The Fertilizers category comprises major manufacturers and distributors, trade organizations, and other sites specific to the fertilizer industry.

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Nitrogen fertilizer producer in Europe.
Advanced Fertilizing Technology Pty Ltd.
Supplier of water saving polymers chelates surfactants and liquid fertilizers.
Ag Specialties LLC
Nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, agriculture chemical wholesale distributors, brokers and traders. Specializing in micronutrient fertilizers. Oregon.
Agri-Gro Marketing, Inc.
A natural product promoting vigorous plant growth.
Provides fertilizer products to a variety of customers in agricultural, industrial, speciality and export markets.
Agxplore International
Agricultural products distributed internationally including micronutrients and fertilizers.
Alfreo Iñesta, S.L.
Liquid fertilizers, lack correctors, and biostimulators.
Algoflash America, Inc.
Sales of the Algoflash range of fertilizer products for garden and houseplants. Includes online ordering.
APEX Fertilizer
Find out about horticultural fertilizers featuring application-specific formulations that incorporate POLYON controlled-release technology.
Humic acid products and processes for agricultural and environmental applications.
Art Wilson Co.
Specializes in soil conditioners and amendments such as gypsum, limestone, sulfur, organic matter (compost) and water soluble polymers.
Baicor L.C.
Manufacturer of liquid organic based fertilizers for home and garden, turf and agriculture.
BEST Fertilizer
Fertilizer products and services for professional landscapers, golf course superintendents, and the entire turfgrass industry.
Black Gold Compost Co.
Provides Black Kow soil fertilizer. Includes detailed application information.
California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.
Dedicated to the development and growth of sustainable and organic farming techniques and fertilizer products. Profile, virtual store, customer survey.
CF Industries, Inc.
Nitrogen, phosphate, and potash fertilizers.
Chase Organics
Sells organic extracts and seaweed extracts used as foliar growth stimulants. UK.
Provider of agricultural products and services.
Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited
Pakistan's premiere fertilizer manufacturer.
Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited
A fertilizer manufacturing company in Pakistan.
The Fertiliser Association of India
Official site for the Indian fertiliser industry.
The Fertilizer Institute
TFI is the trade association representing the fertilizer industry.
The FMB Group
Specialists in fertilizer market intelligence. UK.
Gro-Power Inc.
Manufacturer of soil conditioner and fertilizer. Includes product information and a FAQ.
Grupo Agrimartin
Spanish manufacturer of organic, organomineral and mineral fertilizers.
H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc.
Producers of animal feeding supplements, organic and chemical fertilizers, sulphur, canned fish and vegetables.
Holland Farming
Manufacturer of biological growthpromoters(cropmax) and bio-pesticides (entomax) for professional agriculture, horticulture and floriculture.
ICL Fertilizers
Manufacturing group supplying inorganic fertilizers world-wide. Overview of company, products, and applications.
IMC Global Internet
A premier supplier of crop nutrients, animal feed ingredients, salt and specialty products for agriculture, home and industrial markets.
International Potash Company
Exporter of potash fertilizers from Russia and Belarus.
J.R. Peters, Inc.
Designer and custom toll manufacturer of fertilizer products for the horticulture, specialty agriculture and retail markets.
Global water chemistry company serving customers in water-intensive industries.
Kinseys Agricultural Services
Provides consultancy services to improve agricultural crop yields and quality through a soil fertility management programme.
The Kugler Company
A family owned fertilizer manufacturer specializing in liquid agricultural, lawn care, custom blended and specialty liquid fertilizers.
Lime Industries Pty Ltd
Australia's largest producer and distributor of lime putty including agricultural lime and metallurgical lime.
Masterblend International
Manufacturer of fertlizer for commercial growers and home gardeners worldwide.
Mediterránea de agroquímicos
Spanish manufacturer of liquid fertilizers for use with irrigation water and leaf spray.
Natural Resources Group
Offering organic fertilizers, pesticides and natural soil products.
North Pacific Group
Wholesale distributor of agricultural gypsum products.
Nutra-Flo Company
Manufacturer of liquid fertilizers. Includes technical information, application rates, and related research information.
Red Rooster Chicken Litter, the organic composted fertilizer made of chicken litter, sawdust and rice hulls, produces plants with stronger root systems and higher yields benefiting both farmers and gardeners.
Origin UK Operations Limited
For grassland, soil, crops, cereals, forestry, agriculture and farming.
Perfect Blend, LLC
Manufactures organic fertilizers using a patented process. Provides information about the products and application.
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan
Commercial producer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash in Canada.
PowerRich Corporation
Manufactures fertilizers for all plant crops. Company and product details.
Water soluble plant food formulations for crops and flowering plants.
Puccioni S.p.A.
Specializes in the production and sales of agricultural fertilizers, based in Italy.
Qatar Fertiliser Company
Producer of Urea and Amonia.
Ravensdown Fertiliser Coop.
Farmer owned fertiliser co-operative. Information, products and services, market prices, education, employment, feedback, newsletters and publications.
Agricultural liming material.
Renaissance Fertilizers
Fertilizers for lawns and gardens, commercial lawn and garden maintenance, golf courses and used by organic farmers.
Spray-N-Grow Inc.
Produces liquid micronutrient solutions and various soil amendments for gardening, agricultural use, and hydroponics. Includes wholesale information and online ordering of the gardening products.
Producer of specialty fertilizers and inorganic industrial chemicals, headquartered in Chile. Fertilizer products include nitrate, sulfate, and borate field fertilizers, and water-soluble formulations.
Sterling Farm Research and Services
Manufacturer of blended fertilizer and soil conditioner, based in Kerala India.
Stoller Australia Liquid Fertilisers
Liquid fertiliser products for agriculture.
Sunniland Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of lawn, garden and tree fertilizers and soil mixtures.
Sustane Natural Fertilizers
Organic based fertilizers, soil amendments and plant biostimulants.
West Coast Marine Bio-processing Corp.
Manufacturer of a seaweed (kelp) based fertilizer to aid plant growth and garden crop yields.
Western Fertiliser Technology Pty Ltd
Manufactures liquid fertilisers for the broad-acre and horticultural industries.
Whitaker Distribution, Inc.
Dealer and distributor of agricultural chemicals operating throughout the United States.

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