Business Chemicals Diversified Manufacturers
Technologies include abrasives, adhesives, non-woven fibers, films, precision coatings, fluorochemicals, ceramics, optics and microstructured surfaces. Maplewood, Minnesota.
Anderson Development Company
Specialty and custom chemical manufacturer whose products include polyurethanes and curatives, acrylic resins, styrene copolymers, organoborates, and nitrogen trifluoride.
Arkema Inc.
Diversified chemicals manufacturer. Products include acrylic monomers and polymers, technical polymers and resins, agrichemicals, fluorochemicals, peroxides, and thiochemicals.
ArrMaz Custom Chemicals
Makes a variety of chemicals for use in fertilizer manufacturing, phosphate mining, and industrial minerals processing, most of which are custom formulated to fit customer applications.
Aslchem International Inc.
Food and industrial chemicals including fertilizers, sulphur, lead nitrate, sodium citrate and potash. Product information, industry links, and information request form.
Athea Laboratories, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of specialty chemicals for cleaning, fire fighting, lubrication, wet wipe production, and waste water and sewage treatment. Technical information on PDF files.
Avatar Corporation
Products for the Food, Drug and Cosmetic industries. Custom blending services, industry news, and company employment information.
BASF Group
Markets and manufactures plastics, performance products, agrochemicals, coatings, colorants, nylon fibers, urethanes, industrial and specialty chemicals, and nutritional products. Global company headquartered in Germany.
Corporate Web Site for Baychem International, a manufacturer and distributor of customized chemical solutions.
Beyo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of photo absorbers, chemical intermediates, and powder coatings.
Bimax Specialty Monomers
Manufacturers of specialty monomers, polymers and performance chemicals: acrylates, methacrylates, maleates, allyl.
Biopharm, Inc.
Manufacturer of laboratory and industrial solutions and chemicals. Biopharm serves a wide range of industries including water treatment, food processing, metal finishing, electronics, utilities, and health.
Birko Corp
Manufacturers of cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants and processing chemicals for meat, poultry and food plants and breweries. Also, dispensing equipment and technical consulting services. Technical information and FAQ. Calendar of events. Links to related sites.
Cabot Corporation
A global specialty chemicals company, producing carbon blacks , fumed metal oxides, tantalum and inkjet colorants. Provides details on products and applications, corporate news, strategy, history, contacts.
Source and supply fine chemicals and ingredients worldwide.
Cangzhou Green Chemical Co., Ltd.
Produces agrochemicals, fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Capital Resin Corporation
US producer of industrial resins, plasticizers, and sulfonic acid catalysts as well as specialty intermediates, providing custom-formulated products into a variety of industrial sectors.
Cardolite Corporation
Develops and manufactures products based on cashew nutshell liquid for the coatings, printing, rubber and specialty polymer industries, including epoxy curing agents, reactive modifiers, resins, and brake linings.
An Arkema subsidiary which develops and markets specialty chemicals used in industrial applications.
Cerac, Inc.
Manufactures a wide variety of specialty inorganics in research and production quantities.
CGP Chemicals, Ltd.
Suppliers of adhesives, cyanacrylates and anaerobics, release agents, silicones, solvents, lubricants.
Changshu League Chemical Co., Ltd.
Supply agrochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and hair coloring agents.
CHEM Group, Inc.
Diversified chemical manufacturer, headquartered in Indiana. Products include heat transfer fluids, plasticizers, specialty amines, and lubricants. Also offers custom processing and recycling services.
Chemconserve, Inc.
Sourcing and producing hard to get chemicals. Phosphonium salts, methane sulfonic acid, alpha methyl styrene, and other specialty organics.
Chemical Industries of the Philippines
Engaged in the manufacture and sale of industrial chemicals. The CIP subsidiaries and affiliates are also in general insurance, chemical bulk storage, and personal care products.
Chemical Specialists and Development, Inc.
Specialists in a wide range of oil and chemical products meeting military specifications.
Chemidex LLC
Paint and coatings industry's technical data sheet repository. Provides continuously updated raw material data sheets, starting point formulations and product bulletins from chemical companies around the world.
Chemiprotect Engineers
Acid Proof Material, bricks, tile Lining, anti-corrosives and chemicals manufacturer.
Chimcomplex Borzesti
Romanian supplier of chlorosodics but also produces organic solvents, synthesis intermediaries, pesticides, and compressed gases.
Specialist in the production of diluents and the sale of solvents and plasticizers.
China North Industries Shenzhen Co.
Producer and exporter of chemical reagents, PTFE, feed additives and refrigeration chemicals.
Chordip, Ltd.
UK based fine chemicals supplier serving global markets. Specific expertise of fluorination, pyridine derivatives, 3,5-Bis TFM derivatives. Research and development capabilities.
Chuanxi Xingda Chemical Plant
Manufacturer specializes in phosphatic chemicals including sodium phosphate, phosphoric acid, ammonium phosphate and potassium phosphate.
Cimbar Performance Minerals
Barytes, organophilic clays, strontium sulfate, barium sulfate, bentonite.
Produces sulphur products and distributes sulphur, bentonite, sorbican and other chemical products throughout Europe.
The company has grown out of the Sandoz Chemicals division, which was floated on the stock market as a spin-off in the summer of 1995, and the Hoechst specialty chemicals businesses, integrated in the summer of 1997. The products and services of the six divisions: process and performance products, pigments and additives, masterbatches, surfactants, fine chemicals and cellulose ethers and polymerisates are based on specialty chemicals.
Coasty Resource
Supplier of sodium tripolyphosphate, phosphoric acid, phosphates for dishwashing detergents, industrial cleaners, metal finishing, and chemicals (tin oxide) for ceramics.
Cobratec Metal Protection
Provide solutions to corrosion problems by delivering a protective shield to metals such as copper and brass.
Colonial Research Chemical Corporation
A team of professionals providing specialty chemicals.
Conductive Compounds
Custom formulators of electrically and/or thermally conductive adhesives, potting compounds, coatings, inks, caulks, UV encapsulants, EMI/RFI coatings, shieldings, membrane switch materials.
Cortec Corporation
Manufacturer of environmentally friendly vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VCI).
CrossChem Limited
Manufacturer and distributor of specialty intermidiate chemicals such as high purity ethylene cyanohydrin and phenyl acetate. Products offered in 55 gal drums and bulk shipments. MSDS and product specifications available.
Cyndan Chemicals
Manufacturer of performance products for cleaning, construction, and horticultural applications, including janitorial, laundry, fertilizer, pesticide and automotive formulations. Based in Australia.
CYPLUS - More than Cyanide
Degussa describes its product lines and gives information about cyanide and its uses in the gold mining industry, electroplating, and organic synthesis.
Cytech Products, Inc.
Information about products and availability at Cytech's North American facility - manufacturer of performance chemicals.
D.W. Davies & Co., Inc.
Manufactures a wide line of cleaning and maintenance products for industry, business and home use. Specialized products available for Swimming Pools, Aircraft, Industrial, Institutional, Restaurant, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Water Treatment and many related industries.
DaeHa International
Manufacturer and supplier of inorganic oxide colloid/powders, fine ceramics materials, functional coating materials, botanical chemical materials for electronic/semi-conductor/fine ceramics/coatings/cosmetics.
Damar Industries Limited
Diversified manufacturing company in New Zealand, with activities in aerosol, coating, roadmarking, pool care, and forestry products, solvents, and contract processing and packaging.
Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
Manufactures a diverse range of inorganic and organic intermediates, serving the dye and imaging, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, and rubber chemical industries. India.
Degesch America, Inc.
Producer of aluminum and magnesium phosphide fumigants.
Deqing Tongchem Co. Ltd.
Producer of dyes, feed additives and intermediates.
Akzo Nobel brand name for chelates, chemicals that control the concentration or effects of metal ions.
Dongnam Chemical Ind., Ltd.
Produces surfactants, ester products, and dyeing auxiliaries.
Dow Chemical Company
Worldwide chemicals and polymers company.
Duromar, Inc.
Makers of epoxy linings, coatings, paints, rebuilding and resurfacing products for erosion and corrosion problems in all industrial environments.
Global manufacturer of industrial heat transfer fluids that include hydrocarbons, glycol, brines, secondary refrigerants and silicone oils.
E-teck, Ltd.
Manufactures a complete range of high performance professional chemical maintenance products for a variety of industries.
Eastman Chemical Company
International chemical company that produces more than 400 chemicals, fibers, and plastics.
Eka Chemicals
Manufacturers of chemicals and systems for environment compatible pulp bleaching processes and chemicals systems for paper making. Also market chemicals for certain industrial applications as well as engineering, process plants and equipment.
Emerging Technologies, Inc.
Specialty chemicals, superabsorbent polymers, gel powders, gel crystals, water-soluble chemicals, laminates, airlaids, composites, absorbent solution polymer, consulting, CMC.
Epochem Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and distributor of dyes and pigments, agrochemicals, bulk pharmaceuticals, and chemical intermediates.
Equistar Chemical Company
Equistar is a major chemical company with more than six billion dollars in assets. Lyondell Chemical owns 41% of the partnership.
Diversified chemical manufacturer, whose products include acrylic polymers, animal nutrition, catalysts, absorbent polymers, and commodities.
Evonik Industries AG
Multinational specialty chemical manufacturer serving the automotive, plastics, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Also active in power generation. Headquartered in Germany.
Filtra Catalysts & Chemicals Ltd
Diversified producer of petrochemical and general catalysts, specialty and performance chemicals, cresols and xylenols, and filtration products. Located in India.
FMC Corporation
Manufacturer of agricultural, specialty and industrial chemicals. Source of information on crop protection, insecticides, pest control, termiticides, lithium, alginates, carrageenan, microcrystalline cellulouse, alkali, soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, and active oxidants.
GFS Chemicals
Manufactures specialty bulk inorganic, reagents and organic chemical for process chemistry.
German supplier of a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals and reagents. List of products carried.
Gotham Industries Inc.
Manufactures, packages and distributes branded and private-label formulated end-user products, including solvents, cleaners, paints, and automotive fluids. Québec, Canada.
Specialty chemicals and materials company, supplying catalysts and silica products, construction and container products.
Grace Davison
Manufacturer of catalysts, silicas, adsorbents and specialty products.
Great Western Inorganics, Inc.
Supplier of hard to find inorganic materials.
Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Ltd
India. Diversified company, active in refrigerants, chemicals, entertainment and renewable energy. Manufacturers of granular polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resins for a variety of industrial applications. Technical information and product specifications on PDF files. Part of the Inox Group.
Gulf Membrane & Coating Industries WLL
Manufacturers of waterproofing compounds, bituminous based resins, felts, and paints.
H3R, Inc.
Buys, sells, and recycles Halon 1211 and 1301, and Halon Fire Extinguishers.
HaiNing FengMing Chlorophyll Co., Ltd.
Producer and provider of natural pigments, foodstuff additives, nutritional enhancements and pharmaceutical chemicals.
Haldor Topsøe A/S
Research and development in heterogeneous catalysis, licensing of process know-how, production and sale of catalysts, and engineering of process plants for the fertilizer, petrochemical, and refining industry and for environmental protection.
Hangzhou Luyuan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer and supplier of desiccnats and de-oxygen fresh-keeping agents.
Hebei Jiheng Group Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of electrochemical inorganics such as persulfates, bromates, and bromites, specialty organics, and pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. Located in China.
Hefei Keyuan Application Chemical Institute
Manufacturer of chemical end-use products, including coatings and surface protectants, cleaning agents, and lubricants, for home, car care, and industrial applications. Located in China.
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation
Manufacturer of polysilicon crystalline for the electronic industry and high purity chemicals for the fiber optic and related industries.
Hobo, Inc.
Chemical formulators and manufacturers.
Huntsman Corporation
Manufactures basic products for the chemicals, plastics, detergent, personal care, rubber and packaging industries.
Huzhou Xinaote Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediates and actives, neutraceuticals, and tin mercaptide plastic additives. China.
ICL Industrial Products
Israeli company supplying magnesium compounds, flame retardant additives, agrochemical and pharmaceutical intermediates, oil drilling brines, and bromine-based photography and water treatment chemicals.
Indspec Chemical
Manufacturers of resorcinol, resorcinol resins, and derivatives for use in chemicals, rubber and plastics, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and many other industries.
A manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing company of speciality and intermediate chemicals, including oxides, glycols, esters, fluorine and chlorine chemicals, and polystyrene and PVC resins. Antwerp, Belgium.
Interflux Electronics, Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial and electronic chemicals.
International Protein Colloids, Inc.
Custom manufacturer of industrial adhesives, natural polymers, binders, coatings, sealants and synthetic polymers.
ISKY Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Supplier of sulfate and citrate food additives, a range of fire retardants, as well as flotation agents. Changsha, China.
Island Pyrochemical Industries
Specialty chemical manufacturer in New York, whose products include automotive airbag chemicals, industrial and military explosive and propellant chemicals, cellulose triacetate film, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Janed Enterpises, Inc.
Manufacturer of high quality specialty chemicals for many industry segments such as metal finishing, automotive, and textiles.
Jarchem Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer, marketer and distributor of linear and branched chain alcohols, esters, acids, specialty monomers, speciality derivatives, personal care and lubrication products.
Jeen International
Suppliers of specialty chemicals and serving the cosmetic, personal care, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries.
Jiangsu Huachang Group
Supplier of compound fertilizers, amino acids and basic organic and inorganic chemicals.
Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
Products characterized by pyrethroids, with pesticides as the key link and chemicals based on Chlorine and alkali.
Jiangsu Yinyan Speciality Chemicals Co., Ltd
Producer of agricultural chemicals (glyphosate and derivatives), spin finishes and textile auxiliaries, solvents, surfactants, epichlorohydrin, and ethanolamines. China.
Jiangyan Chemical Adjuvant Factory
Mainly engaged in manufacturing absorbents, desiccants, catalysts, auxiliary agents and various fillers.
Jilin Xingyun Industrial Trade Co., Ltd.
Chinese producer of a range of ingredients for coatings, lubricants, and dye formulations, as well as other performance products. Products include functionalized elastomers, dispersants, antifreeze and anticorrosion agents, cleaners, and sealants.
Jingtong Agrochem
Chinese producer of Dimethoate, Ethephon and Carbofuran.
Jinhua Deyer Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of denaturant for alcohol, sucrose ester series, ester products, food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Julong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Development and manufacturing of fine chemical products including an anti-microbial agent, an anti-mite and anti-microbial agent, and anti-insect agent, an ultraviolet protective agent, a far-infrared agent, a flame retardant agent, a perfume agent, and a one bath desizing, scouring and bleaching auxiliary. Also supplier of functional textiles such as anti-bacterial textile fabric.
Kem Manufacturing
Specialty chemicals for maintenance engineering, industrial, agricultural, marine, and food processing.
Kemgard: Flame Retardant
Kemgard products are cost effective flame retardants/smoke suppressant additives based on patented surface treatment technology.
Kilburn Chemicals Limited
Manufacturers and exporters of titanium dioxide, ferrous sulphate heptahydrate, mixed sulphate salt and ferro gypsum.
Kubo Combustion Efficiency Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of specialty industrial chemicals, oil field chemicals and a variety of specialty chemicals.
Laizhou Laiyu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of magnesium salts, brominated flame retardants, allyl compounds, and peroxides. Located in China.
Leffingwell & Associates
Dedicated to serving the perfume, flavor, food and beverage community with information, products and services.
Lhoist Group
Manufacturers of lime and other chemicals derived from limestone.
Life sciences driven company and custom manufacturer of active ingredients, intermediates, APIs and biopharmaceuticals, through (bio)chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture.
Lorad Chemical Corporation
Manufacturer of advanced inorganic chemicals serving both research and development and bulk requirements in a diverse range of industries and applications. Products include: oxides, sulfides, fluorides, borides, carbides, nitrides and silicides.
MacKenzie Corporation
Producer of acetyl acetonates of various metals, dimethylglycine, and photoconductors, also offering custom chemical production. Located in Louisiana.
Mann Formulated Products
Manufactures release agents and surface treatments used in the mold making process by artists, industry, prototypers and casters around the world.
Mare Group
Manufacturer of industrial chemicals, detergents, and adhesives, headquartered in Italy. Markets include the papermaking, detergent, petroleum, ceramics, food, and water treatment industries.
Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties Inc.
Provider of high purity magnesium oxide based products for environmental, industrial, nutritional and agricultural applications. Specialty products include flame retardants, fuel additives, refractories (steel production), dust suppressants, wastewater treatment chemicals.
Manufacturer of custom organic chemical compounds including building blocks, scaffolds and synthons for combinatorial chemistry or further synthesis,compounds or analogues for lead discovery or optimization, and reference compounds such as metabolites or impurities for process validation.
Micro Powders, Inc.
Supplier of specialized micronized waxes, wax dispersions and emulsions to the printing ink industry.
Microtek Laboratories, Inc.
Specialize in the development and application of microencapsulation technologies for industrial markets with a focus on water-soluble, reactive chemicals and phase change materials.
Millennium Chemicals
Supplier of raw inorganic and organic materials and product that complement coatings, colorings, reactants and intermediates, polymers and pigments industries. Products sorted by family type and industry.
Mintech Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and suppliers of speciality chemicals.
Mitco, Inc.
Custom specialty chemical manufacturer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Servicing manufacturing industries, Mitco provides technical expertise and chemical based solutions for boilers, cooling systems, waste water, specialty cleaning and sanitizing, paper process additives, and dust control.
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America, Inc.
Commodity and natural gas chemical synthesis.
Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc.
Manufacturer of chemicals and intermediates, specialty polymers and engineering plastics, functional materials, electronic materials, and admer adhesive resin.
Navdeep Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactures sulphonic acids, textile finishing chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, oilfield chemicals, fatty acid derivatives, biocides, and amphoteric surfactants.
New London Distributors
Distributors of antifoam and defoamer chemicals in food-grade, kosher food-grade, and industrial. Silicone and Silicone-Free formulations available as well as custom formulations.
Nile Chemicals
Exporter of laboratory and industrial chemicals and biological stains.
Norquay Technology, Inc.
Produces synthetic organic and inorganic chemicals for use in pharmaceutical, photographic, electronic, and cosmetic industries.
Northway Lignin Chemical
Our Lignin products are on-toxic/non-hazardous polymers, which are derived from the pulping process. These products are sold as a concentrated liquor containing 45-60% solids, or as dried powders containing 4% moisture.
Nottingham Chemical Company
Producer of oleochemicals, terpenes, and fumed and precipitated silicas. Also offers toll manufacturing and private labeling services.
Manufacturer and distribute chemical raw materials including phenol, acetone, hydrochloric acid, soda ash to European industry, with headquarters in Lyon, France.
Nugeneration Technologies
Develops and manufactures specialty chemicals for cleaning, cutting, grinding, and polishing applications.
Numinor Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Recycler of zinc. Manufacturer of zinc oxides in all qualities and other zinc related chemical compounds.
Orichem International, Ltd.
Fine-chemical manufacturing and trading group in China, whose products include dyes, pesticides, nutritional supplements, herbal products, and a range of organic intermediates.
Pax Chemicals
Manufacturer of speciality chemicals.
Performance Process, Inc.
Providing industry with custom formulated defoamers technology. Technology that behaves predictably every time, in harsh environments.
Perstorp AB
Supplier of products for the engineering and construction industries, such as polyols, performance chemicals and resins.
Peters Chemical
Sell calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide, lime, limestone, calcium clhoride, ice melters, airport deicers, urea, potassium chloride, lime kiln dust and fertilizers.
PHT International, Inc.
Manufacturers and suppliers of high purity chemical intermediates.
Polatom - Radioisotope Centre
Polish producer of radioactive materials for: medicine, science, industry, environmental protection.
Industrial chemical company specialized in petrochemical polyurethane raw material production for shoe sole and slippers sector. Manufacturer of polyurethane systems (system aus) and their components (polyester resin, poliol, prepolimer, and catalyst systems.)
Polysciences, Inc.
Company background, product information and specifications. Manufactures materials for research institutions, medical devices, and industrial chemistry and engineering applications.
Power Chemical Silicone
PC Silicone supplies silane fluids, coupling and crosslinking agents, from China.
PQ Corporation
Global producer of silica-based inorganic chemicals that includes sodium silicate, potassium silicate, silica gel, hollow microsphere, zeolite, molecular sieve, catalyst, and fine glass sphere.
Chemical manufacturing company active in the field of speciality chemicals, both as producer and toll manufacturer.
The world's largest and most experienced producer of natural lactic acid, lactates, lactitol, lactides and polylactides.
Purification Technologies, Inc.
Provides ultra high purity solvents, solvent containers and dispensing systems.
Radco Industries
Manufactures heat transfer fluids engineered to enhance high temperature processing.
Raschig Corporation
German manufacturer of a wide range of chemicals, specialty resins, asphalt ingredients, and separation packings.
RB Products, Inc.
Chemical company specializing in the processing, distribution and trading of petro and specialty chemicals. Products include chemicals for the paint and coatings, oil field, detergent, petrochemical, refinery and pharmaceutical industries.
RBP Chemical Corporation
Manufactures specialty pressroom products for the printing industry and specialty chemicals for the printed circuit board industry.
RC Tritec AG
Luminous products for watch industry. Tritium and isotopes technology.
Rhodia North America
Specialty chemicals company - fibers and polymers.
Richman Chemical, Inc.
Custom manufacturing and fine chemical sourcing for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Riedel-de Haehn
Affiliate of Honeywell Specialty Chemicals and specialists in organic and inorganic synthesis.
Robinson Brothers, Ltd.
Independent UK manufacturer of specialised organic chemicals for world-wide markets offer well established and totally independent commercial production to high regulatory and environmental standards.
Royce International
Manufacturer of variuous chemical technologies, paper, plastic and polymer chemistry.
S&D Chemicals, Ltd.
Manufacturers' representative offering fine bulk chemicals, nutraceuticals, botanicals, dyes and desiccants in Canada and US.
Sachem Inc.
Supplier of ultrapure chemicals for use in electronics, life sciences, catalysis, and polymer applications. Examples include organic bases, ionic liquids, phase transfer agents, electrosynthesis products, and zeolite templates.
Samsung Oil & Fat Corporation
Produces biodegradable polyesters, polyvinyl acetates, polyacrylic acids, polyurethane adhesives, plastic molding chemicals and textile chemicals.
SanYou Chemical Industries Co., Ltd
China. Manufacturers of dense and light soda ash for food additive, medical and industrial applications. Technical specifications. Part of the SanYou Group. English and Chinese.
Saudi Basic Industries Corp
Diversified manufacturing company, active in chemicals, polymers, fertilizers and metal.
Manufactures paint removers, cleaning and patching compounds. Products include Strypeeze, Kutzit, TSP, LevelBest, Dirtex.
Seki Chemicals Co.
Supplier of metal surface treating chemicals and welding flux for copper and aluminium.
Sentinel Lubricants Corporation
Manufacturers and sells a full line of synthetic lubricants, greases and oils. In addition, it manufacturers custom blended lubricating products for specialized uses in industry.
Shama Chemicals and Rubber Corporation
Imports synthetic rubber and speciality rubber chemicals primarily for the domestic Indian market.
Shanghai Jianping Chemical Co., Ltd.
Chinese producer of a diverse range of fine chemicals and reagents, including tin dioxide, methylbenzene sulfonic acid, chloramine T, cupric acetate, and sodium dimercaptopropane sulfonate.
Shanghai TaiJie Chemical Co., Ltd.
Produces a variety of performance chemicals used in textiles, dyeing, and printing, as well as enzymes and intermediate chemicals.
Shepherd Chemical Company
Supplier of inorganic metal salts and specialty carboxylates to global markets.
Shinde Chemicals
Manufacturer of metal surface treatment chemicals.
SNF Floerger
Producer of synthetic flocculants, with links to applications information, research and development.
Socomor, Finishing Technologies
To elaborate, produce and develop solutions for surface treatment and finishing products meant for the transport industry all over the world.
Solvay Bario e Derivati - Massa
Producer of Barium Chemicals, as Barium Sulphate (Blanc fixe), High Purity Barium-, Strontium- and Calcium-Compounds, Barium Hydroxide and other Barium and Sodium Derivates.
Specialty Coating Systems
Manufactures parylene coating and table top spin coaters for University and research and development applications. Also produces iononic contamination testing equipment and solder paste inspection systems.
Stellar Solutions, Inc.
CitriSurf is a citric acid based cleaner and passivator that replaces the old nitric acid systems.
Stepan Chemical Company
Manufacturer of specialty and intermediate chemicals used in a broad range of industries.
The Styrene Forum
An international resource for current, accurate information on styrene and products made from styrene. Basic answers to your questions about styrene, its uses and benefits as well as how styrene based products are tested and regulated.
Sumitomo Chemical Co.
Chemical manufacturer offering a diverse range of products, including basic chemicals, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
Japanese partner of Dow Chemicals in manufacturing optical grade polycarbonate for Asian customers.
Swati Chemical Industries
Manufacturers and exporter of various chemicals for diverse industries such as agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, cosmetics, pulp, textiles and petrochemicals. India, Vadodara, Gujarat.
Synchem, Inc.
Research and development company that specializes in custom synthesis of organic compounds.
Manufacturer of bleaching earths, inorganic chemicals, latex gloves, wooden floorings, high density polyethylene drums, bitumen and bituminuous products.
Telechem Manufacturing
An industrial maintenance chemical manufacturer and distributor specializing in degreasers, solvents, all purpose cleaners, adhesive removers, mastic removers, and windshield washer fluid.
Tessenderlo Chemie
Specializes on inorganic chemicals, alkalis.
Tetra Technologies, Inc.
Manufactures chemicals for the oil, gas, process, technology, and specialty firms.
TFL Leather Technology, Ltd.
A multinational supplier to the leather industry of chemicals for use in the beamhouse, tanning, and finishing processes.
Thomas Swan & Co Ltd
Manufacture and sell speciality chemicals for the performance and fine chemicals markets . Includes a full product index, quality and environmental issues, news and events, and a listing of agents .
Tokyo Chemical Industry Co, Ltd. (TCI)
International supplier of high-purity, organic chemicals for research, pharmaceutical, and synthesis applications.
Torlin Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Production and marketing of environmentally friendly glass etching powder and cream for surface treatment.
Tosoh Corporation
Global supplier of basic inorganic chemicals, olefins and polymers, and specialty materials into industries including semiconductors, pharmaceutical, health care, and food.
Producer of new chemical tools for joining metal parts by solid phase cold welding methods.
Trilogy Chemicals
Silicones, defoamers, paint additives, cosmetic chemicals, and other specialties can be sourced online via Trilogy Group, LLC.
True Time Industrial Corporation
Specialized in manufacturing of hardener for epoxy resin. Main products include hardeners of polyamide resin and modified amine resin.
Union Derivan (UNDESA)
Spanish manufacturer of fatty acids, esters, metallic stearates, PVC stabilizers and Lubricants, esterquats and paint driers.
Ursa Chemie GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of chemical products for the automotive, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, cleaning and metal processing industries. Also, a range of cosmetics. Part of the Zschimmer and Schwarz Group. English and German.
Manufacturer of chemicals for the reprographic and lithographic industry.
Velsicol Chemical Corporation
Offers a wide arrange of chemical products like probenz (a sodium and potassium benzoate), plasticizer, epoxy adhesives, sealants and caulks, flexible pvc, paint and coatings, and plastisols.
Product range includes fine chemicals, catalysts, base materials (acetyls), cyclodextrins and polymer products, e.g. VINNAPAS-redispersible powders, a product for the building chemicals industry.
Well Flow LLC
Manufactures specialty chemicals and engineered products used in the completion of oil and gas wells.
Wilbra s.a.s.
Produces chemical and auxiliary products for leather and shoes (glue, adhesive, shoe polish, patent leather, dye, auxiliary products, socks).
William Blythe
A UK based manufacturer of inorganic chemicals.
WM Barr
Custom chemical blender and packager for the coatings industry.
Wright Corporation
Supplies custom and fine organic chemicals and organosilanes, including pharmaceutical intermediates.
Xentex Chemical Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer and producer of chemically engineered products with special focus on replacement of EHS hazardous acids and solvents.
Xiamen Topusing Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Specializes in the research, development, production and export of agrochemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials.
Global silicones supplier, offers more than 350 commonly used silicone products online, including silicone fluids, emulsions, sealants and rubbers from Dow Corning.
Zaclon Inc.
Manufacturer of physical forms of high purity Ammonium Chloride and a complete range of Potassium Silicate solutions.
Zeller+Gmelin GmbH
Germany. Diversified company, active in automotive and industrial lubricants, chemicals and printing inks. Extensive technical information. Directory of representatives. Multi-lingual site.
Zentek Srl
Specializes in selling fluorochemicals to the Italian market. [Fine and Specialty - Fluorochemicals]
Zeolyst International
Supplier of zeolite catalysts and adsorbents, including standard types of zeolites. Manufacturer of custom zeolite powders and catalysts for specific customer applications.
Zeon Chemicals
Producer of specialty elastomers, plastics, and chemicals. Offering a large selection of nitrile NBR, HNBR, acrylate ACM,and epichlorohydrin ECO elastomers.
Zhejiang Dongyang Lide Medical and Chemical Co. Ltd.
Overview and product details including 1-amino-cyclopropyl cyanic hydrochloride, substituted thiadiazoles and fluoride compounds manufactured at Geshan and Quzhou, China.
Zhejiang Jolly Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Pharmaceutical manufacturer. Products include Wuling Capsule and Wuling Mycelia.
Zhejiang Tonglu Huifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Offers validamycin, triacontanol, gibberellic acid, plant growth regulators, fumugants and intermediates in the production of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other pesticide formulations from HangZhou, China.
Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Taizhou Xinnong Fine Chemical Factory
Manufacturer of phenylzole alcohol, phenylhydrazine series, diethyl chlorothiophosphate, xylidine series, 3-Chloro-p-toluidine, and 1,3-Cyclohexanedione. Products, trading and contact information.
Zibo Linzi Gaolou Chemical Co. Ltd.
Produce para cresidine, para cresidine ortho sulfonic acid and other intermediates used in dyes and pigments.
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