Benvic corp.
Manufactures PVC compounds, blends and alloys specializing in the new building and the renovation sectors.
BorsodChem Rt.
Manufacturer of suspension grade PVC resin, and manufacturer of MDI and polyurethane resins.
Charlotte Chemical Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of emulsion and suspension grade PVC resins to a variety of markets worldwide.
EPV Plastics Corp
Full service distributor, designer, manufacturer, warehouse and precision converter of PVC flexible, rigid, and expanded films, supported and unsupported.
Finolex Industries Ltd.
Produces suspension emulsion and paste PVC resins, includes a variety of grades in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible applications.
Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A.
Vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of PVC and other plastic resins.
Geon Corp
Manufacturers of PVC resin and products.
IKA Innovative Kunstoffaufbereitung GmbH & Co KG
Developer and producer of PVC processing additives, located in Germany. Products include stabilizers, fillers, blowing agents, and coating compounds.
Innua Petrochemicals
Polyvinyl chlorides including PVC emulsion, suspension and co-polymers plus plasticizer chemicals such as sebacic acid and adipic acid.
Resin Technology, LLC
International PVC materials compounder supplying custom compounds to customer specifications. Specializing in wire and cable compounds.
Ronald Mark Associates
Manufactures general purpose and specialty PVC resin. Products include the low glossd dulling resin and powder coating resin.
S.K.J. Industries Company Ltd.
Manufacturer of PVC products, including vinyl floor covering, table cloths, rigid and flexible sheeting, and artificial leather, located in Thailand.
Saudi Basic Industrial Corp
Manufacturing and exporting worldwide, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and general purpose, high impact and expandable polystyrene. Saudi Arabia
Manufactures both rigid and elastomeric PVC pellets for industrial, construction, furniture and footwear industries.
Suppliers of rigid and plasticized PVC compounds meeting standards for flame-resistant cables and other products. Compounds for extrusion and molding.
Sunko Ink Co., Ltd.
Produces PU and PVC synthetic leather, supplier of various kinds of ink, surface finishing agent, paint, and polyurethane resin.
Sylvin Technologies Inc.
Custom formulator for PVC compounds. Formulates products to customer needs, from 50 to 40,000lbs. Provides customized inventory program.
Tzon Shang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of flexible and ridged PVC compound for extrusion, blow molding, injection molding and shrinkable film.
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