Sites in this category are concerned with the manufacture, service, and, in a few cases, assessment of systems and equipment, consumable products, and associate accessories used by companies involved in applying and curing paint and several other forms of coating to a variety of products and surfaces. Paint spraying, powder coating, and metal as the recipient surface are frequently featured, but other technology and targets aren't altogether uncommon. For example, exceptions can be found in companies employing the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process and selling pavement marking machines. Note: For practical reasons, companies that simply provide spraying and coating services invariably confine themselves to a local area and therefore more properly belong -- and will be found indexed -- in their appropriate Regional/Localities categories.

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A & A Engineering
Full service manufacturers of powder and liquid coating equipment and systems. Includes washers, dry-off and cure ovens, powder coating booths, conveyors, guns, and wastewater treatment units.
A-Flame Corporation
Specializes in supply and service of equipment, powders, and masking tapes for the thermal spray industry. Includes powder, plasma, detonation, and HVOF spray systems, as well as acoustic rooms, chillers, and replacement parts.
Adiabatic S.A.
Argentina. Manufactures a selection of turbo paint spraying units for home, professional, and industrial use. Details of each model and includes chart of comparable capacities and applications.
Alamo Supply Company Inc.
Manufactures flame spray system for applying wide range of powder and plastic coatings. Applications include machinery parts and storage containers.
Apollo HVLP Sprayers
Offering a variety of TrueHVLP turbine sprayers and air conversion spray guns, accessories and coatings, plus tips for spraying waterborne products
Autoquip Inc.
Engineering company specializing in robotic and hard automation equipment and services for liquid paint spraying and plural component mixing. Detailed information regarding available systems.
Baifu Coating
Taiwan. Manufactures liquid and powder spray equipment. Products include air, centrifugal, and high pressure atomizing guns, electrostatic spraying booths, and powder recovery systems.
Bates Finishing Supply Inc.
Distributors of surface preparation, coating, and curing equipment and supplies. Includes dispensing units, paint finishing and powder coating systems, and abrasives, filters, and tapes.
Bedford Precision Parts Corp.
Supplier of components and replacement parts for all major lines of paint spraying equipment.
Long established manufacturer of sprayguns, paint booths, electrostatic spray equipment, and related accessories. Details of company history and access to downloadable product literature.
Specializes in supply of instruments for measuring appearance, color, and physical properties of a variety of coatings. Site incorporates access to detailed product information.
CAM s.r.l.
Italy. Specializes in design and manufacture of powder spray booths, with focus on own patented "Superwinding" version.
Charvo Industries Group
UK. Manufacturers' representatives of automatic and hand-held paint and polymer coatings spraying equipment and booths. Also, custom coating and surface finishing services.
CHB Line
Italy. Wide selection of spray guns and portable pump units for painting and powder coating applications. Includes airless, air-mix, and heated spraying versions. Site incorporates product photos and brief descriptions.
Columbia Coatings Inc.
Manufactures and distributes broad range of powdercoating equipment and supplies. Includes booths, guns, powders, fillers, racking, and masking products.
CoverCat Spray Systems
Manufacturers of mobile protective coating application units designed for discharge of single coating or to spray mixtures of different ones. Sites incorporates details of different models and their intended uses.
Critter Spray Products
Siphon spray gun system designed to use standard Mason jars as paint reservoir.
D & W Tool & Findings Inc.
Specializes in supplying wide assortment of hooks, racks, and springs for the metallizing, sputtering, and powdercoating industry. Details and prices of available items.
Deco Tools, Inc.
Focus is supply of special purpose masks for spraying limited areas and contoured surfaces with clear and colored paints and coatings. Additional products include related painting, spraying, and finishing equipment and accessories.
Designetics Inc.
Manufacturers of manual and air-actuated dispensers for applying primers, adhesives, and other coatings to variety of materials and surfaces. Site incorporates downloadable videos describing product range and different uses.
Diamond Vogel Paints
Manufactures polyester, expoxy, urethane, and hybrid powder coatings in variety of colors, glosses, finishes, and chemistries. Site incorporates details of differences in formulas and applications.
DPL - Industri A/S
Denmark. Specializes in manufacture and application of UV curing systems. Description of components and discussion of features and benefits.
Dubois Equipment Company Inc
Manufacturer of coating, printing, curing, scuffing and material handling equipment for the woodworking, metal working, and manufacturing industries.
Specializes in temperature and chemically resistance enclosures, tapes, die cuts, hooks, racks, and custom fabrications for e-coating, double e-coating, and powder coating industries.
Europlasma NV
Belgium. Full service manufacturers of low-pressure gas plasma systems. Explains plasma polymerization process and its applications for surface cleaning, etching, activation, and modification.
Fabricating Technology Inc.
Manufactures washable painting masks, fixtures, mask washers, and machinery for high production paint spraying of molded parts. Detailed information regarding types of masks and painting operations.
Finishing Resources
Sells new and used powder coating equipment. Includes booths, guns, ovens, washers, and complete systems. Site incorporates details of current inventory.
Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment Ltd.
Designers and manufacturers of HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray painting equipment.
Fusion UV Systems Inc.
Full service manufacturers of ultraviolet curing and fusion equipment for adhesive, coating, ink, paint, and similar applications. Site incorporates detailed explanation of equipment and processes.
George Koch Sons L.C.C.
Designs and manufactures industrial paint, powder, flatline, and wood finishing equipment and systems. Includes preparation, application, and drying units. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Grey Campling Ltd
UK. Distributor of airless pumps and accessories for range of spraypainting applications. Includes models for industrial, pavement marking, and decorative industries. Can also supply decorator sundries and industrial lighting products.
Herr Industrial Inc.
Turn key industrial paint finishing system contractor specializing in customer paint systems.
Hi-Tech Flexible Products Inc.
Suppliers of custom designed masking and racking products for the painting and coating industries. Range includes conductive, e-coat, powder coating, and reusable masks. Additional line includes range of molded rubber items.
Integrated Drive Systems Pvt. Ltd.
India. Diversified engineering company with interest in developing special purpose equipment and automated systems. Manufactures reciprocating spray machinery and offers automated controls for painting and coating industries.
LacTec GmbH
Supplier of automatic electrostatic painting systems.
Specializes in line of HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray guns and related equipment including conversion and upgrade kits, turbine systems, and drying and agitating units. FAQs re HVLP features and advantages.
Maury Enterprises Inc.
Distributes several brands of paint sprayers, pressure washers, related equipment, parts, and accessories. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Midwest Thermal Spray
Full service supplier of various types of thermal spray equipment, abrasive blasting equipment, robotic metal finishing equipment, and various types of thermal spray and welding cored wires.
Mitsuba Systems
Manufactures powder coating equipment. Products include spray guns and accessories, spraying booths, curing ovens, and reciprocator units. Can design, supply, and erect single systems and complete plants.
Modean Industries
Designs, installs and activates production finishing systems ranging from powder and liquid coatings, to infrared and 100% solid ultraviolet cured coatings.
Munari systems
Specialized in the treatment of microporosity in porous metals which permits to reuse of defective or damaged metal parts.
Nova Verta USA
Manufacturers of standard or customized paint booths, prep stations, and mixing rooms. Detailed photos and information regarding wide range of available units.
Overmec Srl
Italy. Design, development and manufacture of manual and automatic spray application systems for water based adhesives. Also, spray application robots and software. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information on PDF files. English and Italian.
The Paint Project Inc
Distributor and stockist of range of industrial coatings spray equipment, accessories, and consumable items. Site incorporates links to descriptions of available products.
Paint Test Equipment
UK. Manufacturers of range of instruments for testing and inspecting nature and integrity of industrial coatings and finishes. Site incorporates detailed description of available units and their uses.
Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc.
Distributors, producers and designers of physical testing instruments for the paint, coatings and related industries.
PED Technologies
Full service manufacturers of equipment for the finishing industries. Includes infrared and convection curing and booster ovens, powder and liquid coating systems, process heating equipment, and material handling products.
Powder-X Coating Systems Inc.
Supply and installation of powder coating systems, including cleaning and preparation stations, powder application units and spray booths, and curing ovens. Details of equipment involved at each stage of process.
Precision Conveyor Technologies
Custom designs, fabricates, and installs chain-on-edge spindle and flat line conveyor based turnkey systems for liquid and powder coating and finishing. Product and application information.
Ralston Colour Systems B.V.
Manufacture and install tinting systems for decorative paints and gel coats. Also manufacture colorants and base paints.
Raypaul Industries Inc.
Full service manufacturers of finishing equipment. Includes washing, paint, and powder coating, and drying systems.
RD Specialties Inc
Manufactures wire-wound, threaded, and formed rods for machines used by coaters and converters of paper, paperboard, plastic film, metal foils, and woven and non-woven textiles. Product and application details.
Red Line Industries Ltd.
India. Manufacturers of electrostatic powder coating equipment. Includes spray guns, powder coating machines, recovery booths, and curing ovens. Site incorporates detailed descriptions and prices of available products.
Sames Technologies
Designs, manufactures and distributes spray finishing and coating applications equipment. Part of the EXEL Industries group.
Sedco (Northwest) Limited
UK. Distributes equipment, accessories, and consumables for industrial finishing and contract decorating requirements. Includes spray guns, pumps, nozzles, and chemicals. Product information.
Sharpe Manufacturing Company
Specializes in spray guns, air drying equipment, and accessories for the automotive refinishing industry. Site incorporates product descriptions and access to technical FAQs section.
Italy. Manufactures a selection of spray painting units. Photos and details of available models.
Southern AIP Tech Co., Ltd.
China. Manufactures equipment for applying corrosion/friction/wear resistant coatings to cutting tools, medical instruments, and metal surfaces in general. Site explains process, known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), and includes details of typical coatings.
Southern Fluid Systems Inc.
Distributes a selection of paint spraying equipment. Includes spray guns, painting booths, pumps, compressors, valves, gages, filters, and regulators. Product information.
Spray Systems Inc
Manufacturers of custom designed spray booths. Applications include aerospace, automotive, electronic, furniture, railcar, and general manufacturing industries. Site incorporates detailed account of different configurations.
Spray Tech Systems Inc.
Manufactures broad range of batch powder coating equipment for small scale applications. Details of available systems and support products.
UK. Specializes in supply of spray applied coatings for onsite refurbishment of external and internal building surfaces. Applications include walls, ceilings, shopfronts, and lift doors. Details of available finishes.
Sputtek Inc.
Canada. Supplies equipment for applying corrosion/friction/wear resistant coatings to range of metal parts and tooling. Site incorporates explanation of process, known as High Ionization Deposition (HID), and lists examples of coatings and applications.
Manufacture of electrostatic powder coating equipment. From South Africa.
Strand Manufacturing Company
Manufactures specialized preparation equipment for the powder paint and toner industries. Includes chill-rolls, kibblers, grinders, and nip-rolls. Site incorporates product description and explains applications.
Tecnofirma S.p.A.
Italy. Specializes in surface preparation, painting, and coating equipment and systems. Includes standard and special purpose spray and dipping machines for degreasing and washing as well as for paint and coating applications.
Tocchio S.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures equipment for impregnating and coating reeled paper, wood panelling, and metal coils. Applications include furniture, electronics, automotive, and printing industries.
United States Legends
Manufactures variety of equipment for spraying adhesives, paints, and waterproofing material, as well as a wide choice of traffic and pavement marking stencils. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
UVEXS Incorporated
Design and manufacture of ultraviolet curing systems and in the formulation of UV-curable inks, adhesives and coatings.
Uvitron International Inc.
Manufactures range of ultraviolet light equipment for curing adhesives, coatings, paints, and resins. Photos of available units and associated accessories.
Wagner Group
Germany. Manufactures a range of spray painting and powder coating equipment and systems for consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. Information regarding products and capabilities.
Walgren Co.
Specializes in custom design and supply of plating and anodizing equipment for a wide variety of industries. Range runs from fully automated lines to semi-automatic systems.
X-Rite, Incorporated
International sales, service and support of retail paint color matching systems. Including turnkey countertop systems, portable instruments and software.
Zhongda Industrial Group Co.
China. Specializes in manufacture of spray booths for painting cars, trucks, aircraft, and wide range of industrial products. Also produces car washing, body repair, and wheel alignment and balancing equipment.

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