Please note this category is for multiple languages translated. Single language businesses should be listed in - Business/Business_Services/Communications/Translation/Single_Language by the language which is translated with English. Most often this will be - Business/Business_Services/Communications/Translation/Single_Language/French_and_English with Canadian sites.

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ABC Language Solutions
Translation agency (Vancouver, BC, Canada) provides translation service to and from all European languages.
Able Translations
Services in more than 100 languages and dialects. Head office in Toronto, Ontario. Branches in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.
Accents Language Services Inc.
Translation, interpretation and teaching in languages. Located in Oakville, Ontario.
Accurate Translations Ltd.
Offering translation services, localization of websites/ software, and technical writing, in English, Spanish, French, German. Kelowna, BC.
Aldus Translations Solutions
Translation in 24 languages in technology, science, legal, engineering, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental and advertising field. Located in Montreal.
Amero Communications
Offering multilingual translation (brochures, speeches, annual reports) and interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered) in any language. B2B or B2C communications. Toronto.
APlus Translations
Translation, proofreading, DTP and localization in over 30 Oriental and European languages of technical, business and personal documents. Vancouver, BC.
ATGroup Consulting
Provides legal and technical translation services to local and international clients. All major languages offered. Based in Calgary, Alberta.
AZ World
Language translation services in North Vancouver BC. Specializes in many different languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
Translation in several languages, in agriculture, finance, healthcare and hospitality field. Language services include instant over the phone interpretation. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
CCSR International Business Cards
Translation of your business card into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek or English. Mississauga, Ontario.
Cecilia Fasola
Language training and translation from English and French to Spanish. Based in Montreal, Quebec.
Cogitexte Inc.
Small translation firm offering services in French, Spanish and English. Based in Canada. Bilingual site. St-Ambroise de Kildare, QC.
Contexto Translations
French, Spanish and English translations. Based in Quebec.
Conversa Language Services
Offers Spanish, French, English and Portuguese training, translation and interpretation to business and government organizations. Ottawa, Ontario.
Danièle Ferland
Certified translator, revisor and virtual assistant. Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.
DeepTrans Global Limited
Translation from US English into several languages. Short introduction to each language on separate pages. Based in Toronto, Ontario.
Translation agency based in Montreal, Quebec.
Dussault Translation Ltd
Document translation services based in Toronto, Ontario.
Esenar Translations
Provides Spanish, French, German and English translations. Ottawa, Ontario.
Espagnol Sherbrooke
Provides translation, proof reading and editing from English, German and French to Spanish. Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Esprit International Communications Ltd.
Translation and typesetting in all languages. Specializes in Quebec French, Mexican Spanish, and Asian languages. Offices in Toronto and London, Ontario.
Translation in English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Gatineau, Quebec.
Exactexte Translations
Professional translation of business, contract and technical documents by certified human translators. Specialize in English and French, but offer most other major languages as well. Baie-d'Urfé, Québec.
Express International Translations Inc.
Toronto based translation, simultaneous interpretation and tour-guide services in all languages.
Fox Translations Ltd.
Translation and language instruction in 20 languages of the world. Ottawa, Ontario.
GAT International Localization Services, Inc.
Localization services by translation agency. Translation of documents and multimedia files. Montreal, Quebec.
Global Translations
A translation and interpretation company focusing on numerous languages and dialects of the world. Toronto, Ontario.
Provides translation, localization, localization testing, foreign subtitling, foreign transcription and translation workflow implementation. Vancouver, BC.
Goulet Professional Translation Services Inc.
Corporate, IT, financial, HR communications, legal, government, and advertising/ marketing/ branding translations. Toronto.
Guibord Technical Writing Services, Inc.
Technical writing, translation and transcription services in several languages. Located in Montreal.
Horne Translations
Translation from Chinese, French, Japanese and Latin into English. Freelancer Scott Horne based in Ottawa, Ontario.
Invisible Translation
A professional translation company based in the Montreal area which provides English, French and Spanish language services.
JMG Translation
Translation in various European languages. Based in Quebec.
Kado Translations
Toronto based translation agency specialized in technical and documents translations.
Kaleidoscope Language Services
Translation, editing, international events in German, French and English. Ulrike Spitzer in Hope, BC.
Koch Richard
Translation of legal, financial, technical, and scientific documents in English, French, German, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, and Arabic. Company based in Montreal, Quebec.
Language Marketplace Ltd
Offering translation services and interpreters for medical, technical, insurance and general business requirements. Corporate head quarters in Toronto, Ontario.
Liaise Translations
Translation and interpretation services. Russian, English, French and Hebrew. Toronto, Ontario.
Linda Hilpold and Associates
Professional translation, copywriting and editing services in English, German and French. Located in Toronto, Ontario.
Lingcom Translation Services
Specializing in Russian/ Ukrainian/ English/ French languages. Offers translation of official documents for official Canadian and International authorities. Aurora, Ontario.
Provides translation services in Vancouver, BC. Translation of websites and documents into multiple languages.
A translation firm located in Quebec City with contact branches across Canada. Also offers language editing and correction.
McKelvey Communications
Translation from French and Spanish to English, English editing and writing. Based in downtown Montreal.
MOSAIC Interpretation & Translation Services
Translation, interpreting and typesetting, in 64 languages. Vancouver, BC.
Motarjemin Group
Translation and interpreting in Arabic, Farsi, Dari, English and French. Company based in Toronto, Ontario.
Translation services for websites and various cultural solutions for business. Toronto, Ontario.
Multi-Languages Corporation
Provides translation and interpretation in most languages. Toronto, Ontario.
Nor-Word Text Services
Specializes in translation/ editing/ proofreading of technical documents (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French, and Spanish into English). Hamilton, Ontario.
OTS Medical Translations
Translation in the medical field, based in Toronto, Ontario.
Parenty Reitmeier Translation Services
Translation and localization services to and from over 100 languages. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Pat Hall Translations
Spanish to English and French to English freelance translator. Edmonton, Alberta.
Pendleton Translations
Translation and interpretation from many languages. Interpretation equipment available for rental. Located in Milton, Ontario with services in the GTA, Niagara and Ottawa areas.
Provides technical writing and translation services to organizations working in infrastructure, software, and health, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries. Montreal, PQ.
PF Media Group
Translation and localization of websites, software, medical and technical documents. Located in New Westminster, BC.
Plus ça change Translation Inc.
Bernadette Regnier. Translation agency specializing in English-to-French and Dutch-to-French translation services in the fields of politics, social sciences and the environment. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Point Virgule
Agency offering certified translation and editing services. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.
Post-Scriptum Translations
Certified translation in Romanian, French and English. Cooperative based in Toronto, Canada. Bilingual site.
Premier Focus Translations
Translation, localization and cultural assistance. Waterloo region, Ontario.
Pro Active Translations
Providing translation/ interpretation services. Based in Toronto, Ontario.
Document language translation and interpreting services to web site translation, legal , medical transcription, technical or financial. Richmond Hill, Ontario.
RTG Protech
Provider of translation services. Language specialties include English and Canadian French, plus German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Danish, and Swedish. Montreal based.
Chinese translation to and from English and French by professionally certified translators. Localization of web sites. Montreal, PQ.
Sorbonne Translation Services
Translation, interpretation, writing and editing from and into English, French, Italian German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Vancouver, BC.
Document translation in 10+ languages. Agency in Sainte-Julie, Québec.
Technovate Translations
Language translation agency provides full-service translation in over 200 of the world's languages. Based in Canada with branches in the US and UK.
Tessier Translations
A translation company servicing the Ottawa and surrounding region. All Languages.
Textronics Communications
Providing translations and digital media design. Offering over 50 languages. Located in Toronto, Ontario.
Traduction Worldwide
Provides professional translation services for businesses and individuals Translators in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Located in Brownsburg-Chatham, Quebec.
Traductions Go4language
Translation, proofreading, editing and localization services. English, Spanish and French. Montreal, Quebec.
Translation Expert
Foreign language human translation. Page layout services and localization solutions for web globalization. Toronto, Ontario.
Canadian commercial translation agency for French, Spanish and English. Toronto, Ontario.
TRSB - Traductions Serge Bélair inc.
Translation, interpretation, localization marketing, desktop publishing, and multimedia services. Montreal, Quebec.
Valentina Baslyk
Translation and editing services. Russian, French and English.PhD in Russian. Located in Montreal.
Vedia Translations
Offers translations into European and Asian languages, including French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese, (Mandarin and Cantonese) Russian and Japanese Gatineau, QC.
Verovar Translations
A Montreal based company specializing in Spanish, French and English language services.
WeDo Translation
Translation in English, French and Spanish. Nepean, Ontario.
Wilson Translations and Research
English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and French translation of general and specialized technical materials. Mississauga, ON.
The Word Exchange
Offers translation services in over 100 languages. Mississauga, Ontario.
Worldwide Express
Document translation services agency specializing in business, legal, medical, technical, marketing and website translation and localization. Burlington, Ontario.
WTB Language Group
Professional translation services in many languages.
Translation of commercial and technical documents, brochures and web sites in all languages. Montreal, Quebec.

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