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Acme Organics Private Limited
Indian manufacturer of agrochemicals,plant growth regulators, Rodenticides etc
The AllPro Vector Group
A manufacturer of larvicides and adulticides for the professional mosquito control industry.
Altosid mosquito control
Site containing details about Altosid, an environmentally safe mosquito larvicide which contains methoprene, an insect growth regulator (IGR) produced by Wellmark International.
Anhui Chlor-Alkali Chemical Group Co Ltd
Chinese producer of chlor-alkali chemicals and the insecticide monomehypo.
Apistan products containing fluvalinate for control of Varroa mite in bee hives.
Big F Insecticides, Inc
US company specializing in insecticides, foggers, and spray equipment for flour mills, feed mills, food processors, food warehouses and furniture storage.
Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd
Australian based pyrethrum industry.
Polish company supplying insecticides, rodenticides and other products.
Gharda Chemicals Ltd
Manufacturer of a wide range of pyrethroid and organophosphorus insecticides.
Green Mountain Co Ltd
International trader of insecticides and a range of other products. Based in Taiwan.
Helena Chemical Co.
Retail and wholesale sales of agricultural production products.
Jocanima Corporation
Company based in the Philippines, supplying insecticides and other crop protection products.
Mavrik Aquaflow
Site giving details of Mavrik Aquaflow (tau-fluvalinate) and Enstar II (S-Kinoprene), insecticides for use in greenhouses and nurseries.
Natural Insecto Products, Inc
US company producing Insecto, a diatomaceous earth insecticide for control of insects in grain and the home.
Oltquino SA
Romanian joint venture between Oltchim SA and the Spanish company, Inquinosa. Produces lindane and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Or.Ma Torino
Insecticides pyrethrum based, aerosol and liquid insecticides, automatic aerosol dispenser, light fly trap.
Parijat Agrochemicals
A 17 year old international trading company specializes in chemicals and agrochechemicals related to crop protection chemicals industry.
Pest Management
Manufacturer of safe and environmental friendly pesticides and plant growth promoter for professional and general use.
Pyranha, Inc
US company based in Houston, Texas, supplying a range of natural insecticides and systems for control of mosquitoes, flies and other insects in horse stables. Products mainly based on pyrethrum and pyrethrin.
Raja Sulphur Industries
Indian formulation company producing sulphur products and insecticide containing cartap, chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin.
Sanonda Agrochemicals, Pty., Ltd.
Australian company offers herbicides and insecticides to support high yields and improved efficiency in agriculture.
Sanonda Zhengzhou Pesticide Co Ltd
Chinese insecticide producer, which forms part of the Sanonda Group.
Scientific Fertiliser Company Pvt Limited
Indian company founded in 1935 selling a wide range of insecticide formulations and other products in the domestic market and for export.
A provider of commercial pest management and pest prevention solutions for the commercial marketplace.
Manufactures a line of insect control products for use in livestock operations, including fly, mosquito, and ant baits and poisons.
Superway Garden Products Pty Ltd
Australian company supplying insecticides for home and garden and agricultural uses. Based at Beerwah on Queensland's Sunshine Coast
Swicofil AG
Mosquito coils on the basis of natural pyrethrum for wholesale customers in Europe and overseas.
Tagros Chemicals India Ltd
Indian manufacturer of synthetic pyrethroids such as alpha-cypermethrin, permethrin, deltamethrin, both as technical and formulations.
Verim Insaat Turizm Ltd. Co.
Distributor of biological insecticides and pheromones. How-to, product, and contact information.
Vijay International
Manufacturer and exporters of mosquito repellent products based on natural extracts, including sprays, mats, coils, and candles. Located in India.
Walco-Linck Company
US company producing insecticides for control of ants, cockroaches and other insects.
Wangs Ltd
Chinese producer and supplier of insecticides and other agrochemicals, founded in 1998.
Wellmark International
US-based manufacturer and developer of insect and pest control products. Formerly known as Zoecon.
The World Pyrethrum Business Forum
Offers contacts, news and information about the World wide Pyrethrum Business - export, import, supply, industry or development projects.
Yancheng Huanglong Brand Pesticides Co., Ltd.
Producer of pesticides, fungicides, plant growth regulator, pesticide intermediates, fine chemical product, biochemical, and silk wadding product. Includes product, order, and contact information.
Zapi SpA
Italian supplier and manufacturer of insecticides and other products for domestic, professional and pest control uses.
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