Install prefabricated vertical wick drains (PVD) used for soil consolidation and ground improvement. Includes information on installation procedures, applications, and machinery .
Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
Pavement engineering, management and design for state highway agencies, airports, and state aviation agencies .
Applied Polymerics Inc
Provide pavement maintenance services and repair products throughout the United States. Typical services and products include traffic calming, anti-skid, and joint and crack sealants .
APR Consultants, Inc.
Provides airport runway and highway pavement roughness evaluations with suggestions on how to make the concrete smoother. Includes list of services and recent research news.
Repair and rejuvenate asphalt and macadam in situ by incorporating chemically engineered rejuvenators based on gilsonite. Product technical and environmental reports and a listing of approved contractors .
Asphalt Restoration, Inc.
Offer streetprint decorative paving and seamless infrared repairs. Includes photographs of completed projects .
Balfour Beatty
Provides engineering, construction and service skills to international markets for rail, road and power systems, buildings and complex structures. Company news, investor relations and career opportunities .
Ballast Nedam
Undertake harbour works, tunnels, bridges and land reclamation projects. Features a project portfolio, overview of services, news, and career opportunities.
Balvac Inc.
Offers turnkey repair solutions using non-destructive testing, vacuum technology and advanced polymers and epoxies for impaired concrete and masonry structures. Includes project portfolios and knowledge base.
BAM Nuttall Ltd
Construction provider of engineering solutions for rail, roads, maritime, water, and land remediation. Includes company news and career information .
Bechtel Corporation
Engineering, construction, management, and development services worldwide. Includes index of technical and other papers written by company staff.
BRB Contractors, Inc.
Offers heavy and utility construction services over a large geographical area of the United States. Applications include water and wastewater facilities, underground utilities, and bridges.
California Pavement Maintenance Co
Slurry seal and asphalt pavement maintenance, construction and equipment sales. Includes a range of product data and brochures available for download in pdf format .
Chiyoda Corporation
International engineering, design and construction services. Corporate information and news, and technical articles. Content available in English and Japanese.
Clugston Group
Construction and industrial services company. Service areas include development and estates, facilities management, mini piling, and sewer refurbishment.
Road construction services and supplier of road equipment for safety and signing. Company news, corporate information and products catalog. Content available in French and English .
Construction DJL Inc,
Specialize in road repair, maintenance, rehabilitation and construction. The company is involved in activities related to excavation, sewage, waterlines, civil engineering and environmental work.
D'Annunzio & Sons, Inc.
Contractors and engineers providing a range of services for highways, bridges, airport runways, treatment plants and waterfront projects. Located in New Jersey.
Densification, Inc.
Geotechnical contracting and consulting company providing services for improving poor soils or questionable fills prior to construction. Includes brochure in pdf format and a photo gallery.
Dr. Sauer Group
Design and construction support for all aspects of tunneling and underground facilities. Includes detailed technical information about tunnel design, tunnel construction and related subjects to registered users.
Flame On Inc.
Structural steel flame straightening company providing repairs on overpasses, bridges, container cranes, and beams. Features a completed projects portfolio and FAQs.
Franki Construct
Belgian construction company. Services include civil engineering, environmental projects, tunnel constructions, and renovation works. Includes project portfolio.
Offer structural and soil engineering services. Includes an overview of services, project portfolio and related publications.
Gears, Inc.
Offer mixing and placement construction services. Products include roller compacted concrete , soil cement, cement treated base and soil bentonite. Includes data on mixing plants.
Geotechnical Engineering
Civil and geotechnical construction. Services include dam and tunnel remediation, tunnel construction, and slope stabilisation. Australia.
Golding Contractors Pty Ltd
Mining, civil, mechanical and structural engineering contractors based in Gladstone Australia. Includes a project portfolio and career opportunities.
Granite Construction, Inc.
Builder of roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure. Also produces sand, gravel, ready-mix and asphalt concrete and other construction materials. Shows operations, investor, historical information and career, news and equipment details. (NYSE:GVA)
Groupe Alfred Boivin Inc
Offers civil engineering related services, dynamiting and drilling, snow clearing, sandpit exploiting and rock crushing, short and long distance transport, oversize load transport and related services. Canada.
Hatcreek Construction Inc.
Road building, pipe installation, asphalt paving, hot applied crack sealing, and slurry sealing in California, Oregon, and Nevada.
Hesselberg Hydro 1991 Ltd.
Application of asphalt in hydraulic engineering, and particularly systems for erosion protection, underwater scour protection and waterproofing. Includes an asphalt material guide.
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd
Contract projects in widely divergent fields such as power, transport, water supply and irrigation, buildings, industry and the environment.
Hubbard Construction Company
Heavy construction company building roads, interstate highways, bridges, airports, golf courses and dams in the South Eastern, United States.
Huxted Tunneling
Offer underground utility construction, and boring and tunneling services. Includes methods of works, and a featured project.
International Straightening, Inc.
Specialists in the rehabilitation and repair of bridges, cranes, equipment, buildings and other steel structures using heat treatment.
IVCC Engineering (Pvt) LTD
Services offered include geotechnical and subsoil investigations, geohydrological investigations, mineral exploration, waterwells, and sheet piling. Includes current and completed projects. Based in Pakistan.
Larry Torti Paving
Offer pavement and driveway resurfacing .Project portfolio and article on John Loudon McAdam the inventor of macadam .
Leighton Asia Ltd.
Construction and mining contractors offer services throughout Asia. Provides information on services, projects, regional operations, news, and company history.
Macadam Company, Inc.
Services include asphalt and concrete installation, rehabilitation and maintenance of commercial parking lots.
McCarthy Improvement Company
Heavy highway contractor specializing in both concrete and asphalt paving for roads and airfields.
Ooms Avenhorn Holding BV
Construction and maintenance of asphalt concrete pavements for roads and runways. Other civik constructions include earthworks and pipe installations. Netherlands.
P.R.Systems Inc.
Full service asphalt removal, rotomilling, surfacing, and pavement profiling company serving the western United States.
Pavement Products and Services Inc.
Offer a range of services including asphalt milling and asphalt paving.
Pavement Savers Inc
Offer hot in-place recycling and other hot surface treatments. Includes the methods, specifications, documentation and photographs.
Per Aarsleff A/S
Civil engineering contractor involved in infrastructure projects such as harbours, railroads, roads, tunnels, bridges and projects within energy supply, water supply and communication lines.
Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc.
Provides construction services for the government, transportation, power, water and other major sectors throughout North America.
Pitchmastic PMB Ltd
Specialist contractors to the construction industry. Key products structural waterproofing system and bridge movement joints.
The Rados Companies
Heavy engineering construction company with projects that include bridges, interchanges, streets, highways and dams.
Roaron Construction Limited
Offer a range of services including pavement maintenance, design build, bridge deck, waterproofing, and joint installations. Includes product brochures, projects portfolio, and related links.
Rosenlund Group
Provides services for high reach demolition, civil contracting and roadworks around Australia. Includes project information and staffing details.
Seacore Ltd
Established marine drilling and civil engineering contractor with a pre-eminent position in the worldwide industry for specialist marine civil engineering works.
Skanska Construction
Offer design, build and civil engineering with specialist operations including piling and ground engineering. Features market sectors, notable contracts, and career opportunities.
Slurry Pavers Inc
Specializing in municipal, commercial and industrial asphalt repair and sealing.
Stabilised Pavements Group
Road recycling and soil stabilisation contractor based in Australia, with operations in UK, Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Includes project portfolio.
Sunesis Construction Company
Heavy contractor specializing in site work, utilities, bridges and road construction. Features an overview of services, project portfolio, and employment opportunities.
TerraSystems, Inc.
A geotechnical contracting firm specializing in dynamic compaction, rammed aggregate columns, wick drains, and various vibro systems for improving poor soil conditions.
Traylor Bros., Inc.
Projects include bridges, tunnels, and heavy civil works. Features an overview of services, an interactive map of projects, equipment inventory, and employment opportunities.
Villager Construction Inc
Offer a range of services for street and road construction including milling, paving, excavating, sewer and waterline reconstruction and installation.
Ward Fiberglass Pipe Service
Provides a range of services for reinforced pipe installation including training, installation, inspection, and repairs. Includes specifications and case studies. Europe and international.
WatanabeSato Co., Ltd
Pavement design and construction, including asphalt pavements and special functional pavements utilizing wood-chips, sand, soil and landscaping pavements.
Waterline Companies
General contractor that specializes in the construction and improvement of water and wastewater treatment plants. Includes project portfolio and company profile.

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