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1World Resources
Certified translation into English for the United States. Agency based in Florida, United States.
A1 Translation
Translation in 27 languages
A2Z Global
Features description of translation and localization services and contacts.
AAA Translation
German software localization service, web translation, translating and interpreting in all languages, cultural and international consulting, VIP services, free quote.
ABC Translation Service
Offer translation and interpreting services in over 150 languages.
Abglobal Translations
Founded in 1979. Provides translations services for science, industry, business, law and medicine in all languages.
Accent Network
Translation, interpreting, voice-over and editing. Based in the United States.
Accents Perfect Translations
Specialize in technical and business Spanish, French, and German.
Translations in most Eurasian languages.
Accurate Translation Bureau
ATB provides certified interpretation and translation services in all languages and all subjects throughout the Chicagoland area.
ACR Translations
Translation in Spanish and English of medical and pharmaceutical documents, by medical doctors and nurses.
Advanced Language Solutions
Certified translations of legal documents, and interpreting in 6 languages. Introduction and services.
Advanced Translations
Translation in over 60 languages.
AE Translations, Inc.
[Flash needed] Translation in all languages, in the oil and gas, medical, technical and legal fields.
Affinity Languages
Language services for business and industry. Translation, interpretation, software and web site localisation, copywriting, editing and all language subjects.
Africa Translation
Translation in mainly Arabic and Amharic, and other African languages. Company based in Washington DC, United States.
Agnew Tech-II
[Flash needed] Translation, localisation, globalisation and voiceover for video, software, and web sites in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Farsi and Armenian.
AK2 Translation
Offers translations of legal, technical, medical and business documents, between Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, and English.
Alessandra Di Pofi
Translation from English and German to Italian.
Alex's Translation Services
Translation in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
All Language Alliance, Inc
Interpreting and translations including medical, technical, financial, and legal into over 81 languages.
All Translations
Translation and related services in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Polish and Swedish. Company based in the United States.
All-European Language Bureau
Translation in European languages, based in the United States.
American Evaluation and Translation Service (AETS)
Certified translation in 81 languages, as well as foreign education and work experience credential evaluation. Company based in Miami Beach, FL, United States.
American Translation Partners
International network of interpreters and translators for Asian and European languages. Specialising in software localisation, legal interpreting and medical translation.
American Translator
[Flash needed] Translation in two languages. Offices in Los Angeles, United States and Toronto, Canada.
Apex Translations, Inc.
Provider of document translation services in multiple languages. Based in Plymouth, North Carolina.
Arial Global Reach
Localisation and search engine placement. Services and introduction.
The Arvisom Translation Center
Translation in English, German, French, Spanish, Persian and others, in business, financial and legal field.
Asian Translation Service
Translation, interpretation, proofreading, editing, and transcription into and from Burmese, Cambodia, Cebuano, Chinese, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Malay, Mongolian, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese.
AsianA Communications
Chinese translation, interpreting, typesetting, voice over and software localization.
Asist Translations Services
Translation, typesetting and interpreting in Columbus, USA, in Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Somali, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.
Translation in all languages. Company based in the United States.
At Professional Translating Services
Written translation, conference interpreting, court interpreting and multimedia production in several languages. Company based in Miami, FL, United States, with branches in Atlanta and New York.
Atlas Language Services
Translation and interpreting in various fields. Introduction, services and directions.
Auerbach International
Translation, localisation, interpreting and media related services in over 80 languages. Twin companies based in California, United States.
Language translation, web sites and prepress output. Specializes in non-latin scripts like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese.
Babble-On Translations
Translation, interpreting, localisation and web site design in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Diana Holguera and Benny Zadik from their company based in San Francisco.
Bien Fait Translations
Translation from French, KiKongo ya Bandundu and Lingala to English, mostly in technical fields.
BLI Translations
Boston based translation service, interpreting, website translating, desktop publishing, and voice-overs in over 140 languages, for global marketing solutions.
Bochert Translations
International translations for business, media, literary, and personal purposes in most languages.
Bromberg & Associates
Provides translation, interpreting and cultural awareness services in more than 150 languages. Also website localization, voice-over and subtitling, multilingual desktop publishing, language training, and bilingual staffing solutions. Hamtramck, MI.
Bulgarian Translators on the Web
Bulgarian translators providing translation and interpretation, web design, cross cultural consulting and training.
Burg Translations, Inc.
Technical, scientific, legal and commercial translations for businesses in all major languages.
Business 2 Translate
Translation in English, Italian, French and German. Company based in Boca Raton, FL, United States.
BusinessCorp Translations
Document and website translation for Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, Creole, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian and English. Based in Florida, United States.
Cals Translations
Japanese and English translations in most areas of technology, medicine, business and general documentation as well as web site and software localization.
CardioScript International
Offering medical writing, medical editing, medical translations, scientific writing, scientific editing and scientific translations.
Carolina Translations
Translation and interpreting in Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and English. Based in Hickory, North Carolina, United States.
Translation in market research and marketing in English, French and Spanish.
Certified Translation Services
Translation, interpreting, web site translation, sign language interpretation and telephone interpretation in over 40 languages. FAQ, services, legal agreement and rates.
Christian Degueldre
Professional conference interpreter and translator in French, English and Spanish.
Ciao Translations
Offers interpretation and translation services in Italian and English. Located in Metro Atlanta.
Language training in the United States.
CK Translations
Translation in English/Portuguese/Spanish, Portuguese/English/Spanish and Spanish/English/Portuguese. Freelancer based in the United States.
Clear Accent
Translation in 35+ languages. Agency in New Jersey, United States.
Translation services via on-line ordering. Upload documents to obtain on-line quotes.
ComNet International
Translation, localisation and desktop services in all Middle Eastern, European and Asian languages. Company based in California, United States.
Comprehensive Language Center, Inc
Professional consulting services in over 100 languages.
Translation and interpreting. Company in Massachusetts, United States.
Concordis Language Services
Legal translation and interpreting in English, Russian, Spanish and French. Agency in Massachusetts, United States.
Interpretation, cultural adaptation, and professional translation services for the healthcare and life sciences industries. NJ and NY offices.
CTS LanguageLink
Translation, interpretation and multimedia production in 120 languages. Located in Vancouver, Washington.
Czech & Slovak Services
English, Czech and Slovak translation and interpreting services for most demanding customers.
Czech Translations
Translation and interpreting in Czech, English and Slovak.
DS International Language Consultants
Translation and interpreting services in all languages.
Eiffel Linguistic Services
Translation for bureaus and businesses.
El Paso
Translation and interpreting in Spanish, English, French, German, and Russian. Company based in El Paso, TX, United States.
Provides internationalization and localization services for digital media. Information for services and signup form for translators.
Ethiopia Translation Agency
Professional translation service, from English into Amharic and other Ethiopian languages.
Eurasia International
Certified translation in all major languages.
Translation and localisation of web sites, software, text and graphics, in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese and Italian.
eWorld Translations
Specializing in document and website translation for the legal, medical, business, financial, automotive and oil and gas industries. Chicago, IL.
Executive Linguist Agency
Translation and interpreting throughout the United States, with over 2 000 interpreters and translators in 150 languages.
Exotic Languages Agency
[Flash needed] Translation and interpretation services for business, legal, technical, medical, conferences and the entertainment industries in 152 languages.
Expert Translators
Translation, interpreting and language services.
Fast Translator
Translation in all languages.
Feliu Translations
Foreign language translation services. Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, English.
Foreign Tax Return Translation Services
Specializing in translation of 22 countries' corporate income tax forms.
Foreign Translations, Inc.
Globalization, translation services, web site translation and localization, in multiple languages.
Foundation for International Services
Document translation and non-United States credential evaluation. Company based in Bothell, WA, United States.
Global Connections
Translation, interpretation, desktop publishing and audio/video production services in all languages.
Global Conversation
Translation and web design in German, English, French and Spanish.
Global Language Solutions
Provides document and web site translations, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation equipment, and graphic design in 50+ world languages.
Global Languages and Cultures
Translation, interpretation, voice-over, localisation and DTP in all languages.
Global Link Language Services, Inc.
Multilingual communication agency that provides translation, interpreting, and localization support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries.
Global Translations
Translation in 41 languages in the legal, medical, technical and localisation fields. Company based in Miami, United States.
Translation, foreign credential and work experience evaluarion firm.
Globe Language Services
Translation of foreign educational documents for United States equivalents.
Gracor Language Services
Multiple languages, based in Central Ohio.
Gujarati, Hindi Translation by native translator
Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali translation from and into English by native translator. Team work on large urgent projects. In house Editor available.
Haitian Creole Translation
Get free Haitian Creole translations, French Creole translation from Haitian Creole translation. Florida.
Hannibal Brown
Translation and adaptation of film scripts, lipsync and ADR. Freelancer based in Florida, United States.
Hauck's Japanese Translation Service
Translations of webpages and all technical and non-technical material in English, Japanese, German and Italian.
Health Outcomes Group
Translation and linguistic validation of medical questionnaires in over 60 countries and 100 languages.
HolaDoctor: Translation
Technical translation between English, Spanish and Portuguese in the healthcare and medical fields. Based in Atlanta, GA.
Idem Translations
Translation and localization services specializing in the legal, life sciences, medical devices and technology fields.
In Every Language
Offers translating and interpreting services in over sixty different languages. Includes a list of languages, FAQs, rates, representative list of clients and contact information.
Indy Translations
An Indianapolis based translation and interpretation company serving corporate clients locally, nationally and internationally in all major world languages.
Inter Americas Translation Services
Translation and interpreting in several industries and in many languages.
Translation from English to Spanish and Portuguese, based in Texas.
International Bureau of Translations
Translation, interpreting and culture classes in Indianapolis, United States.
International Communication By Design
Milwaukee, Wisconsin vendor, offers professional translation of technical documents, training, online content and websites into many languages, and creates localized and multilingual versions of software.
International Corporate Translators
Translation and multilingual communication.
International Language Services
Technical translation, localization, editing and proofreading in all languages.
International Services
Translation, localisation, voice-over and subtitling in all languages.
International Translation Solutions
Translation, software localization, interpretation, multilingual DTP and marketing.
Interpreters and Translators Inc
Interpreting, translation and transcription in all languages and all fields. Company based in Manchester, CT, United States.
Translation, interpreting and revision in many languages. Company based in the United States and elsewhere.
InterSol, Inc.
Technical translation and localisation in a variety of industries.
Translation, interpretarion and interpretation equipment. Services pages.
iProbe Multilingual Solutions
Translation, interpreting, transcription, foreign language casting and voice-over, subtitling, CD-ROM and DVD authoring, typesetting and audio/video production in 6800 languages.
Josef Silny and Associates
Provides foreign credential evaluations, translation, and work experience translations in all major languages.
Translation, typesetting, and web site and software localisation in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.
The Language Bank
Document translation, localisation, interpretation and transcription services.
A Language Bank
Offers integrated marketing communication solutions to clients worldwide.
The Language Center
Translation, interpreting and localization in the pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare industries. Company based in East Brunswick, NJ, United States.
Language Connections
Offers interpreting and translation in many languages. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conferences worldwide, negotiations and seminars.
Language Genius
French and Spanish to English translator, specializing in finance, business, and law.
Language Intelligence
Translation and localisation related services in 41 languages. Company based in Rochester, NY, United States.
Language Resources
Translation, interpreting and teacher training, in over 40 languages. Services, discussion board and portfolio.
Language School International
Translation, interpretation and DTP in more than 10 languages.
Language Scientific
Technical and medical translation services. Translation and localization of documents, web sites, and software.
Language Services Associates
Offers document translation and on-site or over-the-phone interpreting services.
The Language Source
Translating, typesetting, desktop publishing and interpreting services in 30 languages.
Language to Order
Translation, editing and proofreading service in Hungarian, English and German. 25 years of experience.
Language Training Center
Translation and training in English, Spanish, German, Chinese and French.
Languageone Translation Services
A multilingual service offering language instruction, legal and technical translation, interpreting and typesetting in international fonts.
Languages International
Translation, typesetting, interpreting and language classes for businesses. Company based in the United States.
Latitude48 Translation
Translation of legal, immigration related, financial and business texts. Company located in Seattle, WA, United States.
Lazar and Associates
Professional translation and interpreting agency specializing in over 150 languages. Based in Los Angeles, California.
Lemoine International
Cultural adaptation and localisation in several languages. Company based in the United States.
Translation, localisation and interpreting in French, Spanish, Haitian Creole, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.
Translation, localization, globalization, software testing and word list compiling. Company based in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, United States.
Liaison Multilingual
Language translation between English and all foreign languages including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian.
Translation and interpreting. Agency in Florida, United States. Site in English and Spanish.
Lingua Company
Translation in about 100 languages. Company in Florida, United States.
Lingua Graphica
Technical translation, terminology, DTP and localization in 10 language combinations including English. Company based in Boston.
Linguabase Translators
Translation from Dutch and French to English. Based in the United States.
A comprehensive foreign language translation and resource agency, providing translation and interpretation services, as well as language instruction since 1989.
Linguistic Systems
Translation in many languages and many subject fields. Company located in Cambridge, MA, United States.
Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center
Certified medical and Korean court interpreting. Company based in Los Angeles, California, United States.
Lucid Translations
Translation in 22 languages, in the technical, financial, legal, medical, and business fields.
Luna Concepts
Translation, typesetting, web site localisation and DTP in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and all European languages. Company based in Oakland, CA, United States.
LUZ, Inc.
Translation and localization for life science companies worldwide.
M and R Connections
Translation services in Spanish and Italian.
MagNic Translation Services
Translation in Swedish, French, Czech and English.
Maloof Language Services
Translation and certified translation from Spanish, French and Portuguese into English. Certified freelancer based in the United States.
Marvin C. Sterling
Translation from Spanish, German, French and Farsi to English. Based in California, United States.
Master Translating Services
Translation and interpreting in all languages. Company based in Miami, Florida, United States.
MasterWord Services
Translation and interpretation in the technical field, worldwide.
McNeil Multilingual
Technical translation, web site localization and desktop publishing in all languages. Company located in MN, United States.
Translation, localisation and multilingual solutions, located in Monterey, California, United States.
Metropolitan Interpreters and Translators
Translation and interpretation services for government agencies and corporations worldwide.
Michael Wasserman
Certified interpreting and translation in English, Russian and Latvian. Freelancer based in the United States.
MID Foundation
Translation, subtitling and localisation between Arabic and other languages. Company based in Santa Barbara, CA, United States, with branches in Australia, Egypt and Italy.
The Minnesota Language Connection
Translation and interpreting in Spanish.
Moment Translate
Translation and interpreting in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, French, Czech and Polish. Company based probably in the United States.
Website translation and localization services in numerous languages.
Multilingual Microsite
Web site translation in over 18 languages. Rates and samples.
MultiLingual Solutions
Translation, interpretation, transcription and language services in a variety of languages.
Nelles Translations
Translation, interpreting, voiceover and DTP, in general and technical fields. FAQ, introduction and jobs page.
Translation in Greek, French, German, English and Turkish.
Northwest Translations
A professional translation company which specializes in translating technical documentation of materials from English into 38 foreign languages or from those languages into English.
Translation for American, in Latin American languages.
Olga Sergyeyeva
Translation, editing and proofreading of English, Spanish and French into Russian and Ukrainian in the medical, computer and technology fields. Freelancer based in Lawrenceville, NJ, United States.
Olzany Translations
Translation in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Japanese. Links list and price calculator.
OmniLingua Inc
Offers translation services for the global marketplace.
Open World
Translation and interpretation.
Orion Translations
Translation of Chinese, Japanese and most European languages
Offers translating and interpreting services in over sixty different languages. Includes a list of languages, FAQs, rates, representative list of clients and contact information.
Patent Translations Inc
Patent translation in Japanese for information, litigation and filing. Company based in New York, United States.
Patent Translators
Translation of patents in Japanese German and English. Based in Virginia, United States.
Patrice Van Hyle
Translation, interpreting, writing and voice-over in French, Italian, English, Spanish and Japanese.
Paul Svensson
Translation in English, Swedish and Norwegian, based in New Jersey, United States.
Prisma International
Translation, localisation and document design in English.
Pro-Active Translations
Translation services by bilingual scientists, specializing in biomedical fields in all major languages.
Professional Advanced Enterprises
Translation, typesetting and video voice-overs in all languages.
PTI Global
[Flash needed] Software, web, multimedia localization as well as technical translation.
Translation and interpreting agency located in Philadelphia, PA, United States.
California based company specializing in government, commercial, legal and insurance industry translations for more than thirty years in all languages.
Rina Ne'eman Hebrew Language Services, Inc.
Hebrew language services, including translation, interpreting, typesetting software localization and language support.
RJG Translations
Translation of websites, business letters, training materials, packaging and advertisements in Chinese(Mandarin), French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
Rockyfield Translation
Business and web site translation in Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, French and Spanish. Also property investment, consultation, and site in Japanese.
Translation and interpretin in English, Spanish, French and Japanese, of legal, personal and business texts.
RTG Protech
Translation in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese.
Russian Works
Translation, certified translation and interpreting in several languages in the medical, governmental and financial fields.
Translation from English and German to Russian.
Samoan 3000
Translation in Samoan in the medical and legal field. Company based in Hawaii, United States.
Translation in English, Dutch, Hebrew and German. Based in the United States.
Somali Translation and Interpreting
Interpreting and translation services from Somali to English. Located in Minnesota, USA.
Consulting, web development and training, and solutions for companies with Hispanic workers. In English and Spanish. Company based in Austin, United States.
Spantran Evaluation Services
Translation in Afrikaans, Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi and others. Located in Texas, USA.
Superior Translations
Translation in French, German and Italian.
TE-I Language Services
Translation from German and English into French. Based in Memphis, United States.
Techno-Graphics and Translations
Provides technical translation services and software localisation.
Tectrad Legal & Financial
Translation agency specializing in finance and law. Web site translation available for French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.
Technical and legal translation in all languages.
TGL Marketing, Inc.
Translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading, and copy writing German, English, Japanese, Spanish and French. Based in the United States.
Tongli International
Providing translation, graphic design, desktop publishing, web page design and software localisation in over 60 languages. Specialised in EPS and PDF file formats.
Translation and architectural documentation services in English and German. Freelancer Mark Kammerbauer based in Ridgewood, NJ, United States.
Translation, editing, proofreading and DTP in 101 languages. Company based in the United States.
Translation services for English, Indonesian and German. Based in Hawaii, United States.
Translate By Human
Translation in English, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and Russian. Online ordering and tracking of job progress. Agency in Colorado, United States.
Translate Central
Translation, interpreting and multimedia localisation in major languages. Site also in Spanish.
Translate Czech
Translation, editing and proofreading in English, Czech and Slovak.
Native-language translators between English and French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and other languages.
Translatia Worldwide
Translation, localisation and voice translation, in over 60 languages. Partner page and cultural help.
Translating and Interpreting Services
Translating and interpreting in over 240 languages.
Translation and Interpretation Services
For German, Slovene (Slovenian), and English.
Translation One
Translation, interpreting, voice-over, DTP and language instruction. Company based in the United States.
Translation Services USA
Translation, design and globalisation services in 101 languages. Company based in New York, United States.
Translation Smart
Technical translation, located in Illinois, USA.
Translation Solutions
Translation into Brazilian Portuguese and American English, from Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Legal, technical, literary, and many other areas. Free quote form. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
[Flash needed] Translation, interpreting and web site design. Site requires registration and login.
Translations for All
Translation, web site translation and interpretation, in Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese and other languages. Also supplies interpreting equipment.
Translations Unlimited South America
Technical translation in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
Translation and localisation in over 100 languages.
The Translators
Translation in 51 languages. Company based in Clovis, CA, United States.
TransNation Translations
Certified translation, DTP, editing and proofreading.
Translation in 101 languages in the medical, legal and financial fields. Company based in New York City, United States.
Translation, localisation and web site translation, and interpreting. Company based in the United States.
Transtek Associates, Inc.
Translation services into any language and for any subject. Multilingual formatting and webpage translations.
Tristan Translations
Translation and interpreting in all major languages and most business and technical fields.
Trojan Hub
Translation in Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, German, Russian and English. Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
Trusted Translations
Translation in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese in the legal and financial fields. Located in Falls Church, VA, United States.
TTS International
Technical translation and localization in the legal field, in all European languages.
U.S. Translation Company
Translation, interpretation, interpreting equipment rental, voice over, in all languages.
UC Translations
Translation and interpreting agency based in New York City, United States.
Ultra Translate
Translating services for international adoptions in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi.
UniversalDialog Services
Translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, multimedia, web site and software localization in all languages.
Universe Technical Translations
Technical translation, interpretation, desktop publishing, software localization and multimedia in several languages.
University Language Services
Translation in any language, of academic transcripts, visas, diplomas, birth certificates, and personal documents.
Vadim Zima
Translation between English, Russian and Ukrainian.
Verbatim Languages
Available for bilingual or multilingual meetings organized by local and international institutions and corporations. Orlando, FL.
Translation and localization services in over 50 languages. Offers legal, technical, medical, automotive and marketing translation service.
Vichy Traduction
Translation in all European and Asian languages. Based in the United States.
Victor Manuel
Translation in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Portuguese-Brazilian, in general fields only.
VisaHQ: Ukraine
Translation in Ukrainian and Russian, and adoption agency services. Company based in Arlington, VA, United States.
Wind Translations
Translation, certified translation and interpreting in 50+ languages. Agency based in Florida, United States.
WordEXpress Corporation
A division of ABC Worldwide Translations and Interpretations. Services in more than 100 languages.
Translation and related services and tools often required by professionals. Portal type of site. Company based in the United States.
Worldwide Translations
Specializing in medical, legal, industrial and technical documentation.
Xinda Translation Services
Translation, web site translation and DTP in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Translation, proofreading and editing, and DTP in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian.
Zappmedia Communications
Translation and localisation in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and other languages. Company based in the United States.

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