Sites for organizations promoting and representing the investigation industry throughout the world.

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Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators
Promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of Private Investigating
ASIS International
An association dedicated to developing educational programs and materials, conducting advocacy, and administering certification programs in security management, investigations, case management and physical security.
Association of British Investigators
British based body for investigators. Also has Information articles and members directory.
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Organization dedicated to fighting fraud and white-collar crime.
Association of Christian Investigators
A professional association for investigators designed to bring integrity to the industry and to provide a non-competitive environment for members to share information.
California Association of Licensed Investigators
Licensed private investigators and private patrol operators in California.
Canadian Association of Professional Investigators
Offering networking, professional resources and training for investigators across Canada.
Council of International Investigators
International organization of private investigators and security consultants established in 1955 with membership in over 45 countries.
Council of Private Investigators Ontario
A non-profit corporation whose purpose is to serve the interests of licensed private investigators in the province of Ontario.
Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
Promoting ways to increase professionalism and education.
High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Association of high-technology criminal investigators.
Institute of Professional Investigators
An association dedicated to increasing the professionalism of investigators.
International Association of Arson Investigators
Includes events, membership, committees, contacts, educational foundation, and awards.
International Association of Auto Theft Investigators
Formed to improve communication and coordination among professional auto theft investigators.
International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators
Members have access to egulator archives, model laws, the membership directory, and meeting minutes.
National Association of Fraud Investigators - NAFI
Fraud investigation association with international memberships. Has a searchable directory of members.
National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators
Membership, education, and recognition information.
Professional Investigators Association of BC
Professional licensed private investigators and security consultants in British Columbia.promoting ethics, development and education.
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
The premier online community for knowledge professionals all around the globe.
South Carolina Private Investigators Association
A PI association that educates the private and legal investigator throughout the Southeast.
United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network
A network of private investigators and detectives throughout the UK exchanging knowledge and business.
World Association of Professional Investigators
The professional body promotes the investigative profession internationally and providing networking opportunities. It has industry news, a directory and other benefits.
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