Chemical Engineering is a subset of the regulated profession of Engineering.

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AdsorbIX Consulting
Consulting services in industrial adsorption, ion exchange and chromatography.
Airflow Science Corporation
Specializes in field testing, laboratory testing, and numerical simulations (CFD) to provide practical solutions to fluid flow, heat transfer, and mass transfer problems.
Alan Jackson F.R.I.C.S. Ecoste
Portfolio of Mr. Alan Jackson F.R.I.C.S. Ecoste.
A consultancy and engineering firm in the aluminum sector in Russia.
ASC, Inc. (Apex Safety Consultants)
Specializing in process safety and risk management programs, hazard analysis, risk assessment, and compliance audits.
Brix-Berg Company
Consultant for extractive and azeotropic distillation. Patent information, economic model, contact information and confidentialty agreement. Description of facilities, in Iceland (geothermal) and South Africa.
C-P Systems, Inc.
A piping design and engineering consulting company providing project leadership for the chemical process industries.
Cetiner Engineering Corporation
Licensed consulting company providing design, engineering, project and management services to the energy, gas processing, ammonia, methanol, hydrogen sectors.
ChemicaLogic Corporation
Technical and management consulting firm offers expertise in chemical production , product applications, market dynamics, production economics, environmental and safety analysis, risk management, and software development.
Chempro Expertise Private Limited
Services relevant to setting up and maintenance of petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and polymer processing plants.
Chicago Chem Consultants Corp
Provides chemical process engineering, plant operation, equipment evaluation and selection, pollution prevention, treatment, and pilot services.
Coatings & Resins International Ltd
Technology solutions for the paint, resins, emulsions and adhesives industries. Operating in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.
Commercial, Chemical and Development Company.
Consulting chemical and process engineers spealizing in solvent vapor recovery for low to very low concentration vapor streams, process intensification, heat transfer, market research and plant design, basic and detailed.
Compuchem Consultants
Suppliers of engineering services, software products for linear programming modeling, and IT Services
Consafe Science (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Services offered include process scale up, research and development, modernization, industrial safety and environment management, total quality management, and energy conservation.
Egyptian petroleum services company provides engineering consultancy for corrosion monitoring and control by cathodic protection, coatings, chemicals, and materials selection.
Dale R. Labitzke, PE
Professional chemical engineering, consulting, and expert services for the chemical process and chemical manufacturing industries, and their investors.
Delta Cascade Design Associates Inc.
Chemical process engineering and consulting services for the oil and gas industries, and industrial water treatment.
George C. Hawley and Associates
Provider of international industrial mineral consultancy, specializing in technical services and marketing.
Huijbregts Corrosion Consultancy
Services provided include forensic analysis of corrosion failures and methods of corrosion prevention. Expertise includes erosion-corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.
Specialized in engineering design and turnkey supply of chemical, plastic, and industrial plants.
Interspec LLC
Provides inspection and engineering services throughout the US and internationally. Services include API-653 inspection, environmental training programs, and other environmental services.
Providers of engineering for the design, installation and operation of hydrochloric acid (HCl) reclamation and iron oxide production facilities.
John A. Shaw
Process control engineer and consultant specializing in control systems for the chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and other process industries.
Katzen International, Inc.
Provides technical engineering services for the chemical and biochemical process and related industries worldwide.
McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC
Product and process design firm presents its cradle-to-cradle methodology, along with news and business events. Virginia, USA.
PCI Xylenes & Polyesters, Ltd
UK. Technical consulting services to the polyester, raw materials and related industries, offering commercial reports, online data and special studies. Part of the PCI Consulting Group.
PDE Management Ltd
Process Engineering Consultants to the onshore and offshore oil and gas industries.
Pneu Solutions
Provide pneumatic conveying system troubleshooting expertise to chemical process plants.
Process Engineering Associates, LLC
A chemical process engineering company providing technology and regulatory compliance services to the petroleum refining, chemical production, and waste processing industries.
Process Simulation Consultant
State Estimation Technology for online first principles dynamic models. Modeling and simulation services for offline and online applications for the process manufacturing industry.
Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc.
Specializing in extrusion engineering for the plastics industry. providing process and machinery design, training programs and software, troubleshooting, expert witness, computer simulation, and material analysis.
Syner-Tech Process Consulting
Develop and improve processes through scale-up and engineering.
Transmit Technology Group
Contract research and consulting for plastic industry. Services include product development, market research, process development, compounding, testing, and thermoplastics.
Velocys plc
Chemical processing and microchannel process technology. Suppliers of microtechnology research, development and engineering consultants.

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