This category is for sites offering translation from English to Japanese, Japanese to English, and related services in Japanese and English only. Sites offering more than two languages are listed in the regional category under Multiple_Language.

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Access Japan Pty Ltd
Japanese-English translation. Based in Belair, South Australia.
Technical translation of English<>Japanese, and marketing. Based in Japan.
General and technical Japanese to English translations. Based in Dublin, Ohio.
English-Japanese translation, web site localization and promotion services. Located in Farmington, Connecticut.
Bethel English Language Center
Translation in English<>Japanese. Company based in Japan.
Translation company specializing in financial, legal, and web site translations between Japanese and English. Based in Tokyo, Japan.
Chandler Translations
Technical translation in English<>Japanese. Company based in Japan.
Christopher Field
Japanese interpretation and technical translation services. Based in Lincoln, Massachusetts.
Creative Links Ltd.
Translation in English>Japanese of web sites, Japanese search engine submission, and e-mail translation. Based in Japan and Singapore.
Fontaine Limited
Technical and business translation from Japanese to English by native speakers of English. Company based in Japan.
Fuji Global Translation
General Japanese-English translation service based in Champaign, Illinois.
Fushiki Pty Ltd
Japanese-English translation in the finance field. Based in Australia.
GBC Translations
Translation from Japanese to English. Based in Fukushima,Japan.
Honyaku Plus
Japanese to English translation service specializing in medical and technical translation. Based in Japan.
Hyman Translations Limited
Japanese to English translation service based in Japan.
JAC Translations
Translation, interpreting between Japanese and English. Based in London, United Kingdom.
Japan Communications Inc.
Translation, interpretation, web site localization and promotion services in Japanese and English. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Jen, Inc.
Seattle based Japanese language multi-media service company. Publishing, planning, writing, editing as well as designs for publications, catalogs, fliers, and brochures.
Jenny Harry
Japanese to English technical translation, medical writing and editing services. Based in Bondi, Australia.
JN Productions
Japanese and English translations for advertising campaigns, tourism promotions and business presentations. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
John F. Bukacek
Japanese-English technical translator and interpreter, specializing in the chemical and biomedical areas. Based in Chicago, Illinois.
JPNZ International
Translation and publishing of Japanese vehicle handbooks and workshop manuals. Based in New Zealand.
KAN Communications
Translation between Japanese and English. Certified translation of licenses, certificates, and other official documents. Members certified by ATIO, a CTTIC organization. Toronto, Ontario.
Kieffer International
Technical translation in Japanese and English. Company based in Ohio, United States.
Linkup Services
Offers translation, website localization and marketing services. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Metaphoria Productions
Translation, interpreting, and voice-over services into and from Japanese. Based in Claremont, California.
Michiko Yoshifuji
Translation, writing, production, web site development and research services in English and Japanese. Based in Commack, New York.
Nakamura Communications
Translation and web site translation in Japanese and English. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Nora Stevens Heath
Japanese-English translation service based in Clinton Township, Michigan.
Ohashi High Technology
Technical, patent and web translation, software localization from English into Japanese. Based in New York City, New York.
Pacific Dreams, Inc.
Offers Japanese-English translation, interpretation and software localization. Specializes in the semiconductor industry and other engineering fields. Offices in Salem and Hillsboro, Oregon.
Pacific Translations
Japanese to English translation, based in the United States.
Phil Gibbon
Translation from Japanese to English for the games industry. Freelancer based in Tokyo, Japan.
Philip Ronan
Freelance technical translator based in Exeter, UK.
Prov Communications, Inc.
Translation, web site localization, advertising and document production in English and Japanese. Company based in Japan.
Quality Japanese Translations
Translation in Japanese and English in the business, technical and medical fields. Based in Tokyo, Japan.
Rick Davis
Japanese to English environmental translation. Based in Yamanashi, Japan.
Rising Sun Communications Ltd.,
Japanese to English technical translation services. Based in London, England.
Sadao Sasaki
Offers English-Japanese IT translation services. Located in Portland, Oregon.
Samurai Translators
Translation in English and Japanese. Company based in Fukuoka, Japan.
Silver Bridges
A Honolulu-based foreign language firm specialising in Japanese legal, business and technical translation and interpreting work.
Smack Translations
Translation between Japanese and English. Based in Okinawa, Japan.
Sophia Enterprises, Inc.
Translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, subtitling, and voice-over services in Japanese and English. Based in Los Angeles, California.
Japanese-English translations. Based in Japan.
Struggling Artists International
English and Japanese translation services including scripts, copywriting, narration and web sites. Based in Tokyo, Japan.
Sydrose LP
Japanese to English translation of technical documents. Located in San Jose, California.
Takao Ueda
Translation, correction, and editing in English/Japanese. Based in New York.
Taniwaki & Associates, Inc.
Japanese to English consecutive and escort interpretation, translation and research services. Based in Washington D.C..
Technical English Service, Ltd.
English-to-Japanese technical translation. Based in Chiba, Japan.
Technical Publications Service
Translation of technical documentation, localization and desktop publishing in English and Japanese. Based in Yokohama, Japan.
Translation Tomoko
Vancouver, BC, based native Japanese translation service. A division of LingoStar Language Services Inc.
Technical translation (naval architecture) in Japanese and English. Company based in Japan.
Tricycle Media
Translation, editing, copywriting and document review in Japanese in the computer technology, legal, medical, marketing and sports fields. Based in San Francisco, California.
Translation between English and Japanese with a focus on linguistic structural differences.
Yoshio Omata
Translation in Japanese-English. Group of translators based in Fukuoka, Japan.
Yuko Ohnaka
English-Japanese translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, editing, copywriting and language instruction. Based in New York.
Osaka based general and technical translation between Japanese and English.

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