Activated carbon is a material derived from organic materials, including fibrous natural materials such as coconut husk and sawdust. Their high surface area renders them effective as adsorbents or as supports for heterogeneous catalysts. Companies involved in the production and distribution of activated carbon materials are listed here.

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Activated Carbon Technologies Pty Ltd
Supplier of coal- and coconut-derived activated carbon and anthracite, offering products in powdered, granular, and pelletized forms. Primarily serves the Australia and New Zealand markets.
Calgon Carbon Corporation
Global producer of activated carbon in particulate and cloth form, as well as other process media and water treatment technology.
Carbon Activated Corp.
Manufactures and distributes granular, pelletized, and powdered activated carbon derived from coconut shell and coal. California.
CarboTech AC GmbH
The company is Germany‘s leading supplier of powdered, granulated, and extruded activated carbons. In addition, 30 years of experience in the production and development of Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) make CarboTech worldwide the partner of choice in the area of PSA-based nitrogen generation.
Great Bright Industrial Co.
Manufacturer of coconut shell activated carbon.
Liyang Zhuxi Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
Offers activated carbon made from charcoal, fruit shell, wood slacks and coal.
Nucon International, Inc.
Manufactures activated carbon for industrial and nuclear applications, with specialty mercury removal product. Also designs and services filtration and solvent vapor removal equipment. Located in Ohio.
Shanghai XingChang Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
Manufactures wood- and coal-based activated carbons, including products activated by steam and by treatment with zinc chloride and phosphoric acid), as well as carbon-based catalysts.
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