Yurts are portable dwellings that orginated over 2500 years ago in Mongolia. Used by nomadic people they are windowless circular shaped structures with lattice walls and wood roof beams. Erected on the ground the floors typically covered with oriental style rugs. Exterior cover is made of Yak felt. Modern day yurts typically have vinyl windows, a skylight and are made of vinyl or fabric. They have recently become popular in Western countries as permanent full time houses, weekend/vacation getaways and camping cabins. Modern day yurts are also typically built on decks and may have utilities (water, electric).
Albion Canvas Co.
Manufacturer of craftsman built yurts, tipis and other nomadic structures, including stage covers.
Authentic Mongolian Yurt Co.
Importers and sellers of Mongolian yurts up to 23 feet. Photo gallery, specifications and weblog.
Blue Mountain Yurts
Yurt manufacturer serving Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.
Blue Ridge Yurts
Manufacturer of yurts based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, Virginia.
Colorado Yurt Company
Makers of yurts, earthworks tipis and outfitter wall tents. Located in Montrose, Colorado.
The Construction of a Yurt
An article about constructing a yurt on your own that includes making the lattice walls, roof beams and fabric exterior cover.
Exotic Shelters by Barak
Builds and sells 14' and 21' Yurts (or Gers), and many other items of Medieval Interest. Located in Gray, Tennessee.
Fortress Yurts
Manufacturer of yurts just outside of Taos, New Mexico.
Goulburn Yurtworks
Wide range of homes, studios, weekenders, etc as kits or erected for you. A Yurtfarm also sets the scene for camps teaching children farm and bush skills. Located in New South Wales, Australia.
Makers of modern canvas yurts that are designed to be portable. Located in Portland, Oregon.
Handmade Hardwood Yurts
Wales, UK based company that builds Yurts and Alachighs.
Highland Yurts
Yurts handmade using environmentally low impact methods in Scotland. Specialising in authentic central Asian designs.
Lars' Yurt Page
Experience of constructing a yurt in Western Oregon. Includes many photos of the deck building and yurt erection process.
Little Foot Yurts
Builds yurts using the traditional Mongolian and Kazakh yurt designs. Located in Nova Scotia.
Mongolian Yurts Direct
Suppliers of Mongolian yurts to the UK & worldwide with many sizes, colours & designs.
This 25 minute film shows how Mongolian nomads make their yurts (which they call "girs") by hand.
Nomad Shelter Inc.
Maker of yurts based in Alaska. Also has yurts available for rent.
Builders and rentals of original felted Mongolian yurts located in the Netherlands. Site available in Dutch and English.
Original Mongolian Yurts
A yurt producer located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, supplying yurts to the Mongolian domestic market, and for export. Includes how to assemble a yurt and photos.
Pacific Yurts
Source of recreational living structures. Located in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and established in 1978, the original manufacturer of the modern lattice wall yurt.
Rainier Yurts
Sells yurts from 16' to 30' using recycled, renewable and natural materials. Located in Seattle, Washington.
Red Sky Shelters
Makers of the Yome which combines features of yurts and geodesic domes. Available custom-built or as a do-it-yourself kit.
Roundhouse Yurts
Makers of hand crafted sustainable custom designed yurts in the United Kingdom.
Shelter Publications
Publishers of books on fitness, building, and architecture, including "Mongolian Cloud Houses: How to Make a Yurt and Live Comfortably".
SolongosCamp Co., Ltd.
Modern fabric yurts made in Kyunggi-Do, Korea
Traders of Tamerlane
Provides authentic Mongolian style yurts and accessories.
Ulaantaij Mongolian Yurts
Mongolian Yurts for export worldwide. Sales agents in UK, France, Portugal & Spain
Vishai Imported Mongolian Yurts
Imports custom yurts directly from Mongolia available in a variety of sizes. A portion of each sale goes directly to the Vishai Foundation, benefitting the nomadic peoples of Mongolia.
Vital Designs
Licensed companies worldwide which manufacture round houses. Located in Talmage, California.
WeatherPort Fabric Yurts
Designs and manufactures highly portable and customizable weather resistant yurts suited for both temporary housing and long-term shelter.
White Mountain Yurts
Northeast US source for hand-built fabric yurts. Located in Wakefield, New Hampshire.
Wildwood Yurts
Manufacturer of yurts based in Cumbria. Sells and rents yurts.
Woodland Yurts
Manufactures yurts from 6' to 21'. Portable dwelling suitable for camping or using as a marquee. Located in Somerset, England.
Workshop Under the Hill Yurts
Yurt design, construction and sales in the Czech Republic.
The Yurt Works
Handmade yurts and garden arbors from coppiced timber. Yurt rentals and holidays in Cornwall also available.
The Yurt Workshop
Makers of hand built yurts, tipis and other nomadic tents. Also offering Yurt holidays in the mountains of Spain. Workshops in Spain and the UK.
Information resource about yurts and yurt related structures. Includes history, yurt building and buying information, photos and forums.
Yurts of Hawaii
Provides yurts and assembly services, guidance through permitting processes,contacts with local builders and on-site consultations. Based in Hilo, Hawaii
YurtZ By Design Inc.
Manufactures 12' to 28' yurts and kits for a variety of usages. Also offers dealership opportunities. Located in British Columbia, Canada.
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