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Active Organics, Inc.
Producers of specialty cosmetic ingredients and botanical extracts. Site has product list, company history, contact information and a database of material safety data sheets(MSDS) for their products.
Alka Chemical Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Indian manufacturers and exporters of petroleum jelly, paraffin wax, microcystalline wax, transparent gel for candles.
Biosil Technologies, Inc.
A source for specialty raw materials. Manufacturers of Biosil Basics, also United States distributors for: Codif - seaweed and algae extracts. Exsymol - silanols, and pseudodipeptides. GfN - naturally derived active ingredients. Vinyals - Premium quality powdered botanical extracts.
Croda International Plc
Supplies chemical specialties, surfactants and high purity lipids to the personal care, household and pharmaceutical industries. Site has product list with INCI names, sample requests and contact information.
Desert Whale Jojoba Company
Producers of natural oils, involved in all aspects of the growing, processing, and shipping of their products. Site has product list, Jojoba growing and processing information, formulations, and sample request/contact information.
Dow Corning Personal Care
Personal care group manufactures silicone fluids, gums, emulsions, formulating aids, and specialty products for hair care, skin care, cosmetics, body washes, antiperspirants and deodorants. Site contains company history, product list, application data and contact information.
George Uhe Co.
Suppliers of raw material ingredients to manufacture pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic, and oral hygiene products.
Independent Chemical Corp.
Manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and industrial chemicals. Site has product lists, company history and contact information.
Laurichem, Inc.
Supplier of raw materials to companies manufacturing cosmetic, personal care, household, institutional and industrial cleaning products.
M-tech Aroma International Ltd.
ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of flavors and fragrances.
Peter Jarvis Developments
Provider of botanical extracts, development of formulae, manufacturing and filling of cosmetic preparations.
Renshel Exports Pvt., Ltd.
Manufacturers and exporters of all grades of Shellac, Seedlac, aleuritic acid and lac products.
Saraogi Shellac Overseas Corp
Manufacturer Exporters of Shellac Flakes and Seedlac from India. Used in Hair sprays (Pump sprays or aerosol sprays with propan-butan or DME), Hair setting lotions, Hair Shampoos, Mascara, Eyeliners, Nail Polishes, and Lipsticks.
Specializes in squalane production for cosmetic industries.
Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Founded in Barcelona to make contact with other professionals working within the cosmetics industry and to establish relationships with foreign societies. Includes a member directory, newsletter, and society information.
Tolaram Overseas Corporation
Exporter of seedlac, shellac, and other lac products. Information on the process of creating lac products.
Ultra Cosmetics
Produces cosmetic ingredients and chemicals for skincare.
Viva Corporation
Manufacturers of many types of chemicals, including ricinoleates and soap powders.
Xiangfan Xiangxi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Manufactures active cosmetic ingredients, herbal extracts and organic chemical intermediates. Products include arbutin, kojic and ursolic acid, capsaicin, anthocyanidin, and laurocapram.
Zenitech is a technically oriented company that utilizes innovative chemistry to create new, better, multifunctional products for hair, skin, sun and color applications.
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