This category is for sites offering translation from English to Spanish, from Spanish to English, and related services in Spanish and English only. Sites offering more than two languages are listed in the regional category under Multiple_Language.
Translation and proofreading in Spanish and English.
ACS Spanish Translations
Translation in English and Spanish.
Adriana Rosado and Bonewitz
Translation, editing, DTP and cultural training in Spanish and English, located in Chicago, USA.
Alain Gelbman
Translation and interpreting in Spanish and English, based in the USA.
AlfaTrad Translation Services
Translation from English to Spanish, also web localization and express service.
Allied Enterprises
Translation and interpreting in Spanish and English. Based in Chicago, United States.
Amira C. Scarpero
Translation in Spanish, based in the United States. Bilingual site.
Brinckmann International
Translation in technical and business fields. Freelancer Jennifer Brinckmann based in Guadalupe, Mexico.
CA Translation Services
Specialized in the English to Spanish and Spanish to English language pairs. Toronto, Ontario.
Carl Vega
Interpreting and language teaching in Spanish and English. Freelancer based in New Jersey, United States.
Casa Hispana
Translation and interpreting in the medical, administrative and legal fields, in the San Francisco Bay area, USA.
Celine L Cavallo
[Flash needed] Translation of medical research papers. Freelancer based in unknown location.
Centos Translations
General and technical translation, transcription and proofreading, in Spanish and English.
Chapel Hill Institute for Cultural and Language Education
Spanish-English language education, translation, interpretation, and cultural training.
Charles Solinger
Translation in Spanish and English. Company based in San Francisco, CA, United States.
Chilean Language Services
Volume translation, editing and proofreading in Spanish and English.
Diana Dall'Occhio
Translation and court certified interpreting in English and Spanish. Freelancer based in California, United States.
EDF Serranillos
Translation in Spanish and English. Located in Venezuela.
Translations from English to Spanish for documents, presentations, essays and other materials.
Emilio F. Gironda Calder├│n
English and Spanish translation service.
Energylit Translations
Technical and literary translation. Resources for translators.
English Spanish Translation
Free English to Spanish translations and resources.
English to Spanish Raleigh
Translation from English to Spanish. Company located in North Carolina, United States.
English-Spanish Translations
Translation in English and Spanish.
Ferrari Haines Language Services
Freelance translator based in Cambridge, UK. Technical and general translation services from and into English and Spanish, in many different subject areas for businesses, organizations and private individuals.
Genel Translators
Translation, editing and proofreading in English and Spanish. Private practitioner based in Mexico.
Gritty Spanish
How to speak Spanish fluently by listening and reading real Spanish.
Hans Mendoza
Translation, official translation and interpretation in English and Spanish. Based in La Paz, Bolivia.
Indo Trans
Translation service based in Washington DC, USA.
International Language Services
Translation in English and Spanish.
English-Spanish conference interpretation, court certified interpretation, translation, and review.
JB Spanish Translator
Translation from English into neutral Spanish or localized for Spain. Freelancer Jaime Bonet based in France.
Language services in English and Spanish, aimed at the market between Mexico and the USA.
Language Think Tank
Team of certified translators specializing in English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations. Translation, interpreting, subtitling, transcription, editing, ghostwriting.
Translation and interpreting in Spanish and English.
Maria Hodges
Translation of promotional materials in English and Spanish.
Maril├║'s Translation Services
Translation in English-Spanish-English. Company of five translators based in San Diego, United States.
MBrowne Marketing Translations
An advertising and marketing firm based in Mexico City focused on Hispanic marketing and translation for the U.S. and Latin American markets, specializing in all types of customer and employee communications.
Translation of business documents in Spanish and English.
Nuria Casasayas
Translation and localisation from English to European Spanish and Catalan.
Translation and transcription in English and Spanish.
Translation, proofreading and voice-over in Spanish and English.
Raul Dominguez
Translation in English and Spanish in the technical, scientific, commercial and engineering fields.
Ricard Lozano
Technical translation, web site and software localization in Spanish.
Rodrigo Ortiz-Monasterio Q.
Translation from English to Spanish, and original copywriting services. Based in Mexico.
Translation, proofreading and interpreting in Spanish and English. Company based in Spain.
SP Translations
Translation in the technical fields.
Spanish Medical Translation
Freelance translation services of medical documents.
Spanish Pronto
ATA Certified Translator, for English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translations.
Spanish Steps
Translation from English into Spanish. Company based in London, United Kingdom.
Spanish Translators Online
Translation in Spanish and English in the business, legal and technical fields.
Strictly Spanish Translation Agency
Translation, editing and proofreading, and print services in English and Spanish, in the medical, academic, financial and hospitality fields. Company based in the United States.
Translation, proofreading and bilingual DTP in English-Spanish. Agency based in Albany, NY, United States.
World Class
Translation and interpretation services between English and Spanish.
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