This category organizes sites for businesses that provide emergency planning, disaster preparedness, and related services to other businesses and corporations (B2B), communities, and government agencies (B2G).

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Providers of emergency services and restoration following large scale damage events caused by natural and man-made disasters.
Albion Research Ltd.
Provides articles, seminars, and training on risk analysis and business risk management resources.
Offers an emergency notification service that facilitates contingency planning, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery.
American Red Cross Business & Industry Guide
Offers a step-by-step approach to emergency planning, response and recovery for companies of all sizes.
Bushfire Protection Planning
Offers planning advice on how to best protect your home and land in the event of a bushfire.
Business Contingency Preparedness
Offers training and awareness programs, contingency and plan validation, and recovery agreements. Based in Texas.
Business Emergency Management Planning (NIOSH)
Provides guidance documents for businesses about preparedness and planning for a range of emergency situations.
Clark Reynolds & Co.
Provides a modular system for governmental bodies and hospitals. Features product details, emergency plans, and exercises.
Continuity Forum
Publishes news, support and advice for organisations and individuals for developing Business Continuity Management skills.
Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association
Provides disaster preparedness and emergency response reference material, job opportunities, and related information.
Disaster Recovery Journal
Offers information and tools across the business continuity spectrum. Associated with a quarterly publication of the same name.
The Disaster Recovery Planning Guide
This disaster recovery planning portal is intended to be a launch pad for those seeking help with the business continuity planning process.
Disaster Scope Inc
Provides services to help governments and businesses prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate against natural disasters.
E Team Inc
Offers emergency management and response software, and provides news and general information.
El Camino Disaster Recovery
Offers disaster recovery services including equipment and IT hardware replacement.
Emergency Management Network
An interactive educational information resource site covering topics used by emergency managers, students in the field, and security professionals.
Emergency Planning College
A UK Government site which provides schedules for emergency planning training for emergencies.
Reusable tubes filled with water for flood defense and as a sandbag replacement.
Forum for Disaster Recovery
An interactive portal which provides information and background to assist with disaster recovery planning.
Offers security services including investigations, consulting, background screening and facility design.
Husdal: Supply Chain Risk
A gateway to journal articles, research papers, books, websites and other resources related to supply chain risk and business continuity.
Intrado Inc.
Provides 911 operations support systems services to incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers and wireless carriers. (Nasdaq: TRDO).
ISO 22301 News
Portal, information and forum dedicated to the ISO 22301 business continuity management standard.
Provides templates for disaster recovery plans, security manuals, and IT service management.
Provides articles, news, a vendor and solution directory and other resources related to disaster recovery planning.
iXP Corp
Describes assurance and systems integration services which are provided for availability, reliability and security within systems and communication technology environments.
Message 911
Offers interactive voice messaging solutions for emergency notification.
Paragon Technical Services
Provides customized security, environmental and emergency management inspection and oversight services to private and governmental clients.
PAS56: Introduction To ISO 22301
Book gives introduction to the emerging ISO 22301 business continuity standard.
Post Trauma Resources
Provides trauma response services after personal, duty and work-related disaster.
Offers risk management and business continuity solutions for computer, telecommunications and other critical operations.
Public Safety Canada - Emergency Management
Provides management information to safeguard lives and reduce damage to property by fostering better preparedness for emergencies.
A federal government website, offering emergency planning advice and help for businesses, including a range of publications and support materials.
TeleMinder Emergency Notification
Disaster recovery, business continuity, and staff notification via telephone, fax, e-mail, or SMS.

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