The Business and Society/Ethnicity/Hispanic_and_Latino category contains sites which pertain to the interaction between businesses, organizations, and governmental bodies for the Hispanic and Latino ethnic group. Most sites in this category will focus on the social, economic, or environmental impact of businesses, while many will deal with ethics and social responsibility as it pertains to business. This category focuses on American Latinos, including, but not limited to, Mexican-Americans/Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Cuban-Americans, and Central and South Americans living in the United States.

Sites about ethnic societal issues not directly related to ethnic business should be submitted to a subcategory of Society/Ethnicity/Hispanic_and_Latino. Sites for businesses will not be listed in this category, but should be submitted to the specific category for the type of business.

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Latin Business Association
A nonprofit professional association dedicated to the success of Hispanic businesses worldwide.
National Society for Hispanic Professionals
Serves to empower Hispanic Professionals with networking and leadership opportunities and to provide information on education, careers and entrepreneurship.
New America Alliance
Organization united to promote the economic advancement of the American Latino community, with a focus on economic and political empowerment and public advocacy.
Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists (MAES)
Founded for the purpose of increasing the number of Mexican Americans and other Hispanics in the technical and scientific fields.
U.S. Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Established in 1973 this organization promotes trade, investments and joint ventures on both sides of the US-Mexico border.
United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Works to advocate, promote and facilitate the success of Hispanic business
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