This category is for websites representing establishments which are primarily engaged in the production of pesticides for agricultural or household use.
Also included are support industries such as associations, wholesalers, importers, and media companies focussing on the agrochemical pesticide sector.
There may be sub-categories for those that specialize in one of the following:
fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and rodenticides, or other agricultural chemicals.

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Ag-Chem Consulting LLC
US consulting firm specializing in pesticide science and registration.
Agro-care Chemical Industry Group Limited
Chinese basic producer and exporter of insecticide, herbicides and fungicides. It is one of the largest manufacturer of Dimethoate.
Agrow Intelligence
Agrochemical database tracking potential new crop protection products.
Swiss trading company which deals in chemical and biological pesticides.
US supplier of fire ant control and bait products based in Atlanta. Also supply lawn herbicides.
Anhui Fengle Agrochemical Co Ltd
Chinese producer of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and seed treatments. Part of Fengle Seeds Corp.
Asiatic Agricultural Industries
Agrochemical trader based in Singapore.
Bayer CropScience
One of the world's top three crop protection companies by sales turnover, producing herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed treatments.
Bessen Chemical Co. Ltd.
Chinese manufacturer and exporter of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and pesticide intermediates.
BioGents AG
German company which develops and tests insect attractants, repellents and insecticide formulations, with special focus on mosquito control.
Changzhou Fangzheng Chemical Co Ltd
Produces fine chemicals including pesticide intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Alliance of US regional pest management companies. Lists services, press releases and job openings.
Cresco Chemical Ltd
Hungarian trading company specializing in pesticides and pesticide intermediates. Also provides pesticide registration services.
Crop Protection Monthly
International business newsletter providing news, features, comment and conference reports from a European perspective. Over six years of past editions can be accessed freely from its website.
CropLife America
US trade association representing the major manufacturers, formulators and distributors of crop protection and pest control products. Formerly known as the American Crop Protection Association.
CropLife International
Global trade association, based in Brussels, Belgium, which represents the interests of the leading pesticide and plant science companies,as well as national and regional trade associations.
CWC Chemical
A distributor and manufacturer of herbicides.
Dart Seasonal Products Inc.
American supplier of tick and mosquito repellent.
DCV, Inc
Supplier of goose repellent products. Based in Delaware, US.
G L Industries (Eastern) Ltd
Indian producer of herbicides. Based in Calcutta.
Gowan Comercio Internacional e Servicos, Limitada
A provider of crop protection solutions for specialty crops and niche markets of agriculture.
Gowan Company
US company supplying crop protection products for specialty sectors. These include trees, vines, vegetables, turf and ornamentals.
Potassium bicarbonate plant fungicide for the prevention and cure of powdery mildew, black spot, blights, molds and other plant diseases.
HuBei XianLong Chemical Industry Co Ltd.
Chinese pesticide manufacturer whose main products are paraquat, myclobutanil, propargite, chlopyrifos and triazophos.
Indian pesticide formulation company.
Jiangsu Changqing Agrochemical Co.,Ltd.
One pesticide manufacturer in China providing many kinds of pesticide tech and formulation.
Jingma Chemicals Ltd
Manufacturer and supplier of pesticides, intermediates, and pharmaceuticals.
Jintan Huarui Chemical Factory.
Chinese chemical company producing a range of pesticide intermediates and the sulfonyl urea herbicides nicosulfuron, chlorimuron-ethyl and chlorsulfuron.
JMS Flower Farms, Inc
Florida-based producer of a high purity mineral oil, Stylet, used as a biodegradable fungicide and insecticide in integrated pest management programs.
Kenso Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd
Malaysian producer of pesticides and organic fertilizers.
Laboratorios Agrochem
Spanish pesticide company founded in 1987 supplying products such as bromadiolone, brodifacoum, difenacoum, imazalil and pheromones.
Liyang Yutian Chemical Co Ltd
Chinese producer of agrochemical intermediates.
Modi Auxiliaries and Chemicals
Producer of emulsifying surfactants for use in formulating pesticides, located in India. Technical data and dosage recommendations for various pesticide systems.
Producer of the herbicide, glyphosate, and of herbicide-resistant and insect-resistant genetically modified (GM) crops. Includes scientific data and investor information. Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Moritor Technologies
Californian pest monitoring services company which uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) to give growers information about crop status.
Mosquito Management Systems
US company manufacturing, distributing and installing mosquito control systems based on natural pyrethrum for use in North America and Mexico.
Nanjing Source Chemical Co., Ltd.
Chinese exporter of insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and rodenticide.
PECOPP Pest Control
Indian pest control company established in 1970 with expertise in termite control.
Pesticides webportal which contains insecticides, herbicides, acaricides, algicides, antifeedants, avicides, bactericides, bird repellents, hemosterilants, fungicides, safeners, insect attractants, insect repellents, rodenticides and virucides.
Premier Shukuroglou Ltd
Manufacturer and distributor of crop protection, crop nutrition, veterinary and public health products. Based in Nicosia, Cyprus, with subsidiary company in Greece.
Prophyta Biologischer Pflanzenschutz GmbH
German company which produces and markets biological plant protection products based on living micro-organisms.
Residex Corporation
US pest control distributor selling termiticides, rodenticides, insecticides and equipment.
RYM Exports
Indian company specialising in neem and its derivatives.
Sanonda Zhengzhou Pesticide Co Ltd
Chinese pesticide producer and formulator. Part of the Sanonda Group.
SciReg Inc.
US scientific, regulatory, and quality assurance consulting firm providing services for the pesticide and chemical industries.
Shenghua Group Agrochemical Company Ltd
Large Chinese producer of insecticides and other pesticides with 10 manufacturing and trading subsidiaries.
Summit Chemical
Producer of biological controls for insects and other pests, horticultural oils, and specialty insecticides.
Dutch research and development company specializing in adjuvants, formulations and application technology for agrochemicals.
Suvash Biogenics Pvt Ltd
Indian producer of bio-repellents, soil-conditioners, growth regulators and growth promoters.
Suzhou Xinlong Chemical Co Ltd
China-based manufacturer of pesticides and other chemical products.
Syngenta Crop Protection
US subsidiary of one of the world's leading crop protection companies, selling products in all the major areas of crop protection and seeds. Company head office in Basel, Switzerland.
Syngenta Crop Protection UK
UK subsidiary of one of the world's leading agribusinesses, operating across all major areas of crop protection and seeds.
Tagros Chemicals India Ltd
Indian generic pesticide manufacturer. Produces insecticides, fungicides and intermediates.
Spanish pesticide and fumigation company based in Seville.Also offers contract manufacturing services.
Zhangjiagang Tianheng Chemical Co Ltd
Chinese producer of fungicides and insecticides.
ZheJiang DongFeng Chem. Ind. Co.,Ltd.
Chinese enterprise engaged in the production of pesticides and intermediates. Product listing with properties and specifications.
Zhejiang HeBen Pesticide & Chemicals Co Ltd
Chinese producer of over 20 herbicide, fungicide and insecticide active ingredients, as well as intermediates.

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