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Manufacturers and suppliers of catalysts and adsorbent materials. Catalysts interact with chemical substances and induce reaction of these substances, without themselves being converted. They are commonly divided into heterogeneous catalysts (solids that are not soluble in the reaction media), and homogeneous catalysts (which are miscible or soluble in the reaction media). Adsorbents are solid materials that interact with chemical substances in a gas or liquid phase, but do not chemically convert these substances. They are typically used in separation processes, for example to remove impurities. Catalysts and adsorbents are closely related because they share similar surface properties, and are often manufactured by the same companies.

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Applies high-throughput experimentation to the discovery of new materials, including catalysts used in the manufacture of chemicals, plastics and rubbers, through collaborative research agreements.
Baoji Rock Non-Ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd.
Researches, develops and manufactures metal catalysts.
CAI Catalysts, LLC
Provides process development and engineering and process control consulting to companies that develop and manufacture catalysts. Also offers catalyst formulation development and evaluation services.
Catacel Corporation
Ohio technology company offering solutions in the area of catalytic coatings, heat exchangers, and metal honeycombs, for applications in the environmental and energy sectors.
Catalyst Products
Provides environmental catalysis products and services.
Catalytic Solutions, Inc.
Develops and manufactures catalytic converters for automotive and stationary energy applications. Overview of technologies, corporate profile, and investor information. California.
Ceca Adsorbents
Supplier of activated carbons and aluminas, synthetic zeolites, and silica gels, for use in separation, purification, and drying processes.
CRI Catalyst Company
Subsidiary of Shell, specializing in catalysts for refinery processes, petrochemical manufacture, hydrogen production, and environmental applications.
Dalian Hongda Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X zeolites in China. Products targeted at the natural gas and chemical industries. Summary information.
Degussa Catalysts
Supplier of specialty products and services for hydrogenation, oxidation and polyolefins, including precious metal and Raney type catalysts.
Dynamic Adsorbents
Provides sorbents for preparative chromatography at the pilot and production scale. Products include alumina, silica gels, polyamide, a pesticide-selective sorbent, as well as tubing supplies.
GeeJay Chemicals
United Kingdom manufacturer of desiccants: silica gel, silica gel sachets and molecular sieves.
Grace Davison
Manufacturer of fluid cracking, hydroprocessing, and polyolefin catalysts, Raney metal catalysts, silicas, adsorbents and specialty products.
HRP Industries
Manufacturer of activated fullers earth. Used for the bleaching of industrial oils, mineral oils and edible oils.
Incal Mineral
Producer and exporter of natural clinoptilolite zeolite mined in Turkey. Overview of products and applications.
Johnson Matthey Catalysts
Large-scale producer of environmental, process, and fuel cell catalysts.
Kocat, Inc.
Korean producer of environmental catalysts and adsorbents for removal of CO, halogens, NOx, ozone, VOCs, and dioxins.
Nantong Dongyang Desiccant Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Supplier of silica gel desiccants and lime desiccants.
Refoil Earth Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of bleaching clays in India, converting raw material from its own mine using dry and wet processes, for use in refining vegetable and mineral oils, animal fats, and waxes.
Manufacturer in Slovenia of synthetic zeolites, silicates and specialty aluminas. Products find use in the chemical industry, detergent manufacture, papermaking, and as refractory components.
Süd-Chemie Group
Global surface science company specializing in adsorbents and catalysts, for markets including refining and petrochemicals, commodity chemicals, environmental, and fuel cells.
Taiyuan Xinli Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Producer of copper-based hydrogenation catalysts used in the production of furfuryl alcohol, as well as a range of nitrate salts.
Supplier of molecular sieve and alumina adsorbents and custom catalysts. Detailed overview of application areas.
Wisepac Active Packaging Components Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of desiccants and dehumidification supplies in pouches, canisters, strips, and other formulations. China.
Zappa Tec, LLC
USA. Manufacturers of super absorbent polymers for the solidification of medical and industrial liquid wastes. Technical information and FAQ.
Zeo Inc.
Producer of a range of natural zeolite products, for use in horticulture, as animal feed and filter media, and fillers. Located in Texas.
Zeochem AG
Manufactures molecular sieve (zeolite) adsorbents and catalysts, as well as silica gel for chromatography and desiccant applications. Headquartered in Switzerland.
Zeolyst International
Supplier of a wide range of zeolite catalysts and adsorbents, including custom zeolite powders, hydrocracking catalysts, and specialty catalysts.
Zhaoyuan Huiyuan Silica Gel Co., Ltd.
Specialty manufacturer of silica gel products in China.
Zhengzhou Gold Mountain Science And Technique Co. Ltd.
Production, research and development of zeolite molecular sieve products.

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