Includes links to sites for or about companies offer translation services to or from German from several different languages.

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Technical translation in all languages, and development of translation tools.
Alexandra Becker
Translation in English, French, Spanish and German. Based in Germany.
ATW Fachuebersetzungen
Translation and interpreting in the engineering and IT fields, into German, French and Spanish.
Translation in English, German and French.
Translation in English, German, Spanish and Italian in the medical and scientific field.
Bella Lingua
Translation and interpretation services in technical, social politics and others between German, Spanish and English. Based in Berlin.
Bernd Ohm
Freelance writing and translation from English, Spanish and Portuguese into German. Based in Berlin.
Brigitta Severin
Translation and localisation in German, English and Spanish, of technical documents. Site also in German.
Chinese Language Services
Translation and interpretation services from Chinese to English and German. Language training, coaching and workshops for individuals and groups. Also offers inter cultural training.
Claus Jochner
Translation in the communications technology, laser technology, measuring and control engineering fields.
Translation in English, German, French, Czech, Russian and Bulgarian, based in Germany.
Dialog Translations
Technical, in particular IT, translation services from and into English and German and selected other languages.
Machine or automated translations, translation memory tools, software localization and globalization, terminology creation, localization consulting, all major languages.
Dieter Dimmel
Translation in Spanish, English and French. Based in Germany.
DokuTrans Translation Services
Translations for technical documentation, marketing, and software localization. Languages: English, German, Dutch and Spanish.
Conference interpreting and translation services, organisation of interpreting teams and equipment, specialised translations, all-round language service.
Dr. Beckers & Partner
Translation in several languages, in legal, medical, pharmaceutical, and technical fields. Site also in French and German.
East Europe Counselling
Translation in German, Polish, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Based in Hamburg, Germany.
Edmée-Sylvia Kary
Translation and on-line language courses.
eFacilities Management and Solutions
Translation and interpreting, in the multimedia and computer graphics fields. Offices in Germany, Australia and India.
Eichberger IT Services
Translation, localisation and proofreading in Chinese, English and German.
Gertrude Edtstadtler-Pietsch
Interpreter and translator, in the veterinarian field.
Grabke Technical Translations
Polish, German, English, located in Germany. Electronics, electrotechnics, mechanical engineering.
Heike Kurtz
Translation from English and French to German in the fields of economy, foreign trade and finance. Based in Germany.
Helena Wulgari-Popp
Translation in German, English and Greek. Based in Germany.
Helga Hillermeier Translation Services
Technical translation in English, German and French.
Translation company based in Karlsbad, Germany.
Jan M. Zenker
Translation in German, Arabic, French, English and Russian. Based in Germany.
Juliane Schmitt
Translation from English and Dutch to German.
Jörg Loebnau
Translation service based in Germany.
Kai Wichmann
Offers translation from Spanish and English into German and from German into English. Based in Hamburg.
Karin Jäger
English and Spanish to German.
Katja Gimsa
Translation and interpreting in Polish, Russian and German.
Kern Global Language Services
Translation, interpreting and localization services in all languages in all subject fields. Locations in Europe, the United States, and Asia.
Austrian Translation and Language Service.
Legal Translation Services
Legal translation in Japanese and European languages. English and Japanese owned company based in D~{(9~}sseldorf, Germany.
Professional translations, all languages, all special field. (English, German, Spanish)
Translation in German, Spanish, Portuguese and French, in the technology, economy and natural sciences fields.
Marktplatz4 Translation Services
Offers translations in multiple languages, multilingual multimedia presentations and website localisation.
Matthew Held
Technical translations from German to English by native speaker of American English and professional writer. Areas of spezialization include: IT, financial services, mechanical engineering, chemistry, laboratory instruments, refrigeration technology.
MM Translations, Inc.
Technical, financial, and business translations from English, Spanish, and French by experienced professional German translators, German native speakers with university degree (Diplom), working for the IT and finance industries.
Online Translation Service
Translation services in 16 languages of the world.
Partnerbiz Translation
Translation in German, Greek and English. Company based in Germany.
Popper Translations
Translation and proofreading in English, Hebrew and German. Price and contact information.
Translation, interpreting and dubbing in all languages and all specialist fields.
Qingquan Mao
Translation in Chinese, English and German.
Renate Ermel
Technical translation in German, French and English.
Rita Rumpf
Technical translation in English and German.
SEO Translations
Web site translation from English to German, with focus on search engine optimization.
Technical translation, software, web site and multimedia localization, marketing.
Team of translators. Translation in German, English, Greek, French and Spanish. Based in Germany and elsewhere.
Translation into any European language of technological, economic and legal documents.
Translation and language consulting for the automation, electronics, power and systems engineering, IT and software industries.
Technical translations in the fields of technology, science and economics, in all European languages.
Professional German - English translations for your web site, brochure, report and manual. Specialty, financial, banking, securities-related translations.
Interpreting, proofreading, text formatting and text adaptation in German, Italian, English, French and Spanish.

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