CaseBank Technologies Inc.
CaseBank develops and delivers experience-based Decision Support solutions reducing equipment maintenance costs and increasing uptime for the manufacturing, aerospace, petrochemical, and related sectors.
Customer Contact Solutions
Complete customer contact solutions enabling clients to outsource all or any part of their inbound and outbound customer contact needs.
Customer Focus Consulting
Customer service consultant specializing in customer satisfaction, strengthened customer retention and loyalty, as well as increased employee commitment.
Bringing traditional supportive human contact to the new economy of eBusiness. Enabling your ecommerce website with a live sales and support staff, eCRM with a human touch. Add an experienced eSales customer service center to your site today.
The ITIL Open Guide
A public wiki site dedicated to the ITIL approach to IT and customer support and management.
KR Consulting
Management consulting firm for help desks and customer support centers.
Maconomy, a publicly-traded company, is the only provider of fully integrated eBusiness enterprise software that optimizes the service industries.
PhoneWare Call Center
PhoneWare call center solutions serving the telecommunications, educational, pharmaceutical, travel and tourism, insurance, financial and automotive industries.
Pivotal Corporation
XML-based demand chain networks that deliver personalized customer experiences; unify Internet commerce, CRM, eSelling, and wireless technologies; guide intelligent commerce; and integrate the demand chain with the supply chain.
Platinum Rule
Learn more about how charismatic you are and how charisma affects you personal and professional success.
Call center consultant services for customer satisfaction and improved business.
SafeHarbor Technology Corp.
Provides customer support solutions leveraging multiple channels, including e-mail, telephone, chat and the web.
Provides customer support services to businesses, including training and outsourcing.
Offers independent news and learning resources for CRM and call center professionals. Includes targeted search, learning tools and daily news.
Sitel Corporation
Delivering telephony based customer relationship management solutions and project management.
Sms for Service
Ensuring service excellence with the use of innovative sms technology,a short code number and the Internet.
SSI Partners
Offers help in maximizing the revenue and cost savings via remote service offerings.
Research consulting firm that aligns organizations with their customers.
Unicom Telecommunications
Specializing in order fufillment for each and every business type.
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