Earth Construction Description - Any building technology using earth as the dominate material, including: Adobe, Clay & Cob, Rammed Earth, Underground and Earth Shelters, Earth Blocks, Earth Bags, Papercrete, and Earthen Floors. From the beginning of recorded history earth has been the most widely used building material in the world. Because of its low cost, ease of construction, and control over temperature extremes, earth architecture long ago set the standard for comfort and efficiency. Beautiful, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe, durable and economic.
Adobe Builder News
Adobe building information portal site. Producers of the Earthbuilders Encyclopedia CD-ROM, a 300-page reference of earth construction. Also has information about the Southwest Solar Adobe School, building codes, and a general introduction to earth structures.
Arkysanto (a Work in Progress)
Roger and Kayo Korn's blog about building a polysteel/adobe hybrid home in the Southwest.
Aureka Auram Earth Brick Presses
Manufacturer of compressed earth block presses, wind pumps, and other equipment to support sustainable living.
Auroville Earth Institute
Research and development group based in southern India that provides training, reference materials and photographs for constructing earthen buildings.
CalEarth Forum
The California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture.
A Romanian project in natural building and sustainable living. Information on cob and green architecture, and participating in the experiment.
Clifton Schooley & Associates
Builders and Designers of rammed earth for housing and landscaping in Canada. Gallery of projects, blog, and training workshops.
Cob Cottage Company, The
Information about cob, a hands-on construction technique using earth mixed with sand and straw.
Davis Caves
Builder of earth-sheltered and underground homes. Based in Illinois but will build anywhere in the United States.
Earth Building Research Forum
Site supported by the Faculty of Design, Architecture, and Building at the University of Technology, Sydney to investigate material properties and constructional aspects of earthbuilding. Contains research articles, web links, and a publication list relating to earth construction.
Earthuprising Adobe Block & Machine Co.
Manufacturer of portable, diesel powered adobe block machines. Site in English and Spanish.
Fox's Den Homestead
Earth sheltered home and farm for sale in Missouri. Includes interior and exterior photos of the home.
Home Sweet Earth Home
Custom builder and designer of earth-sheltered and underground homes.
House Alive Natural Building
An educational organization providing articles about cob construction, pictures of the building process, workshops, and links to other resources.
Make it Mudbricks
South Eastern New South Wales manufacturer of puddled mud bricks that are CSIRO approved for load bearing and post and beam style homes.
Dutch manufacturer of compressed earth block machines. Site in Dutch and English.
Powell & Sons Pressed Earth Machines
Manufacturers of compressed earth and adobe block machines.
Rammed Earth
Includes a description of the construction of a rammed earth house in Australia. Includes photos, a tongue-in-cheek F.A.Q., and links to other sites.
Rammed Earth Works
Provider of rammed earth consulting services to architects, contractors, and homeowners. Author of "the Rammed Earth House".
Roger's Rammed Earth
Photos and details of rammed earth building in Australia. FAQs and links to other rammed earth builders in Australia.
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