This category is for sites offering translation from English to French, from French to English, and related services in French and English only. Sites offering more than two languages are listed in the regional category under Multiple_Language.

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A. Dobigeon & C. De Crignis
Anne Dobigeon and Catherine De Crignis. Two freelance translators, both working from English into French. Located in France.
Access France
Language instruction and translation, in French. Help with travel plans to France.
Adelaide Translation
English-to-French translations, based in Toronto, Canada.
Alex Edelman and Associates
Proofreading and technical writing for non-mothertongue English speakers, in the biosciences and medical research fields.
Translation, editing and proofreading in French and English. Company based in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Site in English and French.
Anglo Franco Communications
Translating services from French to English and vice-versa. Ottawa, Ontario.
Anne LeMaire
Translates medical and dental text between English and French.
Anne Pietrasik
Freelance medical translator and interpreter living in France. UK qualified registered General Nurse, French qualified Psychomotor Therapist.
Antoine Emeriaud
Translation from English into French. Specialization in technical translation and audio-visual localization.
Automotive Translation Services
Translates documents and cd-roms describing mechanical and electronic systems - from English to French.
BiWord Translations
English to French translation, transcription, proofreading and subtitling. Toronto, Ontario.
CC Translation
English and French translation of technical projects, web sites, and general business. Located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada |
CC Translation
Professional English to French translation Whitby, Ontario.
Translation in English and French.
Communications PDG
Specializes in French copywriting, translation and adaptation from English for marketing and advertising in the Canadian and North American markets.
Cote Mitchell
Translation and copy-editing from French into English. Paul Raymond and Constantia Mitchell from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Site in English and French.
Exact Translations
Translation services in Canada including general and medical translation as well as product labelling. Lists past clients.
Localization and translation into French for business and export. Rates, services and portfolio. Based in Vancouver, BC.
English to French translation for environmental, IT and travel and tourism texts.
French Translation
Provides English to French translation of all types of documents. Includes examples of previous areas of work.
French Translations
French to English translation services based in South Africa.
French-English Translator
Translator and proof-reader, mainly from French to English. Bilingual site.
Sworn translation in French and English.
English to French translation. Includes pricing. Quebec, Canada.
Provides English and French translation services in business, technical and HTML/website areas. Based in Alberta, Canada.
Johnny Translates
Freelance translator based in Montreal, Canada, offering English to French translation service and also writing and voice-over in French.
Joshua L. Sigal
Freelance translator. Client list, samples and rates. Bilingual site.
Just French Translation
English to French translation service based in Huntington Beach, California.
KES Translate
Translation, proofreading and editing from French to English, in the business and environmental fields.
Kevin L. Erwin, Biomedical Translation
French to English translation and other linguistic services in the field of biomedical sciences.
Kevin Solan
Translation and audio work in English and French.
A La Carte Translations
English to French translation and proof-reading services for businesses and individuals.
A La French
French - English translation and interpretation services. Based in South Africa.
La Ruche
Translation and copywriting in English and French. Company in Québec, Canada.
Laidley Corporation
English to French translation based in Ottawa, Canada.
A Langue L'Aise
French to English translations and proof reading by English mother tongue bilingual translator. Based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.
Les Traductions MAC Translations
Translations for French markets in Canada and Europe. Also offers desktop publishing. Quebec based.
Lexème etc. inc.
English-French, French-English, translation, adaptation, copywriting, proofreading, revision, scripting, subtitles. Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Lorraine Translation
Translation in English and French.
Lottie White Translation
Provides a full service French-to-English translation and revision service. Broad range of subject areas including forestry, environmental issues, industry and engineering. Based in Toronto, Canada.
Lucie Joyal
Certified translation in English and French. Bilingual site, services.
Translation in English and French. Single page.
Marc Jaspard
Interpreting and translation services in French and English. Single page.
Marie-France Arnou
Translation from English into French. Includes credentials and services provided. Based in France.
Michel Mullejans
Professional English to French translator with 25 years of experience. Includes details of services and references.
Naked Translations
Translation and interpreting between English and French. Includes a translation weblog.
Paule Bourbonnais
English-French translation by a professional translator. Based in Quebec, Canada.
Property Translations
Helps consumers with translation relating to property conveyancing in France.
Real Translation
Technical translation in English and French, in the combustion, mineral industry and IT fields.
Renaud Expertise
Translation, revising and proofreading in English and French in the aerospace, automotive, engineering and information fields.
Robert K. Henderson
Translation in French and English, Canada.
Sandrine Constant-Scagnetto
Translation from English to French, based in Paris.
Sci-Tech Translations
Translation from French to English.
Scott's Quality Translations
Freelance translator based in the United States. Details of specialisation and experience.
Segment Scientific & Language Integration
Technical translation in the fields of science, technology and medicine, from English into French. Toronto based.
Technospeak Technical Translations
Translation in English and French for businesses and commercial fields.
English to French translation, based in Sterling, Virginia, USA.
Translation in English and French, based in France.
Translation in English and French in the medical field.
TransCanada Translations
Translation services from English to French Canadian. Sudbury, Ontario.
Translation from French to English.
Translate Solution
Translation in English and French. Agency in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Tressa Rappold
Translation and interpretation in French and English.
Word 4 Word
Specialist in basic and technical English to French and French to English translation. Acton, Ontario.

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