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Abbey Color
Manufacturer of dyes and colorants, including dye precursors and certified dyes. Products available from the fluorescein, uranine, and eosine groups, as well as natural dyes, the firm currently provides manufacturing and distribution, plus custom manufacturing. Major producer of fluorescein (solvent yellow #94) and tetrachlorofluorescein. Company information, product information, and contact information.
Abbey Thermosets
Provides liquid pigment dispersion services including masterbatch, polyols and diacon.
Advaitya Dye-Chem
Manufacturer and exporter of organic pigments.
Akashi Printing Corporation
Ink available for screen printing or in the form of heat press decals, knee pads and waterproofing nylon tape. Product is highly stretchable and resists cracking making it ideal for wetsuits. Japanese supplier with product and sample request information.
AMA Herbal Laboratories Pvt., Ltd
India. Manufacturers of natural and vegetable dye extracts for textile, hair and cosmetic applications. Detailed product catalogs, including color cards and technical information.
American Colors
Providing liquid color dispersion in plasticizer with wide compatibility in a number of plastics systems, especially flexible vinyls and urethanes.
Americhem, Inc.
Manufacture of custom and single pigment color concentrates, additive concentrates, and specialty dispersions.
Anirox Pigments, Ltd.
Producer of synthetic pigments (black / red iron oxide, nigrosine acid black 2, solvent black 5 and 7, and aluminum sulphate.)
Badger Color Concentrates
Color concentrates or masterbatch for injection molders, blow molders and sheet manufacturers. Custom color matching and formulation for thermoplastics.
Bajaj Group of Companies
A company engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of dyes, dyes intermediates and food colors.
Beaver Luminescers
Manufacturer of luminescent pigments for fluorescent inks, U.V. visible inks and invisible marking.
Benda-Lutz Werke GmbH
The Austrian manufacturer of metal pigments provides information on products and fields of application as well as contact data of agencies.
Beto Special Materials Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of luminescent pigment, EL pigment and UV(BL) pigment.
Bruchsaler Farben GmbH & Co. KG
German manufacturer of lead chromates, bismuth vanadates, and mixed pigments. Offers details on the products and contact data of distributors.
Burgess Pigment Company
Provider of a complete line of functional anhydrous and hydrous aluminum silicates specifically designed to contribute key properties to your final products.
Calsak Corporation
Calsak colorants provide colorants, masterbatch, color concentrates, plastic colorants, purging compound, and custom colorants. Primary business is the development and distribution of color concentrates to the plastics industry. Product and raw material information, overstock specials, and contact information.
Cappelle Pigments NV
Belgium. Manufacturers of pigments for the paint, printing ink and plastics industries. Technical information.
Carolina Color Corp.
Manufactures color concentrates for the plastics industry. Colors in standard or custom match.
Chimar S.r.l.
Production of predisperses and masterbatches for colouring and additives in plastic and concentrated mixtures of pigments, dyes, and additives. Company, product, and contact information.
China Youyi Inorganic Pigment Chemical Plant
Manufacturer and exporter of inorganic pigment, mainly chrome oxide green and iron oxide.
Choksi Pigments
Manufacturer and Indian exporter of organic pigments for printing ink, paints, plastic and textile emulsions.
Color Change Corp
Standard and custom development and manufacture of reversible and irreversible thermochromic (changing color with temperature) and photochromic (changing color with UV light) color changing materials and product for a range of medical, consumer and industrial applications. Technical information and material safety data sheets.
Colorey S.A.
Buy and sell surplus and redundant stocks of dyestuffs, pigments, auxiliaries, specialities, and chemicals for all industries and Fine Arts. Distributor of selected imported dyestuffs and pigments. (France)
Comet Chemical Company Ltd.
Independent regional distributor of quality organic solvents and specialty chemicals for the paint, coatings and ink markets. Key product lines include hydrocarbons, oxy solvents and glycols in addition to custom blending and manufacturing services.
EC Pigments
UK. Multi-national manufacturers of organic pigments for the printing ink, plastics and coatings markets. List of world wide agents. Links to related sites.
Eckart GmbH & Co. KG
German manufacturer of metallic, pearlescent and thermochromic effect pigments. Details on applications in graphic arts, cosmetics, plastics and coatings. Contact data of subsidiaries, facilities and agencies.
Eksoy Chemical Industries, Ltd.
ISO 9001 approved, textile auxiliary and dyestuff manufacturer from Turkey. Job/career opportunities.
Special colour and colorant manufacturer for plastics coloration, colour creation for plastics and polymers.
European Colour Plc
Liquid packaging inks, roma color, organic pigment, tor coatings, fire retardant coatings, roof coatings, metallic paints, and paint manufacturing service. Investor and contact information.
Everlight Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
A dyestuffs manufacturer in Taiwan, founded in 1972, and has diversified the business field to UV absorbers, bulk drugs, electronic chemicals and advanced materials.
Ferco Color
Manufacturer of custom colorants, additive concentrates and specialty compounds for use in the process of coloring and modifying plastic resins. Product, services, and contact information with a detailed technical discussion on colorants for plastics.
Fine & Fine Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Produces dyes, powder coating additives and organic intermediates.
General Color
Manufactures color concentrates for the plastic, ceramic, decorating and glass manufacturing industries.
Genky Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of nano-grade transparent iron oxide pigments and dispersions. Products are divided into two categories, solvent-borne and water-borne with a color range of yellow, red, green, black and brown. [Zhejiang, China]
Golchha Pigments Pvt Limited
Custom developer for pigments of all kinds for international and national markets.
H.W. Sands Corporation
Manufacturer of dyes, pigments, chemicals, custom synthesis for the imaging industry.
HangZhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Specialist in the manufacture and export of organic pigments.
Hebei Chromate Chemical Co. ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of chrome oxide green, chromic acid, sodium bichromate and basic chrome sulphate in China.
Hebei Chromate Chemicals Imp. and Exp. Co.
Manufacturer and exporter of chrome oxide green, chromic acid, sodium bichromate, and basic chrome sulphate.
Hebei Hongyuan Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of organic pigments and intermediate products for pigment, dyestuff, pesticide and medicine.
Hebei Wuqiang Chemical Plant
An indigo and indigo blue manufacturer, also supply other dyestuff, pigment and dyes intermediates products.
Heubach, Ltd.
Information regarding Heubach color companies, pigment preparations, anticorrosive pigments, organic and inorganic pigments.
Holland Colours Group
Manufactures pigments and pigment dispersions for the plastics industry. 10 facilities worldwide.
Holliday Pigments Ltd.
The manufacturer of Ultramarine and Manganese Violet pigments provides details on the products and their applications.
Impex Color And Additives, Inc.
Distributor and custom manufacturer for quality organic and inorganic pigments.
Jeeka Industries
Supplier of phthalocyanine based dyes and pigments such as basic violet 10, direct blue 86, direct blue 199, pigment blue 15, pigment blue 15, solvent dyes, napthols, leather dyes and intermediates like copper phthalocyanine.
Jupiter Dyes Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of organic pigments.
K. Patel Chemopharma Pvt., Ltd.
Manufacturing and supplying of high quality basic dyes, solvent dyes, pigments and other chemicals.
Karsandas Mavji
manufacturers and exporters of Dyestuffs in India.
Keystone Aniline Corporation
Provide dyes and specialty pigments to a broad range of customers throughout the United States and the World.
King Sang Hong Pigment Co., Ltd.
Offer pigments, dyes, glitter, bronze powder, glass beads, epoxy, glue. Also offer colour matching services.
Koltex Pigments
Supplier of titanium dioxide, white and color pigments and another fillers.
Kuan Chuan Chemical Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer of dye chemical, fluorescent whitening dye (OBA,) dyestuff, optical brightener (textile auxiliary agent) and sunpeitin.
Kyungin Synthetic Corporation
Manufacturer of dyes, dyestuffs and intermediates including acid dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, solvent dyes, and ink pigments for inkjet printer.
Offers luminescent and fluorescent pigments for a wide range of applications such as security, safety and artistic.
Matsui International Company, Inc.
Manufactures pigment, ink and ink products for a broad range of applications, including the textile, wallpaper printing, transfer and specialty markets.
Mazda Colours ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of phthalocyanine pigments from India.
Narayan Pigments
Supplier of pigments and derivatives from copper salts like copper phthalocyanine blue crude, cobalt phthalocyanine crude, alpha blue pigment, beta blue, pigment, cuprous chloride, cuprichoride, and pigment green 7.
Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.
Manufacturer of synthetic food colours related products. Dhatav, Raigad.
Manufacturer and exporter of biological stain, indicator color, solvent dyes, basic dyes, phase transfer catalyst and safranine, from India.
New Colors Sas Di Patricia Beggini & C.
Dyes and chemical agents for buttons in corozo, polyester, nylon, galactite, and mother-of-pearl.
Niknam Chemicals (p) Ltd.
Manufacturer of aluminium trihydrate, molybdenum trioxide and flame retardants/smoke suppressant products.
Nordic Pigments
Specializes in micronised iron oxides pigments.
Omya, Inc.
Providing calcium carbonate to the paint and pigment industry.
ONeil Color & Compounding Corporation
Producer of concentrates and compounds for specific resins and applications such as critical custom colors for ABS, Acrylic, Acetal, Polycarbonate, Polyester (PET, PETG), Polystyrene, Polypropylene and Polyethylenes. Also a supplier of flame-retardants and filled compounds with specific additives or properties formulated to particular shade of color or in natural resin color.
Orchem Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of organic intermediates for dystuff, pigments, and pharmaceutical industries.
Organic Dyestuffs Corporation
Production and sales of dyes, pigments, inks, and chemical auxiliaries for industrial coloring processes, with full-service laboratories in GA, NC, and RI.
Parshwanath Dyestuff
Manufacturer of reactive dyes, acid dyes, and food colours.
Manufacturer of organic and inorganic pigments.
Plast-Market Ltd.
Producer of masterbaches and additives from Poland.
Polychem Dispersions, Inc.
Suppliers of polymeric and paste dispersions, and oil treated powders.
R R Agencies
Offer dry powders, fine pastes, dispersions, emulsions and presscakes of various colourants.
Riverdale Color
Providing liquid colorants, polymers and polymer additives, plastics, thermoplastics and color concentrates for the plastics industry.
Roha Dyechem, Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of edible colours.
Royale Pigments & Chemicals Co.
New Jersey based company distributing pigments and chemicals to the surface coatings, ink, plastic, chemical, ceramic, paper, cosmetic and food industries.
Sai Group
India. Group of chemical companies, active in pigments and colorants, adhesives and polymers, agrochemicals and commodities exports. Manufacturers of organic and inorganic pigments for papermaking, textiles, paint, plastics, leather, ink and detergents. Detailed product catalog, including technical information and specifications.
Schlenk Metallpulver GmbH & Co.KG
German manufacturer of metal pigments and metal powders. Presents products, their applications, news and data on trade fairs.
Shanghai Baorun Industry Co., Ltd.
Produces iron oxide pigment in China with an annual production of 15000 tons.
Shidimo Interaux Pvt., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of full range of acid dyes and solvent dyes.
Shobha Enterprises
Specialising in pigments, naphthols and intermediates, for use in the perfumery, food and pharmaceutical industries.
Solocolor, Inc.
Specializes in pigments and pigment dispersion for applications in paints, soaps, detergents and printing inks.
Sparkem Pigments
India. Manufacturers of organic pigment powders for the paint, coatings, printing ink, rubber and plastics industries. Technical information and application charts.
Sun Chemical Corporation's Colors Group
Manufacturers of organic pigments and dispersions for use as colorants in printing inks, plastics, paints, cosmetics, textiles and specialities.
Techmer PM
Supplier of custom colors and additives for the plastics industry, with five locations in the United States.
Tecnocolor Srl
Specialized in the production of high technology paints for plastics, vacuum metallization, solvant paints, resins, coatings, pigments, and water soluble paints.
Textile Colour and Chemical
Manufacturer and exporter of optical whitening agents for paper, dyes and dye intermediates. Synthetic organic dyestuff for textile dyeing and printing, optical whiting agents for paper. Chrome, metal complex, acid, reactive, direct dyes and pigments.
ISO9002 certified, manufacturer and exporter of iron oxide pigment series and organic pigment series.
Toyo Ink Group (Americas)
Pigment wholesaler in the United States.
Tsukineko, Inc.
Wholesales pigment, dye and craft ink products world-wide.
Vicome Corp
Producer of daylight fluorescent pigment and pigments for used in textile printings, screen inks (solvent and water based,) flexographic inks (solvent and water based,) vinyl plastisol/organosolrubber, plastic, pvc, pueva, paints/coatings, and paper coatings. Company, product, and contact information.
Wenzhou Huanan Chemical and Industrial Corporation
Manufactures oil and alcohol soluble aniline blacks, acid powder and grains black.
West & Senior Limited
UK based pigment manufacturers, offering a range of pigments, additives and dispersions.
Widetex Chemical Co., Ltd.
Taiwanese manufacturer of dyestuff chemicals, including disperse, reactive and solvent dyes; as well a bio-chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. Plants in Taiwan and China.
Wuxi Xinguang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Produces pigments for printing ink, paint and plastics. Also supply solvent dyes, pigment paste for textile printing, and chemical intermediates.
Yingshanhua Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of organic and inorganic pigments for inks, plastics and rubber, textile printing and paints. Technical information and color cards. English and Chinese.
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