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Businesses offering bug sweeping and other associated counter-surveillance services. These businesses employ a number of different techniques to detect and/or prevent the operation of unauthorised installations of surveillance technology.

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AEGIS Defence Services Ltd
Security consultants specialising in technical surveillance countermeasures, information security and corporate investigations. Based in Scotland.
Audio Visual Security Ltd.
CCTV products and equipment.
Audiotel International
Manufacturer of counter surveillance electronics including harmonic receivers, junction detectors, bug and mobile phone detectors and cable checkers. Located in Corby, United Kingdom.
Communication Security Inc.
Technical surveillance countermeasure services. Bay City, Texas.
CPT International Ltd.
Covert surveillance training, countermeasures, and technical security as well as exhibition and corporate event security.
EED Co, Inc
Offer counter-surveillance sweep services. Tools used, credentials and contact details. Based in New York, USA.
Executive World Services
Assistance to business and government in the detection and nullification of electronic information theft and eavesdropping systems. Braselton, Georgia.
Granite Island Group
Telecommunications security, counterintelligence, and security consulting. Based in Massachusetts.
International Procurement Services Ltd.
Features security equipment for government and corporate users. Specializes in electronic counter measures and team training. UK based.
Murray Associates
Eavesdropping detection and counterespionage consulting services. Includes espionage newsletter archive and downloadable guidance on security and bug detection. Based in Oldwick, New Jersey, USA.
Professional Development TSCM Group Inc.
Offers professional level services and advanced training for government, military, law enforcement, corporate, and the financial sector.
Research Electronics International
Offer training in how to conduct counter-surveillance investigations. Also design and manufacture electronic countermeasure equipment. Based in Algood, Tennessee, USA.
Spy Nexus Inc.
Bug detectors, counter-surveillance equipment, telephone tap and phone wiretap detection devices, and body wire detectors.
Technical Security Consultants Inc.
Services in the areas of electronic countermeasures and protection of proprietary information, training and seminars. Carrollton, Georgia.
TSCM Services
Debugging and eavesdropping detection training and services. Based in South Africa.
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