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This category is for contract manufacturers of plastics parts and products which will be used as a component in finished goods. This category has four subcategories: Extruders, Molders, Fabricators Formers Assemblers, Vacuum Formers. Companies which work plastics with these specific processes should be listed under the category appropriate to their application. Companies performing contract processing of plastics which do not belong in any of the specific subcategories should be listed here.

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Acme Rubber Co
Custom design and manufacture of rubber parts through molding, extrusion and casting technologies. Also, in-stock selection, and die cutting, splicing and fabricating services.
Allstar Plastics
Thermoplastic processing by injection molding, micropelletizing and precision fabrication. Custom made and proprietary. [English, French and Spanish]
Axel Plastics
Provides mold release agents, processing aid additives, cleaners and sealants for the plastic and rubber industries.
Falpaco Rubber, Inc
Custom injection and compression molding of flexible parts from rubber and plastic resins for industrial applications. Also, metal stamping, and machining services. English and French.
Gouillardon Gaudry SA
Custom design, prototyping and manufacture of technical rubber parts, and rubber bonded onto various substrates. Also, shoe soles and damping pads, and toll compounding. English and French.
High Tech Elastomers, Inc
Custom precision elastomer-to-substrate bonding and molding. Applications include vibration reduction for computer disk drives, seals for aerospace systems, and shock mounts for machines.
Kastalon Inc.
Specializes in custom cast polyurethane components.
Pelmor Laboratories, Inc.
Full-service rubber products manufacturing. Custom molding, extruding, compounding, and mixing services. Also, rubber-to-metal bonding.
Quadel Industries
Specializes in custom plastic fabrication, including rotational, extruded, and vacuum molding of PVC, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, and polyethylene. Overview of capabilities and products.
Simolex Rubber
Custom extruder, molder and fabricator of silicone, floursilicone, and conductive silicon rubber.

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