Alliance Plastics
Dip molding vinyl cap protectors for tubing, threaded parts, covers for bolts and screws. Also supplying end capsand glides.
Apex Medical Technologies, Inc.
Specializes in non-latex dip molded products for the medical device industry, Products include, specimen pouches, probe covers, diaphragms and male external catheters.
Baldan Plastica S.r.l.
Specialising in moulded plastics.
Manufacturer of plastic protective closures from dip molding process,in vinyl, metal, rubber and paper for the protection of parts during processing.
Eger Products Inc
Dip molding, of proprietary switchgear covers, agricultural tanks, dumpster lids and bus boot covers, also perform rotational casting.
Fegam Plasticos
Plastisol molding and coatings company in Monterrey Mexico. Manufactures closures and other custom plastic products.
Greenbrook Automations
Designs and manufactures latex dipping plants and ancillary equipment for the world latex and PVC industries.
Manufacturer of plastic hand grips, foam grips, and foam tubing.
Harman Corp
Supplier of caps, grips, plugs, and custom vinyl products made from the dip molding process.
Manufacturer of flexible, reusable, electrical insulating PVC covers for busbar and switchgear connections. Many standard sizes and styles available.
Kouyo Plastic Ent. Co.
Manufacturer of household and bathroom products by dip molding and other molding processes.
Loven Special Products
Dip Molded Products from the Netherlands.
US based dip molding company manufactures protective caps and plugs, grips, and masking products as well as custom molded items.
Molded Devices, Inc
Manufacturing dip molded grips, handles and plugs from plastisol, vinyl and nylon materials. Coating and molding services available.
PDM Industries
Specialize in plastisol coating, fluidized bed powder coating, dip molding, custom vinyl coating.
Piper Plastics
Precision dip molding and plastic coating using plastisol, nylon, silicone, and urethane. Capable of meeting FDA, UL, USP, and MIL specifications.
Plastificados en México
Plastisol molding company in Monterrey Mexico. Manufactures closures and other custom plastic products.
Porous Products Group
Manufacture pourous plastic products for specialized medical applications by dip molding in powder compounds.
Precision Dippings Marketing Ltd.
Manufacturing rubber dipped products from natural latex and neoprene latex for industries, ranging from specialized medical parts to latex seals for dry suits.
Sinclair & Rush Limited
Manufacturer of dip molded plastic caps, plugs, closures, grips and other vinyl products.
Steere Enterprises
Dip molded grips, sleeves, protective covers, specialty products and bellows from a range of vinyl plastisol formulations.
Dip molding company specializing in plastic caps, plugs, masking products, and custom molded covers. Includes video tour of the facility.
United Plastics Technology, Inc.
Manufacturers dip tooling, racks, chillers, auxiliary lifts, plastisol replenishment systems, finished product conveyors.
Vynaflex Plastisol Compounds
Manufacturer of vinyl plastisol coatings for the dip molding and dip coating industries.
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