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Advanced Lubrication Technology
Manufacturer of environmentally friendly synthetic oils, greases and lubricants for automotive, commercial and industrial applications.
Alum-a-Lub Lubricant Corporation
Distributor of a cleaning, lubricating and protectant chemical for metal and vinyl.
American Synthol
Manufacturer of Amerilube synthetic lubricants and compressor oils for industrial and automotive applications.
Manufacturer of synthetic industrial lubricants.
Apiezon Lubricants
Produces greases, waxes and oils for use under high vacuum conditions.
Aral Lubricants
Lubricants and oils for the automotive and other industries. All products can be ordered online.
Arven Industrial Chemicals, Ltd.
Producer of industrial chemicals, including cleaners, lubricants, and coatings.
Association of Independent Oil Distributors
International marketing group of independently owned distributors. Provides a line of lubricants, chemicals, and industrial fluids.
Lubricants for forging, extrusion, and other metalforming operations. Austria.
Battenfeld-Grease and Oil Corporation
Manufacturer of lubricating greases and oils. Facilities in the US and Canada.
Bel Ray Lubricants
Manufacturer of synthetic lubricants for automotive, industrial, and mining applications.
Bondis BVBA
Suppliers of lubricants, maintenance and cleaning products for industrial applications.
Castrol Limited
Worldwide producers and marketers of synthetic and conventional motor oil and lubricants. Includes product and company information.
Champion Brands Lubricants
Oils, lubricants, and greases for industrial and automotive applications.
Changshou Kaisi Oil Chemical Company Limited
Producer of lubricating and specialty oils and oil additives in China. Products include engine, transformer, hydraulic, rustproofing, and cutting oils, and brake fluids.
Control Chemical Corp.
Supplier of environmentally safe drilling fluids and lubricants marketed under the Matex brand name.
D-A Lubricant Company
Produces and sells lubrication products for the heavy duty trucking industry as well as off-road, mining and specialty lubricants.
The Dow Chemical Company
A guide to Dow's heat transfer fluids.
Dunwell Group
Dunwell's business includes oil and solvent re-refining, producing, trading and marketing of lubricants and specialty chemicals.
E.T. Products
Manufacturer of fuel additives and lubricants for fuel jobbers, trucking, industrial, and construction.
Easy One Lubricants
Multi-purpose lubricant packaged in an explosion proof bottle.
Engineering Technical Products Sas
Italy. Development and manufacture of a wide range of industrial lubricants. Technical information and glossary of terms. English and Italian.
Equipment Technology Services (ETS)
ETS distributes specialized Brugarolas lubricants and Easylub automatic lubricators. Both product lines are backed by on-site service.
Eurol B.V.
Producer and distributor of transportation and industrial lubricants and hydraulic fluids, located in the Netherlands. Products include motor oils, brake fluids, and aerosols, as well as cleaning and coating agents.
Federal Process
Manufacturers of industrial lubricants, sealants.
Freudenberg Chemical Specialities KG
Germany. Group of manufacturing companies, active in lubricants, release agents and maintenance products for the rubber, plastics and metal industries. Part of the Freudenberg Group. English and German.
Fuchs Lubricants
Manufacturer of metalworking lubricants, process cleaners and corrosion preventives.
Gandhar Oil Refinery India Ltd
Manufacturer of petroleum-based mineral oils, paraffins, heat transfer fluids, petrolatum, and lubricants.
Gannon Oils Limited
UK supplier of specialty lubricant oils and greases, for machinery, marine, and metalworking applications.
General Chemical
A supplier of soldering flux, aluminum and copper brass lubricants for drawing and stamping , extrusion, cold and hot rolling.
Georgia Western
Manufacturer of Ultratec oil, synthetic diesel engine oils and transmission fluid.
Hallett Oils Ltd
Manufacturer and distributor of lubricating oils and cleaning products for models engineering, industrial and steam products. (UK)
Hornett Holdings, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of sulphurised additives and emulsifiers for the lubricant blending industry. Also, tol blending services.
Ironsides Lubricants Limited
Developers and manufacturers of industrial lubricants, greases and compounds. Offer standard and performance products. Located in the United Kingdom.
Kendall Motor Oil Online
Manufacturer of lubricants for passenger vehicles, fleet and commercial applications, hydraulic fluids, greases and gear lubes.
Kluber Lubrication
Worldwide specialty lubricant manufacturer offering oils, greases, waxes, emulsions, pastes, coatings and self-lubricating plastics.
Liquid Ice Corporation
Makes a synthetic water soluble coolant and lubricant for industries that do grinding, cutting, milling.
A free weekly e-mail newsletter about machinery lubrication and oil analysis created by the publishers of Machinery Lubrication Magazine.
Lubricant Consult GmbH
Germany. Development and manufacture of a range of industrial lubricants. Also, standard and customised lubrication systems. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information on PDF files. Links to world wide distributors.
Lubrication Engineers, Inc.
Lubrication oils, greases, transmission fluids, synthetic fuels and oil supplements products.
Lubriplate Lubricants
Manufacturer of food grade and automotive lubricants.
Markee International Corporation
Manufacturer of water based synthetic coolant, mass finishing compounds, and rust inhibitors.
Produces a line of branded fuel additives, automotive lubricants, greases, and spray lubricants and cleaners. Located in Belgium.
Maryn International Ltd.
Lubricant manufacturer, offering the Power Up, Marinus, Triumph, and Maryn lines.
Metal Working Lubricants
Manufacturer of a cutting oils, hydraulic oils, way lubes, greases, and gear oils.
Metalworking Fluid Magazine
The industrial consumer's guide to metalworking fluid providing legal, technical, and economic information on industrial lubricants.
SynLube synthetic motor oil, synthetic gear oil, synthetic grease; 100% synthtic colloidal lubricants.
Neo Synthetic Oil Company
Manufacturer of synthetic lubricants including motor oils, greases, gear oils and coolants.
New Era
Suppliers of automotive and industrial lubricants. Bulk distribution as well as lubricant accessories also available.
Newgate Simms Limited
Distributor of speciality chemicals and lubricants to a variety of industry sectors. UK.
Noria Corporation
Covers the analysis and management of oil and lubricants. Offers training, publications, conferences, services, buyers guide and resources.
Nuova Univers S.r.l.
Supplier of industrial lubricants in Italy. Products include base oils, calcium sulphonates, white oils, and synthetic hydraulic fluids. Also offers custom blending and packaging services.
Oil UK Ltd
International distributor of industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids, greases, marine and agricultural products.
Diesel fuel improver, filtration systems, block grease.
Pennzoil Motor Oil
Manufacturer of automotive, commercial, industrial, and marine lubricants.
Manufacturer of lubricants, oils, greases, compounds, metal protectives, and de-watering fluids.
PolySi Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer and packager of silicone greases, lubricants and compounts meeting the needs of the electrical, automotive, electronic, utility, plumbing and military customer segments.
Practicing Oil Analysis Magazine
Publication focused on the management and analysis of lubricants.
Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation
Manufacturer of synthetic lubricants and fuel system products for automobiles, trucks, race cars, boats and other vehicles powered by gasoline, diesel, alcohol, and two-cycle engines.
Rose Mill Company
Suppliers of high performance lubricants, heat treating chemicals, steel hardening compounds and boric acid.
Selco Synthetic Lubricants
Manufacturer of synthetic lubricants, oils, greases and other chemical compounds.
Smooth Industrial Products, Ltd
UK. Development and manufacture of specialty high-performance lubricants, adhesives, and cleaning and related products for the automotive, aerospace, composite manufacturing, defence, pharmaceuticals, building, textiles and nonwovens industries. Extensive technical information.
South Coast Terminals LP
Supplies a range of lubricants, including cooling and cutting fluids, hydraulic oils, specialty greases, brake fluids, and glycol products. Located in Houston, Texas.
T.S. Moly Lubricants, Inc.
Manufacturer of specialized industrial lubricants featuring molybdenum disulfide.
Texas Refinery Corp.
Quality lubricants, specialty coatings, and property maintenance.
Thermal Lube
Manufacturer of synthetic and specialty lubricants and FTIR condition monitoring equipment.
Total Specialties USA, Inc.
Division of Total Fina Elf provides information about the Kleenmold glass lubrication technology. Information about product lines, use instruction, and distributor listing.
TrAchem Fluid Solutions
Specialist lubricants supplier with many years of experience in the recommendation of oils to fulfill the most severe of requirements.
Trans Chem Coatings
Manufacturer of Slickote lubricant coatings for industry, used where oil or grease may not be suitable.
Manufacturer of greases, thread sealants, and custom lubricants.
Tullco, Inc.
Manufacturers of polymer lubricants and coolants for metal and plastic industries .
United Oil Products Limited
Specialised lubricants and anti-seize compounds, including a range of approved food machinery lubricants.
Supplier of lubricants, oils, greases, and aerosol chemicals based in the Netherlands.
WD-40 Company
Manufactures and markets a petroleum-based product used as a lubricant, rust preventative, penetrant and moisture displacer and manufactures and sells heavy-duty hand cleaners. (Nasdaq: WDFC).
Manufactures and markets industrial oils, lubricants, greases and chemical products that are both synthetic and petroleum-based. Based in Italy.
X-1R Performance Lubricants
Manufacturer and distributor of lubricants for automobiles, race cars, go carts, boats, planes, and other high performance applications.
Zep Distribution
Manufactures specialty chemical products such as aerosols, liquids, grease, and lubricants. Marietta, Georgia.

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