Oleochemicals are derived from vegetable and animal oils and fats, as well as from petrochemicals. They are themselves an intermediate chemical group used in diverse chemical sectors such as detergents, plastics, and coatings.

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Acme-Hardesty Oleochemicals
Marketer and distributor of vegetable oil and animal fat-based oleochemicals, flavor and fragrance chemicals.
Sourcing, design, manufacture and commercialization of vegetable oils for cosmetic and industrial use. Provides services such as physico chemical analysis, formulation, technological monitoring from Cedex, France.
Ambrogio Pagani S.p.A.
Producer of stearic acid, glycerine, and hydrogenated tallow from animal fats and vegetable oils, located in Italy.
Chempri BV
Sales organisation with oleochemical production sites of its own. The product package includes a wide range of vegetable-, animal- and mineral oils, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, esters and tensio-actives.
Derichem (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Soap noodles derived from palm oil based fatty acids. Palmsabun is renown for its superior whiteness, low odour, vegetable based, and biodegradability. Suitable for producing high quality toilet soap bars.
Faci S.p.A.
Producer of fatty acids, esters, and amides, metal stearates, and monoglycerides, for use in specialty chemicals and additive applications. Located in Italy.
Produces food-grade and kosher polyglycerol esters in a range of molecular weights. Located in Idaho.
Godrej Industries
Manufactures fatty acids, fatty alcohols, surfactants, and glycerine chemicals in India.
HB International (HBI) is a brokerage and agency specialized in oleochemicals and related products (glycerine, fatty acids, castor products), and food products (Basmati and thai rices, coffee).
Hudong Household Auxiliaries
Produces glycerides, gluconates, and derivatives for use in household chemicals and additives for the textile and plastic industries. Located in China.
Materia Oleochemicals
Manufacturers of fatty acids and glycerine from fats and oils (Mar del Plata - Argentina).
Matrix Sdn Bhd
Manufacturing group in Malaysia offering bleaching earths for vegetable oil processing, specialty oleochemicals, as well as food flavors and fragrances.
Organic Chemical Corp.
Manufacturers of glycerine specialty and bulk organic chemicals.
Procter & Gamble Chemicals
Manufactures and markets triglycerides, fatty acids and alcohols, tertiary amines, glycerine, and derivatives.
Rolex Lanolin Products, Ltd.
Manufacturer of lanolin anhydrous, linolin derivatives, oils and fats, cosmetic raw materials.
Sinar Oleochemical International, PT (SOCI)
Producer of fatty acids and glycerine from palm oils, located in Indonesia.
Unistar Oleochem Corporation
Producer of chemicals derived from coconut oil in the Philippines. Products include betaines, amine oxides, ethanolamides, alkonium chlorides, for application in the detergent and cosmetic industry.
VVF Limited
Manufacturer of fatty acids and alcohols, glycerine, and soap noodles, for use in personal care products. Located in India.
Wujiang Jinyu Lanolin Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer of lanolin in industrial, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical grades. Located in China.
Zibo Fenbao Chemical Co., Ltd.
Manufacturers of animal oleic acid, vegetable oleic acid, stearic acid, fatty acid.
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