This category is for contract Molders of plastics parts and products, to be used as components in finished goods. This category has three subcategories, Blow, Injection and Rotational. Companies which work plastics by these specific processes should be listed under the category appropriate to their application.

Subcategories 4

Applied Polymers
Specializing in custom made polyurethane parts.
ATEK Plastics
Engineering, manufacturing, modular assembly and packaging of plastic parts. Plastic injection and blow molding machines.
Colorado Molded Products
Online catalog of custom modular molded materials, products, and industries served.
Cotsworld Plastics Limited
Manufacturers of precision plastic modular moldings for the electronics industry.
Custom Rubber Corp
Rubber manufacturer specializing in modular injection, transfer, compression, extrusion, finishing and secondary operations equipment. ISO 9001 certified.
Custom Seal and Rubber Products
Custom cast polyurethane and modular molded silicone rubber components. Also, prototyping, die cutting and precision machining services.
Dowell Trading Company
Produces thermoset resins for use in injection, modular compression and transfer molding.
Fawn Industries
Manufactures electronic subassemblies and injection modular molded plastic parts and provides industrial engineering and design consulting services. Online capability statement and facilities lists.
GKF Gummi
Shaped components and profiles according to customer drawings.
Hawthorne Rubber
Manufactures precision custom modular molded rubber parts. - International Mould Portal
An online portal for mould and die, tool and machine suppliers and factories based in China.
Indiana Rubber and Plastics
Custom molded plastics and rubber. Special emphasis on innovative, low cost modular tooling techniques for both molded rubber and molded plastic.
Itran-Tompkins Rubber
Manufacturers of engineered custom modular molded rubber products components for the pharmaceutical industry.
Laser Modular Molding
Specializing in modular molding for the plastics industry.
Lomont Molding
Custom injection modular molding, gas assisted molding, and structural foam molding of thermoplastic resins.
Lupton Associates
Gas assist, straight injection, and compression molding of plastics, rapid prototyping using quick turn-around in-house modular tooling. Also, metal stamping, fabrication, precision grinding, contract manufacturing for OEMs.
Miniature Precision Components
Molded and extruded thermoplastic components for the automotive, industrial, and medical industries. Also, assembly services.
Modular Molding Systems
Manufacturer and distributor of interchangeable modular molding systems.
Molding Solutions
Manufacturer of custom modular molded rubber and plastic components for a variety of industries. Perform clean room and medical grade molding.
Custom plastic modular molder specializing in custom insert, thermoplastic and thermoset molding.
N-K Manufacturing Technologies, Inc
Horizontal, multi-shot and insert vertical molding, using thermoplastic resins. Also, secondary assembly and finishing operations. A unit of the Nicholas Plastics Group of companies.
Performance Urethane Products
Custom molding of polyurethane parts. Also, distributors of natural and synthetic rubber.
Premier Products, Inc.
Custom rubber fabrication and molding, specializing in rubber to metal bonding. Serving agriculture, mining, marine, recreational OEM and aftermarket industries.
R.I.M. Plastics Technology Ltd
Offers a range of plastics moulding techniques. Can manufacture foam, polyurethane mouldings. Support services are available. UK.
Robax Engineering
Molding and machining of plastic parts. Short runs welcome. Covers, trays, shipping dunnage, and precision parts.
Manufacturing plastic and metal washers for EPS, rigid insulation, securing wire mesh, metal lath and mesh for PM, PB, and modified stucco applications.
Spectrum Plastics Group
Full service injection modular molding company of precision plastic components.
SRM Mouldings Ltd.
Manufactures rubber moldings and associated products, using computer controlled injection equipment as well as compression and transfer machinery.
Sundaram Industries
Custom made and in-stock, modular injection, transfer and compression molded components and parts for automotive and industrial applications.
Manufacturers of precision rubber modular moldings, custom made to exact specification.
Thermech Engineering
Manufactures Teflon coatings, powder and specialty plastics, ECTFE, PVDF, polyamides, compression modular moldings. AS9100 and ISO 9001 Certified.
Thogus Products
Custom and proprietary injection modular molding of plastic parts for a variety of industries. Also, fittings, and nuts and caps.
International designer and manufacturer of custom rubber seals and precision modular molded products.
Unit Industries
Precision thermoset and thermoplastic integrated parts, using the modular molding technology. Also, design assistance and assembly services.
Wentworth Technologies
An independent manufacturer of blow molds, PET preform molds, injection and precision modular molds.

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